Yeh Vaada Raha – Karvi – Episode 1

Hi guys yesterday I said that I will start a new fan fiction well here it is thank you Abhi and Samaya for your comments well with no further ado let’s start the story……

Scene 1

Karthik is sitting down he is thinking about Survi(this is after Survi tells him that she is not Simmi but Survi)
Karthik:why did you push my mom off the mom loved you like. Her own daughter and you you pushed her off the building!I hate you Survi ! I really hate. Youu (tears are in Karthiks eyes
Tai,Shanti,Raghu,Hema,Aniket,Bindhu and Pyare Mohan come to Karthiks room
Karthik wipes the tears from his eyes
Tai sees him do this
Tai:why are you crying over that girl she’s a cheater I don’t even like thinking about her
Shanti:baba,I could never imagine Survi as a cheater but look what she did she nearly killed my mom (she knows the truth)
Tai:Karthik Shanti just down think about that girl
Suddenly Some figure comes in the room
Tai:ahhh what’s th-th-tha-that
Karthik:what?..Karthik looks at the direction Shanti was looking
Everybody looks shocked
Shanti goes and hugs Lata
Karthik goes too
But Lataslaps him
Everybody get shocked
Karthik confusingly looks at Tai
Lata:I couldn’t move but I could hear everything
Lata:Survi didn’t push me off the building I fell of it myself
Karthik remembers Survi trying to explain something and tears fall out his eyes
Lata:go and get my daughter now
Karthik:ok ayi

Precap:Karthik continuously looks for Survi in the train station

The next episode will be submitted today thank you again Abhi and Samaya for your lovely comments

Credit to: Mariyah


    • Hi fatarajo thanks for replying by the way I’m gonna Finnish off that fan fiction that was called my heArt is with you the one we’re it shows a. 8 year leap I’m going to finish it off because I liked it a lot so I’m gonna finish it please read it ok I’m going to post it today or tomorrow it’s going to be called love gives pain ok and the second episode of karvi will also be published tomorrow or today as well ok please read them ????☺️?????❤️?????????–

  1. jos

    mariyah good trial. ..we need more of this …at your support n more others to volunteer n fan fiction this serial…

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