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Hi guys it’s me Mariyah and this is my new fan fiction…it’s kind of based on Dilli Wali Thakur gurls….Neha it’s just because of you I am writing this fan fiction…..I hope you guys like it
Main Characters
Survi:Survi Thakur is a sweet simple girl who doesn’t like wearing really expensive/really fashionable clothes she likes simple clothes.She likes wearing traditional clothes a lot but also likes wearing western..she is struggling to find a good job because of her kundli, She thinks Kartik is a really kadhus guy but later finds out he is really sweet and slowly falls in love with him.Boys are in love with her and her sisters the Thakur girls.she is her mom and dads favourite daughter
Kartik:Kartik Barve, the most famous new bachelor..he works at global news company and is the boss there.he first hates Survi when she comes to work with him but then slowly falls in love with her because unlike other girls she is simple and not greedy for money

Other Charcters:
Lata:she is Kartiks mom and loves her son a lot she has a ex husband
Shanti:Shanti Thakur is Survi’s younger sister and is very sporty and tomboyish.she loves her sisters a lot and boys are mad for her.She is 16
Chandi:Chandi Thakur is Survi’s sister she is very fashionable and is a fashion designer.She loves clothes and is very picky about them
Bindhu:Bindhu is Survi’s oldest sister and she has two children(sonu who is a boy and monu who is a girl).She has a husband who is not very rich
Mamta:She is Survi’s mom, she loves her daughters a lot.Especially Survi
Srikanth:Srikanth Takhur is Survi’s dad and he loves all of his daughters a lot.He is a judge a really really famous one
Kishore:Kishore is Bindhus husband and he has a very poor style job
Aseem:Aseem is bindhus brother in laws and Kishore’s brother

Promo 1:
Survi comes in Kartiks cabin
Survi:sir I washed your car as my punishment for spilling coffee on your shirt
Kartik:okay but don’t do it again or I’ll make you clean my whole house
Survi angrily goes from there
She sticks her tounge out
Survi(mumbles):kadhus person
Kartik:oyy I heard that, now you have to clean my whole house
Kartik:if you don’t then I’ll annoy you so while you are working so much that you will faint
Survi:no no no please no fine I will clean your house
She goes from there
Kartik thinks:little does she know how much I love her

Promo 2:

Kartik:Oy you come here
Kartik:I love you
Survi:what I didn’t hear you
Kartik:nothing, I just said work for an extra hour tomorrow..
Survi:fine Mr.Kadhus
Survi leaves

Promo 3:

Pandit:Survi will only get married in 2016 when she marries a man her life will be brightened with love and happiness
Mamta:but who is that man
Scene shifts to Kartiks cabin
Survi:sir I cleaned your house
Kartik:good now shoo! Get lost
Survi(thinks):God he’s so kadhus he 100% doesn’t love me
Survi deliberately falls in Kartiks Lap
Kartik(thinks):oh god now I can’t control myself
He leans over to Survi and kisses her
Survi gets up and says what
So guys how was it tomorrow I’m gonna upload 2 more promos ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. It’s for me?…. wow Mariyah amazing introduction…. i love the promos… oh God,,,now i can’t wait….
    Mariyah plz plz write 1 episode as soon as possible…

    1. Hi Neha and yes it is for you I’m gonna upload episode 1 tomorrow

      1. Really??? I’m soo happy…

      2. I’m so sorry Neha my internet is crap at the moment I can’t upload

  2. it was brilliant plzz post the karvi ff also

    1. Thanks you Karvi and yes I will try to upload the Karvi fan fiction today as well if I don’t upload means I was being naughty and my mom took my phone/laptop/tablet off MEE

      1. haha…..sometimes my mom too takes

      2. ????????I’m glad to know I’m not tHe only one โ˜บ๏ธ?????

  3. Mariyah what an amazing promo yaar its really awesome

    1. Thanks im so happy you liked it ???? and thankssss

  4. Really interesting…??

    1. Omg Abhi your alive??????and I’m not being sarcastic I was really worried

    2. i was so spdamn worried yaar I thought something happened to you…btw why were you so un active was there something wrong ??

  5. Amazing girl love you and love your ff

    1. :)))))))….Thanks nishaaaaaaaa….. <3

  6. Wow Mariyah it’s awesome sorry for late comment read it just now and I have no idea about Dili walli show but your intro is very nice can’t wait for the epsiodes ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. :))))..I know, one knows about Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls…..btw do you know that show Bahu Humari Rajni Kant, I started watching it from the start :):):)..and I’m on episode 20 I think..and it’s OK if you comment late:)

      1. Oh so u watch these shows online? Oh i see.For dilli walli i know that it used to air on &tv as my friend have that channel in her house, but I never saw a single episode but I know sukriti kandpal and aamir ali were the leads in that show, as I like both and I already watch a lot of hindi, korean dramas and also english shows and anime so I choose which one to watch currently I watch KRPKAB, EDKV on sony, dehleez on star, and rajni on life ok regularly as for YVR, KT, TPK these I watch in weekends I used to watch TEI but after Kunj’s death is so dull, I cant believe they are gonna replace some actor instead of Kunj and I dont like that actor much, its better to see yuvle than new Kunj

      2. And yeah I now it’s better to see yuvle ?? I loved yuvle from the start but then I loved Twinj more and I know yuvle is better than new kunj

    2. :)omg same I watch so many english shows, cartoon shows????(I’m so big but I still love cartoons, anime and indian even Pakistani but my fav is indian shows

    3. Wow hi 5 btw what anime shows do u watch same here I also luv indian n Korean shows the most song cartoon I like mr bean Tom n jerry types besides anime

      1. I watch yo-gi-oh zexal aND doraemon Anima and the cartoons I watch so many that it’s too much I’ll list a few
        .Tom and Jerry
        And like a million more
        I also watch cbbc (that has English and Australia shows) :)))

      2. Oh wow looks like our choice r quite similar in anime I loved durara, death note, fairytale m gonna watch two morE series during June holidays

  7. In between i got fever n it lasted for more than two week….So after coming ,i thought you guys forgot me..but i was wrong,,..?

    1. Abhiiiiiii……it am so damn happy that your back yard high five..and you thought that we forgot you ๐Ÿ˜ฎ omg ๐Ÿ˜ฎ how can we all forget you yaar no one one this page forgot you nooooo oneeeee I know how a fever lasting for more than oNE week feels like it’s TERRIBLE BTW I was actually so worried yaarrr I asked amy on India forums about you and she said she didn’t know about why you weren’t uploading I was worried so worried about you yaarrr…and how are you feeling now???is your fever ok??are you feeling OK now???…well I’m so excited about you uploading your ff:))

    2. how can we forget you yaar your ff was so awesome and i hope you are well now

  8. I love your ff

    1. Thankss Nisha ๐Ÿ™‚

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