Yeh Vaada Raha (episode 5)


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Here is the story for today’s episode….

Ragini went near Sanskar, in full of rage, to grab his hand. (Dead Silence bgm plays…) But to her disbelief, her hand passed through his arm, shocking her. She again passed her hand to touch him but it again went through his body. She looked at him in shock and in disbelief while others were looking at her eagerly. Ragini, was now, completely petrified and scared. All horror movies that she watched came into her mind. She stepped back in fear, still looking at Sanskar with widen eyes, while Sanskar was looking at her with a serious look. The way Ragini was stepping back, made her friends to look in confused.

Uttara: Ragini…

Ragini didn’t even realize that her friends were standing there, looking at what she was doing. Ragini was still walking like, with the same look. She couldn’t believe the fact that the one whom she treated as a friend, turned out to be a….. GHOST, maybe.

Manpreet (worried): Ragini, why are you like this?
Ragini (stammered): bh….bh…….
Aryan: Tell it cleary!
Ragini (shouted): bhh…bhh…bhhh… bbbhhhoooootttt!!!!!!!!!!
All her friends: Kyyyyaaaaa!
Ragini (ran): Abbe saale, bbbhhhaaaaaggggg!!!!

All were shocked to hell and scared, hearing what Ragini said. Their mind immediately convinced them to run. All, along with Ragini, ran to their room except Manpreet who ran towards the entrance door, which was opened, and kept on screaming.

Manpreet (while running): Beeji!!!!! Bhooot! Bhooot! Bhooot!

He reached the door but Sanskar, pointed his finger towards it. The door closed slowly and Manpreet got hit towards it.

Manpreet (cried funnily and kept knocking at the door): Beeji! Beeji! Beeji!

Sanskar then eyed the four running towards their room and pointed his finger towards it. The door closed itself and a big wind hit their faces. Everything was shaking here and there. All turned to see what was happening. No one understood except Ragini who knew that, it was only Sanskar who was doing all that. Lights were blinking and the big chandelier was shaking here and there. Ragini saw Sanskar’s face getting into a serious look and got afraid about his next step.
While all were looking at it with an amazed and feared look, Ragini ran upstairs. Sanskar turned, sensing something and witnessed Ragini, running upstairs. Ragini thought that she could escape from him but Sanskar, who had enough power, reached there before her. Ragini was still running and witnessed Sanskar standing in front of her. She stepped back in fear. All her memories with Sanskar came into her mind. How she met him, how she became friendly with him quickly and how she came to know that he is a… GHOST. Ragini was thinking all this while stepping back when Ragini reached the stairs and without realizing she again stepped back resulting her to fall from there. But when she was about to fall from stairs, an unknown speed reached and caught her. It was Sanskar who caught her hand to not make her fall. They had an eye lock. (Kabhi na Kabhi toh miloge plays in background…) Flashes of the boy and the girl were seen where the boy caught the girl when she was falling. Sanskar pulled Ragini towards him and her hands were nearly hitting his chest. Ragini was staring at him. Flashes of the boy and the girl were seen. The girl was walking, faster, in furious maybe and the boy was following her. Suddenly he pulled her towards him. Ragini was trying her best to see the boy’s face in the flashes but couldn’t. Finally, the boy’s face was getting step by step visible to her. It was Sanskar. Ragini felt an immense pain in her head and she was seen losing her conscious.

It was a full moon and a woman was seen standing on a balcony, admiring the moon. The moon’s light was reflecting on her face, making it even more beautiful. It was Ragini, who was standing there with a long maroon Victorian dress. The place where she was standing was looking quite old and the room was in full darkness and it was enlighten by the moon. The weather was a kind of windy and the wind was hitting Ragini’s body. It was that moment when she heard someone opening the room’s door. We could hear footsteps coming towards her. Ragini turned.

Ragini (with a smile): You came?
Person: Haan. (It was a woman’s voice)
Ragini: I thought you won’t come.
Woman: How could I when you are here? (Now both were in the balcony) Do you feel good?
Ragini: Haan. What happened dear?
Woman: Nothing. I’m feeling someone close to me, is snatching my love.
Ragini: Who is that? Whoever it is, you shouldn’t leave that person! It’s a kind of betrayal, you know…
Woman: Are you sure? (She smirked)
Ragini: Haan. (The Exorcist bgm plays…)

The woman hugged Ragini tightly and Ragini too hugged her. Suddenly, she felt that woman pushing her. Ragini was hanging outside the balcony.

Ragini: What are you doing!
Woman: You only said nah. I won’t let you win anytime Ragini.

She laughed evilly and loudly. The woman came out of the darkness and showed her face, which could be visible to see. It was Kavita, who was laughing like this. Ragini who was standing in shock lost her balance and was seen falling down. It was all dark and suddenly, Ragini heard someone calling her name. She opened her eyes. It was Aryan who was calling her name. She realized that she was in her room, on her bed. She saw her friends who were sitting near her.

Ragini (whispered loudly): Kavita? (She got up)
Aryan: Ragini, slowly!

Ragini’s heart was beating faster as whatever she saw in her dream was making her frightened. She couldn’t believe whatever she saw. How her best friend could stand this low to throw her out of the balcony. But at the same time, she couldn’t avoid this because from the past few days, she was getting these kinds of visions where she was seen to not belonging to this time. She decided to not talk about this as her friends were still, staring her.

Ragini: What happened! I’m here…the doors were closed, right?
Manpreet: You won’t believe it! You know, after you fell unconscious, you were carried here.
Ragini: You all carried me?
Manpreet: No!
Ragini: Then?
Kavita: Ragini, it’s unbelievable. I don’t know how but seriously, it was just incredible! We didn’t see anyone carrying you but still you were floating in the air.
Ragini (shocked): What?! (He then noticed Sanskar at the door step) You…
Sanskar: Yes, me. (He moved towards Ragini)
Ragini (scared): Don’t come near me! Otherwise…
Sanskar (interrupted): Otherwise…

He came and sat next to her. Ragini was about to go when he again grabbed her hand to not go. Ragini felt a current passing through her body. Many flashes were running into her mind but Ragini couldn’t understand any of them. She was just staring at Sanskar when she realized what was actually happening.

Ragini (shouted): Leave me!!!!
Uttara: Ragini, what are you doing?
Ragini: He isn’t letting me go!
Kavita: Who again?
Ragini: Sanskar!
Manpreet (scared): Where?!
Ragini: Beside me.

They all panicked as Sanskar wasn’t still visible for their eyes. Manpreet who was horrified hearing this, started shouting.

Manpreet (shouted): Bhoot!! Bhoot!! Bhoot!!

Unable to tolerate his scream, Sanskar pointed his left hand towards him and his mouth shut automatically. Manpreet was, now, unable to speak. All were shocked witnessing it and Ragini was watching it with widen eyes.

Sanskar: Ragini, please listen to me!
Ragini (still looking at Manpreet in shock): What?
Sanskar: It’s true I’m a ghost but not a one who harms everyone. I’m stuck here.
Ragini (looked at Sanskar in confuse): Stuck?
All: Stuck?
Sanskar: Haan.
Ragini: Are you trying to fool me?! How can this be possible? People are saying that you went missing after Rageshwari’s death…
Sanskar (interurupted): I was not gone but I was death.
Ragini (looked on shocked): Meaning?
Sanskar: I don’t know what people said but what I’m going to tell the truth.

Flashback starts…

The story went to the 19th century, the period in which British were still ruling Asia. Ram Prasad Maheshwari came to Goa for financial reasons with his family. Ram Prasad was already rich in the place where he lived but still he moved in to Goa where he built his own estate. He had a wife Sujatha, a son Sanskar and a beloved foster son Adarsh.

Flashback ends…

Sanskar: Adarsh was older than me and we both were very young when we arrived in Goa. Adarsh and I were brought up in luxury. We never heard the word “no”. Then I went to London to pursue my studies while Adarsh was assisting my father. We both were really close to each other. One day, I received a letter where Adarsh mentioned that he was in love with a girl, whose father was working in our estate. Her name was Parineeta.

Flashback starts…

We can see a man writing with a smile on his face, a letter to someone.

Dear Brother,

How are you? I hope you are fine. We miss you a lot. Hoping you, to return soon. You have written in the previous letter about my recent behavior, which was informed by Dad. That’s true! Even you know why I’m like this. It’s only because of Parineeta. I’m in love with her but she isn’t realizing this. I hope she would, sooner.
My beloved brother, take care and come soon.


Flashback ends…

Sanskar: Adarsh was madly in love with Parineeta, a girl whose father used to work under my father. But Parineeta didn’t love him. She was in love with someone else with whom her parents fixed her marriage. (Ragini looked on) When Adarsh heard about this, he killed that man and forcibly married Parineeta. Parineeta who couldn’t take all this, ended her life.

Flashback starts…

We could see a depressed woman, writing something. She was crying; it was Parineeta.

Parineeta (in letter): Dear sister,

I’m your lovely sister Parineeta. When you will receive this letter, I’ll be no more. You know, since my childhood, I’ve been in love with Rajbeer. But now, he is no more, then why should I live. Adarsh has forcibly married me, killing my Rajbeer. He thought that I will live forgetting all this but I can’t. I’m going with my Rajbeer, where we can live the way we wanted. If I couldn’t live with him, then I should join his death.

Good bye forever,


Flashback ends. ..

Sanskar: Parineeta died by slitting her wrist. Adarsh couldn’t take Parineeta’s death and died there. It was that time I returned from London, after finishing my studies. I was so depressed to learn his death. My father was completely broken on learning the fact that his beloved son died. Few months were passing like this, where my parents and I were trying to forget this tragedy. I started working with my father to move on. One day, when I was going to see some places, I spotted a girl.
Flashback starts…
Sanskar was going, somewhere in his car. He was driving it alone when it broke down.

Sanskar (in anger): Shit! (He got down from his car) Now what to do? Nobody knows how to repair it! (He hit his car with his leg)

Sanskar was looking at it for a while as he was stuck in that isolated place where he didn’t see anyone to take help. It was that time when the wind hit his face. He turned to his left side, slowly, where he spotted someone playing. It was a girl. A beautiful girl. He was mesmerized seeing her. (Aankhon Ki Gustakhiyan Maaf Ho plays…) The girl was so beautiful that she couldn’t even be compared to the Apsaras. He went near her so that he could see her well. Her arrow eyes and her milky skin attracted him even more. The girl was wearing a long dress. Sanskar was observing her for a while. The girl noticed that Sanskar was staring at her and ran away from that place. But Sanskar was still looking at her and was lost.

Flashback ends…

Sanskar: I never thought that girl would be my life’s turning point. That night, I couldn’t sleep at all. All I was thinking was about that girl. She was coming into my mind for every thought. I was like a mad man but I was enjoying it. It was that moment I realized how Adarsh would have felt when he was in love with Parineeta. I was cursing him to end his life but I realized that I could give and take life for that beauty. I realized that I was in love with her.
Ragini (who was listening eagerly): Then…
Sanskar: Then, I was like that for few days. I tried many time to see her but I couldn’t. I searched her everywhere. I used to go to that place everyday so that I could see her. But one day, I saw her in that church. (Ragini looked questionable) The one you all visited. I went there for my friend Joseph, who had something to do with the Father. I was waiting outside when…

Flashback starts…

Sanskar was waiting outside the church for his friend, Joseph. A sudden wind blew on him. It was when he heard a piano tune (the same tune which Ragini played in the forbidden room). The melody was so beautiful to listen that it pulled him to go inside the church. His every step was making his heart beating faster. He moved forward and saw a beautiful angelic face. The face was giving a lot of expressions. It was that girl’s face. She was enjoying, playing the tune with closed eyes. Sanskar was lost in her. He again moved forward but this time that girl heard his footstep and saw him. She stopped playing the piano making him coming to sense and ran away from there. Sanskar was a little bit disappointed but was happy to see her again.

A voice: What are you doing here Sanskar?
Sanskar (turned, it was his friend Joseph): I came to see this church.
Joseph: Oh ok. Come let’s go.

They were walking but Sanskar was still thinking about that girl. He was happy that finally he found her. But the way she ran away made him disturbed. His thoughts were disturbed y Joseph.

Joseph: What are you thinking Sanskar?
Sanskar: Haan? Nothing.(Casually) Joseph, do you come here every day?
Joseph: Not every day but yeah I use to come often.
Sanskar: So you know very well about this church.
Joseph: Haan, that’s true. I’ve been visiting this church since my childhood.
Sanskar: Oh ok, then what about that girl who was playing the piano? (Joseph looked at him) I mean I have never seen her here before, is she new?
Joseph: How could you know about Rageshwari? It’s been ten years that you were in London.
Sanskar: (in mind) Rageshwari, nice name. (To Joseph) Haan but even in my childhood I never saw her there.
Joseph: That’s true. Do you remember Sharda maasi?
Sanskar: Sharda maasi? Isn’t she the one whose father worked under us?
Joseph: Correct. Rageshwari is her daughter.
Sanskar: What?
Joseph: I’ll explain you… You know about Sir Victor, right? (Sanskar nodded his head). Sharda maasi used to help him in his work. They both fell in love with each other but he was in the necessity to go from here as he got an order from his superior. When he left, she found out that she was pregnant with his child. Her family disowned her and she gave birth to Rageshwari. But she soon died of illness and from that time, this church took care of her.

Flashback ends…

Sanskar: From that time, I started developing a soft corner for her. The time I saw her, I was lost. And after listening her past, I completely had sympathy on her. Don’t know why, but I wanted to be with her. To console her. To give my shoulder to her. I found out that I was completely in love with her.

Ragini was listening keenly to Sanskar and her friends were looking at her. They didn’t understand what was happening but stayed there. Ragini was very curious to know the further story.

Sanskar: After that, I tried many times to talk to her but one day I succeeded. That day was the most beautiful day. It was the day when Rageshwari talked to me for the first time.

Flashback starts…

Rageshwari was picking up flowers for prayers when Sanskar arrived. (Tum hi ho plays…)

Sanskar: Rageshwari. (She sensed that it was Sanskar and was about to go and he stopped her) One minute, I want to talk to you. (Rageshwari looked on) I know that it’s not the right time, but what to do. All time, when I want to talk to you, you ran away from me. (Rageshwari looked down) What I wanted to tell is… I love you. (Rageshwari stared at him) I know this is wrong but I really love you. I don’t know from when but I really do. Don’t think that it’s because of your past but I was falling for you the day I saw you. (Rageshwari was moving towards him) (In mind) Oh God, it’s sure she is gonna slap me. (He closed his eyes)
Ragini (came near Sanskar and whispered): If you think that I’m gonna slap you then it is…. wrong because, I have the same feeling as you. (She said this and ran away happily)

Sanskar was on cloud nine as he got to know that Rageshwari also loved him. At the time, He was the happiest person in the world.

Flashback ends.

Ragini: Everything was going well, right? Rageshwari accepted you love… (She got thinking) Wait, Wait! You are saying Rageshwari accepted your love but the Father said that she rejected your love.
Sanskar (smiled at her): I too thought the same that she loved me but… all that was revenge.
Ragini (looked on shocked): Revenge?!

Precap: Chandravati…

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