Yeh Vaada Raha (episode 4)


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When Manpreet came to the hall, he didn’t see anyone there. Ragini was very shocked to not find that person.

Manpreet: Where is he?
Ragini: Don’t know…
Manpreet (interrupted her): Are you mad! You woke up me to show this. I think you are not sleeping properly that’s why you are having illusion. Go and sleep now!

He went to sleep and Ragini went to her room. The whole night, she was wondering herself if whatever she saw was her illusion.

Ragini (in mind): What the hell is this all! How could that person vanish like this! I was so sure to see him there… What if Manpreet said was true! Am I having lack of sleep? That’s why am I getting this illusion? Anyways, I have to sleep now! (She closed her eyes)

Ragini was lying down on the bed, closing her eyes. We could, again, see the same shadow approaching her. It was, again, coming towards her while Ragini was still closing her eyes. It was, again, those eyes’ shadow. It was staring at her. Those eyes’ hand was touched Ragini forehead, slowly, and then caressed her head. Soon Ragini fell asleep, forgetting everything.

The next whole day, Ragini was thinking about that mystery person, who wasn’t there when she came with Manpreet. That night, Ragini didn’t sleep as she was still thinking about that person. And plus, she was planning to check out what she saw the previous night. She was wondering if the person was there for real or it was just her illusion. To clear her confusion, Ragini again went out of her room. She was doing everything intentionally. She, like the previous night, went to the kitchen to drink water. Then after, she passed through the hall, to reach her room. She, again, walked in the way, where there was the same sofa. She was walking slowly so that she could spot the same person.

Ragini (herself): Where the hell is he?! Mannu was right! It was just my illusion!

She was about to go when she spotted the same hand, overflowing the sofa, in the hall. And a humming sound was coming from there. He was, again, humming the movie song Pyaar tune kya kiya. Ragini’s heart was beating faster: may be because she was afraid or maybe for an unknown reason. She was hesitating to see his face as only his hand, which was tapping the edge of the sofa, was visible to her from the place she was. This time, even thought she was hesitating, she decided to go near him instead of returning to her room. She was walking near him. Still only, his hand was visible to her. While she was going near him, the person on the sofa was hearing her steps which were moving towards him. We could hear Ragini’s heart beating. Her eyes were showing eagerness to know the person. She went near him and was staring his hand moving. He stopped tapping the edge of the sofa and humming when he sensed that she was near him. Ragini somehow gained courage to speak up.

Ragini (little scared): who are you? (The person didn’t reply) I said who are you? (She said it a little louder) (Yun hi re bgm plays…)

The person stood up and turned. It was a young man. He was tall, had black eyes and was looking handsome. He had a little smile on his face which could make any girl go crazy for him. His eyes could hypnotize any girl to fall for him. He was wearing a black shirt tucked in his black pant. Ragini was little surprised to see him as she never saw a handsome man like him ever. She was staring at him while walking back and the person was moving towards her, saying.

The person: What did you say?
Ragini (stammered): Who……are…you?

Now, the man was in front of her. She noticed how short she was, standing in front of him. While she never had the feelings to be short but still it made her to feel. She continued walking back and was about to fall when the man caught her waist to not let her fall down. Ragini closed her eyes due to fear and the man was staring at her. (Aashiqui 2 bgm plays…) Ragini opened her eyes slowly and saw the man, staring at her. They composed themselves and the man made Ragini to stand up. He went back giving some space to Ragini.

The man (with a smile): If it’s about the name, then it’s Sanskar. If the question is who I am, then I’m the owner of this mansion.

Ragini (shocked): What!
Sanskar: Didn’t you hear? (He smiled and sat on the sofa with crossed leg, facing her)
Ragini: You are… the owner… of this mansion.
Sanskar: Yes.
Ragini: Then why didn’t you come in front of all? I mean, why Mannu didn’t see you yesterday.
Sanskar: Mannu?
Ragini: My friend… I mean Manpreet, the one who came to check if you were here yesterday with me. (Sanskar kept smiling) Did I say something wrong?
Sanskar: No, absolutely not… You know, it’s been a lot of years that I didn’t came here and that caretaker have given you this mansion to stay…
Ragini (interrupted him): Wo, actually we were lost that’s why he asked us to stay here.
Sanskar: May be. (Ragini was thinking) Now what?
Ragini: I didn’t get my answer. (Sanskar looked on) why didn’t Mannu see you yesterday?
Sanskar: Because I hid from him.
Ragini: Hid but why?
Sanskar: Were you born just to ask questions?
Ragini: Don’t change the topic!
Sanskar: Ok… I hid from him because I didn’t want that the caretaker came to know that I’m here. I want to observe him if he does his job correctly.
Ragini: Point.
Sanskar: And plus, I won’t stay here at daytime so that’s why.
Ragini: What? Why? (She looked at her watch and got distract with it) Oh no, it’s already late, I have to sleep, Bye. (She was leaving)
Sanskar: You didn’t say your name till now.
Ragin (stopped and looked back): Ragini (She smiled).
Sanskar: (in mind) Ragini. (He called her) Ragini? (She looked back) Don’t tell anyone I’m here.
Ragini: Sure. (She went from there)

Days were passing and Sanskar and Ragini kept meeting each other every night without any one’s knowledge, not her friends’ too. Soon, they became friends. Sanskar liked a lot Ragini’s childish behavior. He, sometimes, used to get lost in hers (maybe he had fallen in love with her or for something which was still unknown). He would always, every night, used to wait to have a talk with her. Ragini also liked spending time with Sanskar. She found a good friend in him.

Ragini (sitting on the sofa): Sanskar, you never told about yourself. Acha, tell me now…
Sanskar: What to tell?
Ragini: Anything! Your family, what you do, where do you live…
Sanskar (interrupted her): Ok! Ok! I’ll tell you! I’m coming from a very rich family, The Maheshwari. My father was a businessman so…
Ragini (interrupted): So you are too! Now I understood why you said that it’s been a long time that you came here! Of course being a business man you won’t get time to visit all your properties. (Sanskar smiled at her) Acha, do you have someone special… (She winked at him)
Sanskar: What kind of question is this?
Ragini: Listen, I know that men have someone special in their life, specially people like you!
Sanskar: Meaning?
Ragini: I mean that, you look serious I mean you are a good looking man but at the same time you look like a khadoos. But still, you would have a crush, loved someone, etc…
Sanskar: You are 15, and you are talking as if you are 65.
Ragini: Don’t change the topic! Tell nah!
Sanskar: Ok! Haan, there is someone special in my life.
Ragini (excited): Who is it? Is she beautiful? What question I’m asking! Of course she would be! Acha, tell me what’s her name?
Sanskar (smiled): Rageshwari.
Ragini: Wow, Rageshwari! Rageshwari… Ragini. See how our names look similar.
Sanskar: Haan, but she is not like you who don’t shut the mouth when start speaking.
Ragini: How rude!
Sanskar (lost in Rageshwari): Rageshwari… My Raagu! Raagu is not an ordinary girl. She is really beautiful. Her smile, simply, can give her answer. Her eyes can tell us hundred of things…. (He noticed Ragini staring at him) Why are you staring at me like this?
Ragini: I never knew that, a khadoos like you would turn this much romantic recalling her. Seriously, have to appreciate that girl who changed you. (They laughed)

Even if Ragini kept on talking with Sanskar, she always had a strange feeling for the mansion which she never understood. She kept on visiting the isolated place to gain some information about the mansion but none were ready to answer her properly due to fear. She didn’t want to ask to Sanskar about his own mansion as it wouldn’t be nice.

Days passed and her doubts on the mansion increased. She knew that something is wrong with it but she didn’t know what that was. On the one hand, she had a nice friendship with Sanskar and on the other hand, she was having a weird impression on the mansion: that was how she could only admire it. Ragini was wondering how to clear her doubts and one fine day, Ragini and her friends went to the nearby church. The church was very ancient. All was built with ancient rocks. Her friends went in to have a visit but Ragini stopped.

Aryan: Ragini, come let’s go inside.
Ragini: No Aryan! I don’t feel to go in! You go and see. I’ll stay here.
Aryan: Ok! Don’t roam around!
Ragini: Ok baba. (She smiled)

Ragini was outside, admiring it construction. Flashes of the boy and the girl hugging were shown. Winds were blowing widely on Ragini. Without realizing, she went to the entrance of the church. She looked the church through the entrance as if she knew it since a long time. She entered. Her first look into the church, made her to feel strange.
The church was looking familiar for her. Her first step into the church made it audible. She had a mere headache while progressing into the church and some flashes were shown: the boy ran with painful eyes and had a deadlock hug with the girl. (Aashiqui 2- the love theme plays…) The Deadlock hug made the two to have a body-crushing hug that almost borders on a fear of letting go. In this hug, both people intertwined themselves as tightly as they possibly could, squeezing out every last drop of air separating them. This position was about deep commitment and not wanting to be apart. By wrapping each other up in this way, the fear that letting the girl out of his embrace showed that they will somehow mean to leave. He kept staying like this. Both had a painful and a crying face, showing how the two were, for each other. The flash was disturbed with a male voice.

A voice: Who is it?
Aryan: Finally, you came Ragini.
Ragini: Good morning Father.
Father: Good morning, beta! Are you new here?
Ragini: Haan father, I came here for a trip. I would go from here in a week.
Father: Where do you live, beta?
Ragini: I live in that mansion, named….”Villa”. (The father looked worried)
Aryan: Father I have a question.
Father: Ask me beta!
Aryan: Father, don’t you think this place is so weird. I mean, there is nothing here. No one is answering properly and plus we were told that that there was nothing here. But when Ragini and I went to that secret or forbidden, whatever room, I came to know that there was a church.
Father (looking at Ragini): You went to that forbidden room!
Uttara: Haan Father. She went.
Father: You are really blessed my child! Otherwise no one who entered that room, returned normally.
Kavita: What are you saying father?!
Father: Haan my child!
Ragini: Father, do you know anything about that mansion?
Father: This is a very long and old story my child. I wasn’t even born that time. This story was told by my superior. Long time ago, there used to be a rich man, living here with his family. He had only a son. That boy fell in love with a girl who was brought up here but the girl didn’t. At the same moment, his best friend was also in love with him.
People are saying that the boy killed the girl in a fit of rage for not accepting his love. Others are saying that the woman also is linked in that. But the truth is only known to god. After that, the boy wasn’t seen anywhere. This is what I know my child.
Ragini: Father, may I know those persons name?
Father (smiled): the woman’s name was…Chandravati, that girl’s name was Rag…Haan Rageshwari.
Ragini (little shocked): And the boy’s name…
Father: Sanskar.

Ragini couldn’t believe what she heard. The name “Sanskar” was still echoing in her ears. The one, whom she thought as a good friend, is a murderer. Actually is or was. Whatever! Ragini was thinking deeply when Aryan called her.

Aryan: Ragini, chale?
Ragini: Haan, chalo. (In mind while walking) How can this be possible? Father is saying that the boy’s name was Sanskar, Is Sanskar that boy? No how can it be possible… Sanskar looks young… May be, it could be someone… But he said that he loves Rageshwari. Is it my illusion to see Sanskar? Oh no! It’s so complicated! What to do?… Yeah, only Sanskar can answer me.

Ragini was waiting for Sanskar in the hall. Her face was telling that she was angry, shocked and disappointed. Her deep thoughts got disturbed when she heard some footstep. It was Sanskar. He arrived from the main door while she was sitting on the sofa with crossed legs. He was quite surprised to see her, waiting for him.

Sanskar: Arre wa, what a miracle! You are waiting for me!
Ragini: Yes, I have to wait.
Sanskar: What happened? Didn’t you feel sleeping?
Ragini (sarcastically): How can I when I have such a friend.
Sanskar (feeling something fishy): What happened? You are talking differently today. (He came near her)
Ragini: Nothing. Sanskar, that day you told about Rageshwari na. Can I know more about her?
Sanskar (stammered): Why… what’s the need?
Ragini: Like that. (She saw him tensed) What happened Sanskar? You are seemed tensed.
Sanskar: Nothing.
Ragini: Then tell.
Sanskar (still tensed): Ok. Raagu is very simple. She loves singing. And yeah, she loves playing piano a lot. And she is…
Ragini (interrupted): An orphan. (Sanskar was numbed) What happened? Are you shocked that I know about Raagu! Or are you shocked that your truth is coming out! (Sanskar looked on and Ragini stood up and went in front of him)
Sanskar: Ragini…
Ragini (interrupted): WHO ARE YOU?!
Sanskar: Ragini listen…
Ragini (screamed): I SAID WHO ARE YOU?

Her scream reached to Aryan, Manpreet, Uttara and Kavita’s room. They came to the hall, panicking and saw her screaming. No one understood why.

Uttara (came running): Ragini, What happened! Why are you screaming!
Aryan: Ragini what happened? Did you have any nightmare?
Kavita: Ragini, are you ok?
Manpreet: Ragi…
Ragini (shouted): STOP IT! I’m ok!
Manpreet: Then why are you shouting!
Ragini: I’m talking to him!
Manpreet: To whom?! (Ragini turned and saw no one was there)
Ragini (getting angry): This is the limit! Sanskaar! Where are you!
Manpreet: Looks like she has gone mad! Aryan!
Ragini: Sanskaar! Come out! (She screamed louder and started coughing)
Aryan (ran to her): Ragini, have you gone mad! Sanskar is not here!
Ragini (interrupted): I saw him! In fact, I’m seeing him every night here, in this hall. I talk with, I play with him, I share everything with him. Sanskaar come out! (Still Sanskaar didn’t come out) Sanskar, here all are thinking I’m mad. If you don’t come till I count 3 then forget about me! 1…2… (Sanskar came out) Why did you hid? Am I looking a fool to you?

While Ragini was talking, no! No! Scolding him, the others looked on shocked as if they saw something unusual.

Kavita (still shocked): Aryan, why is she talking like this?
Aryan: Don’t know.
Manpreet (to Uttara): Uttara, I’m dreaming, right?
Uttara: No fool. (To Ragini) Why are you talking like this Ragini?
Ragini (in anger): And what to do?! He is such a big fool to hide from you all. He is saying that he is the owner of this mansion but still he wants to hide. I’m a big fool to listen to his nonsense. (To Sanskar) Who are you? Is your name Sanskar or did you say it to make me a fool?
Kavita (little scared): Ragini, to whom are you talking?
Ragini: Are you blind! Of course to him!
Uttara: Who?
Ragini: Him! (Pointing towards Sanskar)
Manpreet: But where?
Ragini: I think Mannu; you have used to flirt with girls that you aren’t being able to see any men. See he is here!

Ragini went near Sanskar, in full of rage, to grab his hand. But to her disbelief, her hand passed through his arm, shocking her. She again passed her hand to touch him but it again went through his body. She looked at him in shock and in disbelief while others were looking at her eagerly.

Precap: The revelation.

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