Yeh Vaada Raha (episode 3)


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Aryan: Haan Ragini! But the caretaker never told us that there was a church around. (He got down)
Ragini (confused): What! (They heard some sound)
Aryan: Oh no! It looks like someone came, let’s go from here!

Aryan caught Ragini’s hand and dragged her out. While going out, Ragini saw a golden chain and took it secretly so that Aryan doesn’t notice her. She looked back for a last time, the room. A flash was shown where the boy was lifting the girl in his arm and entering the room, happily with her. They went out and Ragini took her key to close the door. When she put the key on the lock to close it, those snakes designs, again, exchanged their places but the forms weren’t deformed and this was unnoticed by both as they were in hurry. After Ragini, slowly, took off the key from the lock. It was when their heard footsteps. They looked down and saw the caretaker with an antique oil lamp on his hand. Aryan remembered how the caretaker warned them how to not step out of your room at night and, especially, to not open the room in upstairs. Sensing that it would create further problems, Aryan and Ragini tries to go discreetly to their room. But it was quite impossible as the caretaker was looking here and there.

Aryan (himself): What the hell! Now he also came! How to go to our room!

He got an idea to distract him. He left Ragini’s hand and went near the caretaker. He took a vase and threw it in the opposite direction. The caretaker turned to that direction and Aryan and Ragini ran to their room.

Aryan: See what happened! From now, don’t dare to go there! Now go and sleep! (He went to his room)

Aryan went closing the door. Ragini took the chain which she took from that forbidden room and then took the key. She looked at both. She took the chain and placed it on the key’s hook. Now, it was looking like a chain with a locket. Ragini stared at it and then wore it around her neck. A flash was shown where the boy was making the girl wearing the gold chain (Ragini didn’t had this flash). Ragini didn’t know why she did it but she wanted to safeguard the key. Coming to the caretaker, he got frightened hearing that breaking sound. He went upstairs in doubts and saw the forbidden room’s door. To his surprise, the designs on it weren’t deformed. He came to a conclusion that someone opened it. While he was getting angry, the same bundle of dust was forming behind him. The caretaker sensed it. But before anything wrong could happen, the caretaker ran, without looking back, from there, totally afraid. (The Exorcist bgm plays…)

Ragini was, again thinking about what was happening, lying down on the bed. She didn’t understand her feelings towards that room. She was wondering about what the caretaker told and how she opened that room. She even thought how she opened it while it was a forbidden one. She was having an unknown feeling. Her thoughts were deep. It wasn’t letting her to sleep. Ragini was lying down on the bed, closing her eyes. We could see a shadow approaching her. It was coming towards her while Ragini was still closing her eyes. It was those eyes’ shadow. It was looking at her. No! No! It was staring at her. Those eyes’ hand was about to touch Ragini forehead, slowly, but suddenly there was a sound. And Ragini opened her eyes. She got up and saw no one. But the sound continued. Ragini was wondering from where it was coming. And she kept listening to it. It was that moment when the sound started sounding like a scary one. The horrible sound started with a crying voice. Ragini was wondering who was crying at this time. But the sound progressed to a freaky one. The sound, actually the noise, went from a crying to a shouting and a screaming. The voice was shouting and screaming so loudly that it made Ragini to get scared. She was closing her ears with both of her hands but still she was hearing those noises, those strange noises. Unable to bear the noise, Ragini went like a storm from her room. She was running in the hall, like a mad as she was so much scared. She went to a room and was knocking it madly. The persons opened the room, revealing to be Kavita and Uttara.

Ragini (scared): Kavita! Uttara! Open the door!
Uttara (opened the door): What happened, Ragini? Why are you sweating!? Come inside!
Kavita (made Ragini sit on the bed): What happened dear? (She was worried)
Ragini (scared): Kavita, it’s really scary… I heard strange noises. It’s freaking me yaar. (She heard a voice of crying) Did you hear? I’m really scared.
Uttara: What are you saying Ragini? You must be scared two, three days before…
Ragini (interrupted): What do you mean?!
Kavita: She meant, we are hearing this, from the day, we came here. But when we came to your room, you were sleeping peacefully. We thought it didn’t bother you.
Ragini (shocked): What! But I didn’t hear anything!
Uttara (doubted): It’s really strange… (After thinking) Ragini, you sleep here! We will discuss about this, in the morning.

Ragini’s heart was still beating in fear. She didn’t understand why it always happened to her. First, her weird feeling for that room and then she didn’t hear those noises while sleeping. She only heard them as she was awake. She was totally confused. Ragini slept after sometime and Kavita and Uttara were thinking about this, in disbelief. They couldn’t believe what Ragini said: that those noises didn’t disturb her sleep, while it was doing with others. They were thinking whether something was happening to Ragini after stepping into the mansion. Next morning, they discussed about this with Aryan and Manpreet who were shocked too.

Kavita: I can’t believe about what is happening with Ragini!
Manpreet (shocked): What the hell! Ragini didn’t hear all this before and she just heard it yesterday. And you! (Looking at Aryan) you went with her yesterday to that room… What happened?
Aryan: Yaar what to say! We went there and you know what! I saw a different Ragini there.
Uttara: What do you mean by that?
Aryan: Ragini was so happy there! She was lost in herself there! We all know that Ragini doesn’t even know how to play an instrument and there, she perfectly playing a piano! I was shocked and scared at the same time! Thank god, I made her to come to sense! Otherwise she would have kept playing it till morning!
Kavita: This is really strange! I mean Ragini… Why is she behaving like this!
Aryan: Plus, we saw a church around from that room. This is stranger than that, because when we asked the caretaker, he said that there was nothing which can be seen nearby. (Ragini joined them)
Manpreet (cared): How are you feeling now?
Ragini: I’m ok Mannu. But I’m finding really strange to hear those noises just yesterday, especially that crying voice. It was horrible!
Aryan (cared): Ragini, don’t take too much stress! Ok!
Uttara: But did you all noticed! Ragini didn’t hear those noises till yesterday. It was just after coming out of the room that she started hearing those.
Aryan: What do you want to say Uttara …
Ragini (interrupted him): Not exactly! I didn’t hear them because I was sleeping but yesterday I wasn’t. May be that’s why I heard them…
Manpreet: But we were also sleeping but even it disturbed our sleep!
Ragini: That’s what I do not understand, Mannu. How can I not hear those noises?
Uttara: something is wrong…
Ragini: Meaning?
Uttara: I mean don’t you guys feel that something is wrong here… (All started thinking)
Kavita: Haan, but guys, did you think of something? That where are these noises coming from! I mean, there is something that the caretaker is hiding from us! But, how to find out?
Uttara: I think we should go and talk to him so that he could clear our doubts!
Ragini: Uttara is saying right, let’s go. (When Purva came)
Purva: Hi Aryan baby! (All controlled their laugh except Aryan who was getting irritated)
Aryan (irritated): Purva, I told you many times to not call me baby!
Purva: But what to do, you are so cute na! (Kavita burst out laughing)
Aryan: Stop it Kavita!
Kavita (imitated Purva): What happened baby, did you feel bad? (She laughed even more)
Purva: Leave her! Baby, you know I really miss you even if we are seeing every day. I just want to be with you everytime… (She took his hand)
Manpreet (sang): Humko humise chura lo…. Dil mein kahin tum chupa lo (A funny tune played and Aryan was staring at Manpreet angrily)… Hum akele, kho na jaayen…Door tumse, ho na jaayen… Paas aao gale se laga lo (Aryan stubbed Manpreet’s foot) Aaahh!!! (He screamed)
Aryan: Pagal!
Manpreet (writhing in pain): Aryan, this is the limit! Let’s go and meet him!
Purva: Who are you gonna meet?
Kavita: Sharukh Khan se.
Purva: Really? I also want to meet him! (Ragini laughed out loudly)
Manpreet: Purva, you are really great! We’re all trying to cheer Ragini but you did it within a second!
Aryan: Guys! (All stopped) Purva we are gonna meet the caretaker!
Purva: Then I will also come! I can’t be alone without you! (She tighten her grip)
Ragini: Aryan, let’s take her! Otherwise she won’t leave you!

Ragini and her friends (with Purva) went to the caretaker’s house which was near the mansion. The gang didn’t want Purva to know about what they were about to talk. So they asked Aryan to stay with Purva so that she won’t listen to what they would talk with the caretaker. They went to meet the caretaker. While they were asking questions about that mansion to him, his face turned pale. He didn’t expect this from them. No words were coming properly from his mouth and refused to an answer for any of their questions. He slammed the door on their face.

Manpreet: Amazing! He isn’t giving a proper answer for our questions!
Uttara: Haan, from this, it’s clear that something is wrong! (She looked at Kavita) Kavita! Where are you lost?
Kavita: You all are thinking about this but I’m thinking about Aryan and Purva. (And she laughed)
Ragini: Oh no! We left him with that chipkali!

They all ran to search Aryan. Here, Aryan was seen behind a tree and was seeing something, hiding. He was seeing Purva, who was shouting his name.

Aryan (himself): Hey bagwan! Why did you do with me? You made me stick with this chipkali! (Someone touched his shoulder) Ahhh! (He turned and it was Kavita and Ragini)
Ragini: Idiot! It’s me!
Aryan: Yaar! You scared me!
Kavita: What happened that you came here hiding? (She laughed)
Aryan: Shut up! Because of you I had to stay with that chipkali! You know what…. she wants to kiss me yaar! (He cried funnily)
Ragini: Stop it guys! Let’s go from here and yeah Aryan Manpreet and Uttara has taken Purva from here so that you can go! Come!

They were leaving from that caretaker’s place. Ragini, Aryan and Kavita were walking on the road, when they noticed an old woman, roaming in that isolated place. They were passing beside her. The old woman was keeping looking at them and told them something which made them to stop.

Old woman: You don’t know for what you have came here, but you will know it when you will leave from here.

They stopped and looked back.

Old man (smirked): He is waiting for you…
Kavita (to Aryan): To whom is she talking?
Aryan: Don’t know yaar!
Ragini (to old woman): Meaning? (The old woman dstared at Ragini, Aryan and Kavita and had a flash, showing an argument between two girls)
Old woman (smirked): you will know it soon…
Ragini (in mind): What is she saying? One minute maybe, I can ask her about the strange noises. She looks old and Dadi uses to say that old people knows more about certain things. May be she would clear my doubts. (To old woman) Ek minute… (She went near her) Do you know anything about that mansion (pointing the mansion)?
Old woman (smiled at Ragini): There is nothing that I don’t know… Ask whatever you want. (Kavita and Aryan went near her)
Aryan (whispered to Ragini): Ragini, what are you doing! (Ragini didn’t bother about what Aryan said)
Ragini: Wo… do you why there are strange noises in that mansion at night?
Old woman: That sounds… That is coming from the caretaker’s daughter. She is mentally disturbed. That’s why you all heard that. Sometimes, she uses to make strange noises and sometimes she uses to cry.
Kavita: It means this is the reason why the caretaker told us to not step out of our room at night.
Old woman: May be!
Ragini: May I know the reason for her state?
Old woman: some people says that she is like this because her husband left her… while some people says that because of seeing a man appearing in front of her when she was walking next to the mansion.
Kavita: You mean Ghost… (Ragini was lost in thoughts)
Old woman: May be. (She left from the place)
Kavita: What the hell?
Aryan: Let’s leave. (They saw Ragini lost in thoughts)
Kavita: Ragini! (She came out of her thoughts) Are you ok?
Ragini: Haan, chale.

Ragini was confused and so Kavita and Aryan were. At night, all were sitting in Ragini’s room. While Uttara and Kavita were sitting at the corner of the bed, Aryan and Manpreet were sitting on the sofa. Ragini was lying down on the bed.

Manpreet: It’s really strange. But now, we got the answer for all noises.
Aryan: Haan, thank god… (He saw Ragini, who is already asleep) Guys, let’s go… Ragini is sleeping.

They went from their rooms. The night, Ragini got up suddenly as she was feeling thirsty. She looked at the jug which was next to her, to know if there was some water but there wasn’t. She decided to go to the kitchen to have some water, even thought she still remembered Aryan warning her. She opened her room’s door silently and went out. She walked discreetly so that none could hear her footsteps. But someone was seeing all this. It was again those pair of eyes. It could be seen that those eyes were following her whether she would step out of her room. Ragini had some water. While coming to her room, she sensed someone seeing her. She turned but didn’t see anyone. She walked and stopped suddenly, listening to a humming voice. She went to search from where it was coming and noticed from the back of a sofa, a hand overflowing it, in the hall. And a humming sound was coming from there (the person was humming the movie song Pyaar tune kya kiya). It neither was the caretaker or someone from her school as she remembered his voice, which was a deep one. This voice was nice to listen, so it wasn’t coming from one of her schoolmate or from her teachers. Ragini’s heart was beating faster as she feared that the person was an outsider. She thought to go near him but hesitated a lot, fearing he would do something to her. She got afraid and went to wake up Manpreet without making any noise. She went to his room and saw his sleeping, next to Aryan. Ragini woke him up.

Ragini: Hey Bagwan! This guys also! (To Manpreet) Mannu! Mannu! (She shook him) Mannu, wake up!
Mannu (smirked in sleep): Why did you stop…
Ragini (confused): What?
Mannu: Smile Katrina Smile!
Ragini: Katrina?
Mannu (still in sleep): Zara Zara Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me
Zara Zara Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Zara Zara Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me (Ragini was still confused)
Who are you looking at? About your duffer father? Leave him! He is a donkey! (Ragini was shocked as he was mentioning the principal and was dreaming about his daughter) He doesn’t know much about women! Acha leave all this! Come near and kiss me!

Manpreet was making a kissing face when Ragini took a jug of water, which was next to him, and threw it on his face.

Manpreet (shouted in sleep): Tsunami! Tsunami! Tsunami!
Ragini: Tsunami? Mannu! (She shook him)

He woke up still having those sleeping eyes.

Manpreet: You? Are you mad?! Why did you wake me up?

Ragini explained him about the hall scene and Manrpeet agreed to come with her as he knew that something fishy always happen in the mansion. When Manpreet came to the hall, he didn’t see anyone there. Ragini was very shocked to not find that person.

Precap: A talk with that person. Who was that?

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