Yeh Vaada Raha (episode 2)


Hey guys! I’m back! I’m so happy to see your positive comments! Ok, I’ll stop blabbering and let’s start! 😉

Ragini: Oh no! What to do now?
Manpreet: If you stayed there, then you wouldn’t have faced this.
Aryan (came in the room): What happened?
Manpreet: Actually, Ragini has to stay alone in this room. (And laughed)
Ragini: Stop laughing, Mannu! You know that I’m not used to sleep alone.
Manpreet: Otherwise, you can share your room with someone, if you want.
Ragini: Who?
Manpreet: aur kaun, Purva.
Ragini: Oh no please! I would be happy to stay alone rather. But I think she would be happy if she shares her room with ARYAN. (She winked at Manpreet)
Aryan (coughed): Are you mad! Me, sharing my room with that chipkali, impossible!
A voice: Aryaaan!
Aryan: Oh no chipkali! (He hid behind the bed)
Purva (came): Aryan! Aryan!
Manpreet: Hoy, are you mad! Why are you screaming “aryan aryan”?
Purva: Wo, actually I heard his voice here that’s why… Have you seen him?
Manpreet: Of course…
Purva (excited): Where?
Manpreet: At school. (Ragini laughed)
Purva: Idiot, I mean do you know where he went now?
Ragini: I think he went to meet Kavita.
Purva: Ufff! Don’t know why he is always after that daayan! I’m always after him but he doesn’t even look at me! (She went from there and Ragini and Manpreet laughed)
Aryan: I’m saved. Ok guys, let me freshen up. (He went to his room and Manpreet too)

All had their dinner and went to sleep. At night, Ragini couldn’t sleep as she wasn’t used to sleep alone. She did all things to sleep but couldn’t. At last, she thought to go to that room which she saw in the afternoon. She went out of her room and walked silently to upstairs. She sensed something, passing behind her. She turned but she found nothing. It happened the same way that happened to Neha. There were many sounds which threatened her. The clock rang louder. She was hearing dog barking outside. The chandelier was shaking here and there, the door was opening itself, and things were flying. It was so horrible to look, as before. Her fear increased but still she wanted to go upstairs. While walking, she heard footsteps and but didn’t turn. A bundle of dust was joining behind her and she sensed it. She walked and now she heard someone coughing. She didn’t turn and someone put a hand on her shoulder. She screamed which was just audible to that person. She turned to saw him, in fear. It was Aryan.

Ragini (relieved): Aryan.
Aryan (whispered): What are you doing here?
Ragini: I couldn’t sleep that’s why…
Aryan (interrupted): You idiot! It’s not safe to come out of the room at night.
Ragini: Why?
Aryan: Because the caretaker said like that…
Ragini (interrupted): And you believe that?
Aryan: Wo…
Ragini: Your face is telling me that you are scared. Aryan, look, I’m out and did something happen to me, no nah, then what.
Aryan: I know but…
Ragini (interrupted): no but and vut! Aryan, this afternoon, I saw a room. Let’s go and see that!
Aryan: Are you mad!
Ragini: Aryan, please! chalo nah!

Finally, Aryan agreed. A pair of eyes was seeing all this, hiding behind a pillar. It was witnessing from down, Aryan and Ragini going upstairs. Those eyes had eagerness seeing them going upstairs. It was like, it was waiting for this. Aryan and Ragini came in front of the room. This was the first time, Ragini observed the door keenly. The door was well designed and there were two snakes, joining the lock. Ragini was caressing the door slowly while those eyes shut and felt something. Ragini was touching the snake design and she felt something strange but ignored it.

Ragini (still looking at the door): This is the one!
Aryan (doubted): But why it has a padlock?
Ragini: Don’t know? May be…
Aryan (sensed someone going but found no one): Ragini, I think this place is really weird. But I don’t know how you like it. Let’s go!
Ragini: At least, let me search the keys for that.

Ragini and Aryan were searching the keys but they didn’t find.

Aryan: It’s been half an hour that we are searching. Let’s go and sleep! I’m really tired.
Ragini (disappointed): Ok, let’s go. (They went and slept)

That person with those eyes: Even if you didn’t open it today, you will surely going to do it one day. I’ll be waiting for that day… (The eyes showed that the person smirked saying this)

Two days were passing and Ragini was still in thoughts of that room. She was confused of herself. She also felt weird to have such feeling by seeing a door. She was determinate to discover what was in that room. She shared this with her other best friends but none were interested as they knew what the caretaker said. They didn’t pay any attention to that room so that Ragini don’t take any interest which could turn dangerous. One fine day, when the students were playing outside the mansion, Kavita noticed a key there.

Kavita (herself): What a key is doing here? (Manpreet came)
Manpreet: What is this? (He took a look at this) Keys?!

The length of Key had a size of a half hand. It was in a golden color. At the bottom of the key, there was a design of a Sanskrit symbol. And on the top, there were a wing at each corner, making it looking like a royal one and a little hook. People, who would look at it, would definitely fall in love with it.

Manpreet: Wow, it so beautiful!
Aryan (came): What beautiful?
Manpreet: Aryan! Look at this! (Aryan looked at it) How’s it?
Aryan: Shhh! slowly! Otherwise, Ragini would hear us.
Kavita: Kyun? Let her hear. What’s the big deal in that?
Aryan: Arre pagal, this is looking like the one for that room. If Ragini sees this, then she would be definitely adamant to open that room. We can’t take that risk.
Kavita: Ok. (When Ragini arrived with Uttara)
Ragini: What are you doing guys, (she noticed the key) Oh my god, a key! Wow, it looks amazing. One minute… maybe this is the one for that room. You know guys; that day, I was searching madly for this one. And now I got it, so…
All (worried): so…
Ragini (excited): so… I’m gonna go to that room. (All hit their head)
Aryan: (in mind) Oh no, I can’t let her go alone. (To Ragini) Ragini, if you don’t mind, May I come with you?
Ragini: Haan, of course, why are you so formal? Ok, tonight at 11 p.m. Bye guys!
Kavita (angry): Are you mad! You said just now that it might be risky to go there. Then, why did you ask to go with her!
Aryan: I’m not mad, you are! Yaar, even after knowing, we can’t let her go like this. She is our friend. And you all know that if we refused then she would be more stubborn to go there.
Manpreet: He is right; we can’t let her go alone.
Uttara: Haan.
Kavita (worried): Ok, and yeah, be careful; be with her all the time so that she won’t fall in risk.
Aryan (worried): Yeah.

At night, all were sleeping peacefully. Ragini woke up and went to Aryan and Manpreet’s room. She saw Aryan sleeping and got angry. She went near him.

Ragini (whispered): Aryan! Aryan! Aryan, wake up!
Aryan (in sleepy mood): Who?
Ragini: It’s me, Ragini!
Aryan: What are you doing in my room? Go and sleep! (He went to sleep)
Ragini (irritated): Ok! Sleep! I will go alone.
Aryan (woke up suddenly): Where?!
Ragini: To that room.
Aryan: Wait! I’ll come.

They went out of his room and were going upstairs. They came to the room.

Aryan (little scared): Ragini, are you sure that you want to go inside?
Ragini (irritated): If you want, you can go back Aryan!
Aryan (worried): No, No! I’ll stay.

Ragini took the key and put it on the lock. It took her minimum five minutes to open the door. It was that time; Ragini understood how the door was made with much difficulty as all the designs on the door were getting to it forms. The snake designs which was joining the door, exchanged their places. It was giving a feel of entering a place of treasure. Aryan and Ragini, together, pushed the door as it was really a heavy and a big one to be pushed by one person. When they pushed the door, slowly, dust, which was formed on the door, broke off. They finally opened the door. (Halloween movie bgm plays…)

Aryan (in mind): Such a large room! (He walked in with Ragini)

When they entered, they noticed that the room was really old as no one had taken care of it. Their first step made dust on the floor to fly. Ragini and Aryan’s each and every step was audible. Some flashes were shown where a girl was running happily into the room and a boy ran after her (It was neither Ragini nor Aryan who had those flashes). Aryan stopped but Ragini kept walking. Again some flashes were shown where the girl ran and fell on the bed and laughed while the boy, chasing her, fell too on the bed and laughed seeing her laughing. (Both faces weren’t shown) Ragini and Aryan were astonished as they had never seen such a room in their life. The room showed all luxury things that a rich person could have used. They saw things like bed, wardrobe which were really old. It wasn’t even belonging to the 20th century. It was older than that. Ragini was turning around herself in happiness, seeing the room. Aryan was smiling seeing Ragini happy. While turning around herself, she noticed a piano with little dust on it, which was attracting her.
The piano seemed to be old like the 18th century piano. Ragini went near it and was caressing the keyboard. A flash was shown where the boy was playing the piano and the girl came and closed his eyes, both were laughing. The piano was so fascinating, that it pulled Ragini to play a tune (the bgm of vishkanya when Malay saw Apu in the party). She even didn’t realize what she was playing. It was looking like that she knew well the tune. Aryan was looking at her surprised. While playing, an unknown smile appeared on her face. She was feeling relieved and happy. She was lost in herself. Suddenly, Aryan called her.

Aryan: Ragini! Ragini! (He shook her)
Ragini (came out of her thoughts): Kya hua?
Aryan: Nothing! Come let’s go.
Ragini: Ok.

She stood up and was about to go when the wind blew on her back. She turned and was searching from where the wind was coming. She noticed a broken window. She went near the window but it was unclear for her to see what was happening outside as the window was covered with dust. She wiped some of the dust on the window slowly but still it was unclear for her. She noticed that there was a big hole in that. She wanted to look through it but unfortunately, she was short. She took a nearby stool and climbed on it. She looked through the hole and a church was visible for her eyes. Some flashes of the church bell ringing were shown. She withdrew her eyes from the hole.

Ragini: Aryan! Look, there is a church there.
Aryan (shocked): What? (Ragini got down from the stool and Aryan climbed on it)
Aryan: Haan Ragini! … But the caretaker never told us that there was a church around (looking at Ragini)

Precap: Strange noises.

So guys? I tried my best to write the scariest possible but still I’m confused if it’s really scary. I hope you like it! 🙂

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