Yeh Vaada Raha 9th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 9th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence and Bar
the car drives off and arrives at a bar. tai gets out and says to vishakha that this is the last time, she is allowing her to go to the bar and she would have to stop this for a long time thereon. Vishakha retaliates that she too is doing her a favour, and asks her to come in and enjoy the dance. she agrees. They both go in. Survi gets out of the car and wonders where vishakha and tai went. she finds vishakha’s phone in the car and is about to take it when the noise starts resonating fom inside the bar. she is drawn inside.

Dressed as a bar girl, vishakha gyrates to leering tunes. survi finds tai enjoying too. She is shocked to know that tai too is with vishakha, and decides to expose them both to Kartik. She starts to make

an MMS clip of both of them. Oblivious to all this, tai and vishakha migle with the crowd. Suddenly, while dancing, she and tai too spot survi and both are shocked. Tai drops the glass in shock. Survi rushes from there.

At home, lata and kartik are tensed, while bindu is sure that hema would come back soon, as there is no future with pyare. Just then, hema comes in, crying bitterly. Bindu comes and starts reprimanding her, for her stupidity. he asks her to let hema calm down as she is already sad. lata asks her to stop crying, and narrate if everything is okay. hema explains that he cheated on her. Bindu lashes at her. lata asks her to calm down. hema goes to rest. just then, Shanti comes and tells them all that survi isnt to be found anywhere. they are all tensed.

While she hides, tai and vishakha wonder where she went, as they cant afford that she goes before them to him. they finally grab hold of her, just when she calls him through vishakha’s phone. Tai calls up through vishakha’s phone, and tells him that she called to ask about hema. He says that there’s still no news. She says that survi mannat’s also got complete and they had a successful visit. he is shocked to know that survi is with them, as they were tensed searching for her here. tai then tells that maybe she forgot to tell them all. he says that he is relieved now that survi is safe with them. tai says that they are returning home. she cancels the call. Then survi confronts them both, asking why is she doing this, as kartik is innocent, and she has a problem with her, then why is she doing this, as he considers her more than anyone else. tai asks her to stop talking and asks how dare she talk so much. vishakha asks her to stop as this is the power of love. tai is surprised, and asks her to elaborate. Vishakha tells tai, in front of survi on the road, that she couldnt identify herself, that this little girl, survi has fallen in love with kartik. tai stands shocked, while survi is speechless. vishakha talks about her selfless devotion to him, despite knowing how dangerous they are all, but she still risked everything. survi stands silent. tai angrily comments to survi that she thought she was a mere little girl, and never thought that she could fall in love already. Survi says that they shall never understand their relation, as if he can fight the world for her, then she too can, and that their relationship, and their friendship is paramount, and if they term it love, then so be it. Vishakha tells her that the opposite s*x cant be friends at all. tai shuts her up, and says that she isnt interested in this at all, as she cares about her stuff, and threatens her that if she tells him, then she would kill her completely. survi says that had it been only her, it was okay, but for him, she wouldnt compromise at any cost, and that now telling or not telling wouldnt make a difference, as she has already made a video of vishakha’s dance and sent it to his mobile. they are shocked. tai says that she is lying and asks when she did it. Survi tells them and tai is shocked to see the successful sending of the mms to his cell phone. she is frustrated. They start to drive rashly. meanwhile, he receives the MMS, and is boggled as to what vishakha sent. He gets to downloading.

In the car, they drive rash to reach in time. survi continues to pray that he has seen the video, while it is still downloading on his phone. lata comes and he asks about hema and she says that hema is fine now. Shanti comes and tells him that hema is calling him, as she wants to apologise to him. he agrees and leaves the phone and goes inside. Meanwhile, lata sees the downloading complete, and then begins to see the video, but just then, tai and vishakha arrive in the campus. they rush in and find it deserted. they are scared wondering whether he has seen the video or not. just then, he comes and asks about the video that she sent. vishakha is tensed and asks if he saw it. He apologises that he couldnt see. they are relieved while survi is disappointed. he says that he didnt have the phone, and lata accidentally deleted it, and asks if it was important. Vishakha says that it was an MMS of the temple, for him to receive the blessings too. He is relieved. tai tells him that she feels she might lose his control, and asks him to come along, to control him. he agrees and comes along. survi then stops him saying that she wished to talk and he stops asking her to speak. she hesitates. he asks tai to go ahead while he just comes. tai is furious. But before he can get to survi, lata screams and he rushes in. survi is about to go in, when tai stops her. tai grabs survi by the throat, and says that she shall kill her. survi says that she shall tell him the truth, without the fear of her life. tai says that vishakha was right that she has started loving him. survi stands speechless. tai tells survi that now she wouldnt kill her but her love, and then she can live with her truth. vishakha stands amused. She says that they should go and see hema. Then, tai reminds survi about her poison stunt and how he was apologetic, and hence survi wont be able to convince him now, and she doesnt even have any evidence. she is tensed. the death attack on him, in the hospital, by her, and how even lata knows, but she has kept mum for so far. she says that even though survi loves him, but she doesnt more than lata, and when she is mum, why cant she, or else, she shall kill him. they both leave. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Kartik is working when survi comes in tensedly. he asks whats the matter and she says that she had a headache. he gets to put an icing on her head to calm her down, himself. then he gets up and says that they have to stay together all their lives, and they cant be separate ever for any reason and wont be able to live another minute away from her ever. she eyes him overwhelmed with emotions.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. Oh God. Why are they dragging this show too much ?? That stink bi.tch tai is getting away too much

  3. Survi is an a.sshole. she should of shut her stinking mouth. You dont alert the bad ones of what you are doing. So called smart.ass

  4. She is just a child u don’t blame her, also blame the writers for writing rubbish. draggy draggy draggy

    1. Yea. You are right .. hehe…. I am sorry for bashing survi. But I was just really irritated with that scene… it is just a damn show anyway… not like its real.. hahaha.. sometimes our emotions just get the best of us

  5. Please let Tai get caught by Kartik

  6. nice episode !! 🙂

  7. hey ! Who-so-ever writes the written update. Can’t u be a bit early at writing it, if u don’t mind.

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