Yeh Vaada Raha 9th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 9th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Meher’s residence
Survi gets kishore’s call saying that there is no trace of rahul as if he never existed. she is tensed. she asks if there is any other clue. he says that there is an old burnt factory some years back which he never got revamped. this raises her suspicions and she says that they should dig into it further, and asks him to wait for her, as she shall come and they shall search together. he complies. she comes and finds meher cuddling upto kartik, and tries to signal him to listen to her. tai comes and sees this, and stands in front of meher asking her, through signals to step aside with her. she complies, and with the pretext of giving her laundry for ironing, she takes her aside. they get up. kartik rushes to survi, and she tries to talk about

this development, but he doesnt consider it safe to discuss whn they are being watched. meher sees them from a distance, and thinks that tai’s talks of black magic is correct. she asks coming dowen, whats the matter. they are tensed to see her. survi says that she has to go for a sonography, and he isnt allowing her alone. meher asks him to go, with her, as its his baby, and he is right in not trusting her. pretending to fume at each other, survi and kartik leave. meher decides to teach survi a lesson today.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital
survi explains everything, and wishes to go, but he insists that she stays here while he goes. she asks if he doesnt want to be there for the first sonography of their baby. he says that he does, and gets emotional, but then adds that they are separated for his welfare itself, and then turns to leave, but as happens everytime, her pallu gets entangled in his handcuff, and they eye each other romantically, after which he unclasps and then they emotionally go their ways. the doctor comes and tells survi that her room is ready. meanwhile, kartik collides into a nurse, who he doesnt realise is meher, grabed under the mask.

Scene 3:
Location: Old factory
Kishore and kartik come and find the front gate guarded, and find it more weird. they decide to sneak in through the back window, but find nothing but old files. they starg surfing through. one of the files fall, and the guard is alert. he hears footsteps inside, and calls ranvir, who sys that he shall shortly come. when he does, he asks for the keys. kartik and kishore meanwhile go through the files to find any link to rahul. Ranvir arrives and hearing him open the door, they are tensed. as he enters, he doesnt find anyone in the room, whereas they are baerely hanging by the thread, having climbed outside the window and stuck against the wall of the building. ranvir closes the window back. he lashes at the guard for hallucinating and day dreaming and then leaves.

Scene 4:
Location: Hospital
As the doctor starts with her checkup, meher comes inside, still with her mask on, and gets the doctor on the pretext of some hoax emergency. Meher poses as a nurse, and coems to survi for her chekcup. she asks her routine questions as to if this is her first pregnancy. survi answers in the affirmative, and meher fumes, when she gives her name as, Survi Kartik Barve. but she controls herself. survi then lies on the bed, as she is instructed. meher starts with the procedure, and starts ranting about how she shall live with her family, happily, mentioning kartik over and over again. meher is barely able to control the temper. then she gets to doing the ultrasound, while survi lies on the bed, nervous and excited at the same time. later, while survi is unable to identify anything in the sonography, meher says that she shall explain and then starts the countdown, and once she finishes, the light goes off, and the door is closed. then survi gets tensed and asks why she did so. she says that she wants to make her understand. survi asks what, as she gets scared. meher slowly progresses towards her, while survi is cornered against the wall. she is distraught. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Survi tries hard to cope with the nurse, as she tries to wonder why is she is doing this, while meher, dressed as the nurse, vehemently and aggressively approaches her towards the wall, throwing her around. survi experiences a sharp pain in her stomach. Meanwhile, kartik rushes back to the hospital, screaming for suvi. she too screams back for him, while he finally opens the door of the room, and is aghast to see what he does.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I hope he pull the mask off her ugly face n i think meher kill rahul n ranvir burn him with the factoty

  2. Getting sick of this meher story.meher and tai and ranvir.boring

  3. ikr soo boring

  4. Its going interesting

  5. Fed up of this hope baby is alright

  6. I love this track, but I hate it to…it’s finishing next week I think

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