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Yeh Vaada Raha 9th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Survi comes to the room where Kartik was getting fresh. She says she came to see if he needs something. Kartik says they must be with guests, he tells her to go and attend the guests, he will change his dress. Survi says she will just clean the room till then. She thinks that Twinkle told her Tai spilt colour on Kartik’s clothes, she thinks snake must then be in the cupboard. Kartik was about to open the wardrobe now.
Tai still performed downstairs.
Survi dragged Kartik, the snake fell out of the cupboard. Kartik fell over Survi, Survi watches the snake go out of the room. Kartik asks Survi what happened, she says her foot slipped.
Tai watches Survi coming out of the room, Kartik follows her. She was shocked all at once seeing Kartik alive. Tai comes to Survi and asks how

he was left alive. Durga says because of her cheap planning. She asks why Durga went inside. Survi says she had told her to stay with Survi. She had kept the snake in cupboard, on Mahashivastri. Had she knows about Tai’s plan, she would have told her that today snakes only listen to Gods, and not planners like Tai. She tells Tai to enjoy the function today, they will discuss the plan tomorrow. Tai says whatever has to happen will happen today. Survi says if she does anything today, Tai’s reality will come to Kartik.
A man compels Kartik to drink but he doesn’t. Survi comes there and was about to fell off. Kartik holds her. Tai watches them. Survi straightens up and goes inside.
Kishore tells Pyaare that he can’t leave until Survi unveil’s Tai’s reality. Pyaare gives his foot in between his lefts, Kishore fell off and hurts his head.
Tai speaks to Durga on phone that she could see her fake hair what if Kartik had seen. Survi says he must have made an issue out of it. She says to Tai that she must share with her and they will kill Kartik today. Tai wasn’t ready to tell her the idea. Survi was coming out when Pyaare confronts her. She holds a knife at Pyaare’s neck. She says she only has today to complete her plan, if he tries to ruin it she can do anything. Kishore comes out and takes Pyaare inside again.
Kartik performed now. Survi stands with Tai watching the performance. She goes in front and helps him as he was drunk. Kartik says that he needs some more drink in name of Survi. Survi says he denied Rafi a while ago. He keeps his head on Survi’s shoulder, Kartik says he can’t get more peaceful that being here. Tai tells her to take him inside. Kartik asks for another drink but Survi asks him to come inside.
Kartik lay on bed and drags Survi over him. He tells her that he loves Survi a lot, if he thinks about her his nights turn to days. Survi says she will be here. Kartik tells her not to leave him. She says she can never leave him. She comes in the washroom crying saying she is now relieved that Kartik is safe in his room. She thinks she must know what the plan of Tai is. Tai says Kartik made her work easy, she will take advantage of Kartik being drunk. She says this is her last bid. A drummer came in, Durga asks if she has kept snake in this drum. Tai says he will just suffocate Kartik till his lose his last breath, then he will push him in bath tub. People will think he drowned because of drowning. She sends the drummer upstairs. Survi thinks she won’t let anything happen to Kartik. She watches the drummer come downstairs and say the room is empty. Tai and Survi come to the room, Tai asks if she brought Kartik here? He must be down, celebrating the party. She watches down from window, Kartik was still drinking with boys. His assistant comes to him and says he needs to go to doctor. In the way in car, Kartik sits up and tells Abhijeet to stop the car. He tells Abhijeet to go, he knows what he is doing. Kartik recalls watching Survi talking in the room, with her vig on her shoulder. She deterred Pyaare. Kartik says in his house, she took Survi’s place and wanted to take his life. She is taking advantage of Survi’s duplicate, in the next two hours her true face will come to everyone. He says he will never let her take his life, he wish he had listened to Survi that this video wasn’t of her but her duplicate. He says now her real face will come to everyone. He prays for the courage to save his family from this planning, to uncover the real culprit and find his Survi. He prays for his Survi.

PRECAP: Survi says to Kishore that they will bring Tai’s reality to everyone today. Kartik comes in a changed avatar. Survi asks who he is. He asks for her husband. She gets it that he is Kartik’s friend.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Wow now it’s Karthik’s turn to get into a disguise if not it’s always Survi in a disguise 😛 and can anyone tell me is Survi’s short hair fake or did she really cut her tai after being inspired by Tai
    And by any have if anyone didn’t read my ff it’s a promise you can find episode 11 and summary of episode 1-10(if you never read my ff) in this link:
    And kindly do drop comments m always hungry for comment ;P

  2. What’s going on? Vexed really

  3. Bexed with this bubble gum story

  4. heheheh new Kartik?

  5. Oh god so many changes in every single character. I think it is getting little boring… Come on… Move the storyline fastly… ?

  6. Thank you Sona!

  7. hey u all just c my comment on 8 march epi.i have mentioned a very important news about tai’s truth there.guys plz do see it.

  8. hey other than the above one 1 more news i recently read tat yash tonk nd the lead of lajwanti ankita sharma are entering yvr.ankita will b a rich spoiled girl nd will fall in love for kartik nd will create problems amid karvi.

  9. Meanwhile shanti will fall in love with yash.c guys i m not sure about yash but ankita is really going to enter this serial.

  10. I hope kartik get to see the real tai

  11. Blah,blah,blah kill someone one and get it over or let them all live happily ever after.

  12. Reveal the truth fast.
    It is becoming boring day by day.
    End this Durga drama.
    What do u think guys

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