Yeh Vaada Raha 9th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 9th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Survi’s residence
Jatin comes all happy go lucky and jolly trying to hide his immense professional troubles. but survi shuts up khushi before she can even start speaking, and then starts her discussion with him, as to he he didnt tell her anything about the financial soup he was in. he says that was why he was trying to send her to Mumbai. he says that he respects her decision, but asks her not to worry, as he would sort something out. she says that she really wants to help, but she is helpless. he says that its okay. he again gets jolly and asks survi to release khushi. survi complies. Khushi then asks survi to simply confirm to jatin that she has to go. survi says that khushi cant understand the reason. jatin stands tensedly, seeing them fight. she says that she

isnt understanding. she shuts herself inside the room, and starts screaming, as if in pain. she starts blackmailing her mother, while they both try and talk sense into her, but she remains adamant. survi gets apalled, and asks whats the matter. she asks why should she say. he asks survi to do something, as she must be in pain. khushi asks her not to do anything, as it feels she has been taken from the road, and that she isnt her real mother. survi remembers having gotten her, and asks khushi to calm down. survi says that she shall go to mumbai, and asks her to open the door. khushi happily smirks. she rushes out and hugs jatin, while survi says that she shoul never get to know that she isnt her real mother, as this is the reason of not going to mumbai. she leaves it all on the lord, and that she is doing this out of friendship, and that the past shouldnt befall her and on her khushi at all.

Scene 2:
Location: Tai’s residence, Mumbai
Tai and riya strike a deal, that she shall keep mum about tai, in front of kartik, if she agrees not to let her go to school the next day. they join hands. Kartik rushes as soon as he lands. he asks riya whats the matter. she narrates it all. he reprimands them all, while tai asks him not to be super tensed. she makes him talk to the doctor too for his relief. kartik hurriedly asks about her, and is finally relieved. riya asks if she can not go to school tomorrow. he says that its okay, and they shall see till tomorrow, and if her leg gets okay by tomorrow, then she shall have to go. they comply.

Scene 3:
Location: B.R. Constructions and Tai’s residence
Survi and jatin arrive with khushi at the office, while oblivious that its kartik’s company. they wait for their appointment, while she starts getting impatient for her school meeting in the next hour for khushi’s admission. the receptionist calls up kartik, who is extremely tensed,
the next morning, she develops a fever, induced by onions, planned by tai. he gets a call from the office, and he hollers at them to wait, as for him, family comes first. he shuts the phone down, but when the doctor comes, riya’s jig is up, and he repimands her severely. asking them to get her dressed for school, he hastily leaves for office.

Scene 4:
Location: Construction office
Survi finds that its getting very late and hence leaves with khushi, asking jatin to handle the presentation on his own. she leaves. Later, as they both go out, chatting animatedly, they dont realise that kartik too has come down from the car, and is coming in their direction. kartik instinctively feels her presence, as she goes past him. but by the time, he sees her, she is already in the auto and drives off.

Scene 5:
Location: Khushi’s prospective school
the principal is impressed but brings up the question of her father. as survi’s statements approach sensitive issues. the principal asks survi to send khushi out, before they discuss such issues. but survi says that sh has never hidden from khushi, anything, and today if she does, it would be injustice. the principal is impressed seeing such chivalry and courage, and happily grants admission to khushi, they both are overjoyed.

Scene 6:
Location: Construction office
As kartik enters, jatin immediately enters into a scuffle with him, oblivious that he is the one he has set up a meeting with. when he realises, he is embarassed and flustered. then he is called in and he thinks that he has screwed up forever. but when he goes in, he sees that kartik has already seen her presentation and liked it tremendously. he also adds that he has done a thorough background check on his company, and that they wouldnt mind associating with them. then he places his final question, while jatin is overwhelmingly surprised at this u-turn of events. Kartik comments that it doesnt seem his presentation, as had it been his work, then what happened in nasik wouldnt have happened. he says that its a special friend, who made it. kartik asks if its his girlfriend, and when he denies, if its the wife. he clears the relation he shares with survi and khushi. kartik asks him to get that special friend tomorrow, as if he lands alone, then the contract shall go too. The screen freezes on his, jatin’s and survi’s face.

Precap: Survi gets kartik on call, and is horribly shocked. she identifies herself and kartik is overwhelmed. she says that she wishes to meet him. they meet in a romantic setup, where they both eye each other. finally, he extends his arms, and survi rushes to him, and hugs him. Tai watches in hiding, from a distance, and fumes angrily.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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