Yeh Vaada Raha 9th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 9th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Khushi looks at Abeer and faints herself in the hospital. The nurse comes and takes her to emergency room. Abeer asks nurse where is my wife? She was injured too. Where is she please tell me. He sees her being shifted to emergency room. Nurse says she is fainted. She gave you blood and she fainted herself even though she was injured.

Pratap says to kamini says you don’t deserve to be called a mother or a human. Khushi is the girl who can make his life better.Your son is a bank for you and you want a key in your hand. Khushi will make his life better. Kamini says she is an eclipse in my son’s life. Pratpa says you are that eclipse. If I kick abeer out of this house we won’t have any problem but you would. You love your son’s money not him. Kamini says

how dare you. Pratap says shut up. Abeer can’t see your reality and you did this to him. The day he sees who you are then he will kick you out. He drags her out. Inspector says what are you doing? Pratap says cleaning my house. I would have done this before. If anything happens to my son and daughter in law arrest her. Kamini says what do you mean. Pratpa says if you live here you won’t let him be alive. Inspector arrests Kamini. Kamini says don’t do this. You are doing wrong. Kartik says we should go to hospital. They rush towards hospital.

Doctor tells them they are both in critical condition. Khushi gave blood over limit to save abeer and she fainted. because she was injured before as well. Abeer gets up. Doctor says you have to rest. You can’t go anywhere. You stitches will leave. Pratap says let him go, his wife won’t let anything happen to him. She brought him back from mouth of death. Pratap says you mom sent those thugs. Abeer says no dad mom can’t do that. You are lying. Abeer says I want to meet Khushi. Abeer comes to Khushi’s room.

Abeer says I am very sorry. I didn’t know I mean this much to you. I only saw hatred in your anger and now I saw the love behind your anger. You love me so much. I did so much bad with you. I realize today how much you love me. Everything I was running after was all fake. And you were right. If I don’t see your love now I would be worst fool in this world. I won’t let anything happen to you. My wife. Khushi can’t breathe. Abeer says to doctor please check my wife. Please do something. Abeer goes to temple. Prataap says abeer you need to rest. Abeer goes out crying. He is crying. He recall their marriage.
Abeer puts a candle on his palm and prays for Khushi.

Scene 2
Khushi is being give CPR. Abeer is on call. Pratap and Kartik are praying. Khushi opens her eyes. Abeer puts a dia on his hand and prays for Khushi in the temple. The phone rings again. Abeer picks the phone and cries the smile. He says thank you so much God.
Pratap and Kartik come to Khushi’s room. Khushi opens her eyes. Kartik says thank God you are conscious now. Khushi says where is abeer? Is he okay?
Abeer comes in. Abeer says I will speak today. Pratap says he went to pray for you he won’t accept though. Abeer says what were you trying to do? You wanted to be a hero? What did you want to prove? You love me? You could tell me without drama.

Precap-Abeer says I never realized importance of this sindur and never cared for you. You remember when I filled this hairline. I didn’t know the meaning of it. This binds me to you. I realize it’s importance for you. I will fill your hairline today. He fills her hairline.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    And awsome episode…

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