Yeh Vaada Raha 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Kartik is distraught, as he tells the caller, to be by survi’s side till he arrives. he says that he cant leave her there, and asks him to come fast. kartik prays to the lord to keep survi safe.

Meanwhile, kishore asks survi where is she lost, as kartik would come any minute, and then she can have an uninterrupted talk with him, to bare out her heart to him. he says that its evident that krtik loves her dearly. She says that she knows, nd she also knows that she is doing this for the victory of the truth, but she knows, kartik wont like it, as he doesnt like lies, and when he knows that the accident is fake, he would have uncontrolled anger and temper. She says that she is left with no other option, but to use betrayal, to be able to relieve

the pain nd torture that he has been given by tai. he wishes her all the best and then leaves. survi stands tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Tai’s residence
Tai is angry and frustrated that kartik’s ph isnt going through, while pyare says that she wont be able to solve anything even by talking. She asks him to speak well, as survi gave her the challenge, and if she succeeds, then their lives are gone for a toss. Shanti hears this and is shocked. tai continues to vent out her frustration against survi’s new, fearless avatar. she says that once she knows where has he been called, she would change it all. tai isnt able to get throug. Shanti decides that she has to do something as she cant let tai harm their relation and rushes inside to call him. she desperately tries but isnt able to get through too. Just then, tai comes and puts down her receiver, along with pyare. shanti is scared. tai tells shanti that she loves her, and then asks her why did she eavesdrop on their talk. She says that she didnt ant to, but would have to punish her now, as pyare says that they cant let her go. She then asks shanti where did survi call kartik, and asks her not to be scared, as she didnt do anything, even though she was just about to expose her plan. she then wrenches her hair, and asks shanti to speak up, while she winces in pain, as rage gets into her. tai drown her head in water multiple times, while she gags and suffocates for breath, and then asks where is survi, while she says that she has no clue. She gets furthermore enraged, as she asks why is she trying to sacrificeherself for survi’s sake, as her fight is with survi, not with kartik and shanti. She says that they are interlinked, and that she won let survi not get in between her and kartik at all. pyare comes in with an electric rod, seeing which shanti is petrified, with loose ends with spark amongst them. Tai threatens her and asks then asks her to spill out the truth, while she innocently says that she has no clue.

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence
finally, kartik arrives where her car is parked, and hurriedly rushes to find suri, but doesnt find anyone there, neither survi, nor the caller. He turns around and is shocked, see survi, in a romantic set-up, waiting to meet him. he runs to her, and then hugs her, while she is overwhelmed and taken aback. He asks if she isnt hurt or wounded, as he narrates her of the phone call, and asks why did she leave the house, as he was merely angry, and asks her not to punish him like this, as had anything happened to her, he would have been dead. He is boggled to see her completely fine. He asks whats the matter. she says tht she lied to get him here, and then explains everything. he takes off his hands, and retreats. she says that she was left with no other option. he stands tensed. he asks if she lied a great deal just so that she could speak to him. He asks if she even realises what he went through and says that she made everything a joke around her. She says that had he been called by her, he wouldnt have come otherwise, as he was so angry. He says that he was angry due to her, and he had told her not to lie, but she doesnt care of his feelings, and went onto lie again. he says that he doesnt want to look at her, and asks her to stop being so selfish and think about others too. he says that now he doesnt even wish to speak to her and walks off. She holds him, and asks him to listen to her once. He says that he doesnt wish to, and says that she should back off, before he retaliates. She begs him to give her a chance to explain herself, as tai doesnt give her a chance to speak to him at home. he asks her to stop blaming tai for everything. she then adds that every single time, he doesnt listen to her, and then apologises, but this time he should think, if she can actually hurt her, and talks about her elaborate preparations for the birthday, but before that, tai distracted her. He gets to going, but his handcuff is stuck in her bracelet, which he jerks off and walks away, while survi stands apalled. She notices a snake approaching his way, and rushes to save him, screaming out his name, as the snake is within inches. She gets bitten, but saves him, by pushing him away, and he falls on the ground. she starts getting dizzy as she eys the bite, while he gets up, and doesnt look back, and says that she crossed all limits and boundaries of their relation today, and from this day forth, she is dead to him. saying so he walks off. She barely is able to mumble kartik’s name, as she collapses on the floor, her vision getting blurred, as she eyes him going towards the car. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: kartik is distraught as he places an unconscious survi, in the car, and asks her to open her eyes, and screams that she cant leave him and go. He arrives with her in his arms, at the dargah. he places her by the wall. a person shows him the smouldering bed of coal, and asks him to walk on it, if he has faith in his love, and then leave everything on god for a miracle. kartik is determined and then gets to it.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Honestly speaking I was quite frustrated with Karthik and worried for Survi till I saw the precap. Now Karthik will do anything for Survi, And hope Survi will recover and then some Surthik scenes 🙂

  2. Tanks for update

  3. I hope survi tell him everything about his tai since they at the dargah


  5. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Zee of air??? YVR tai is a gangster n bully.are women realky like dat in parts of Undia?
    Dpnt they hv daughters? Y trear daughters in law lk dat?? Stupid men
    stupid writers…end it show sum comefy or music…not watching only reading n watching star plus…lol

    1. Hope so…

    2. What are u saying that starplus has food shows?? OMG …….so bogus storylines and eue they are so ridiculous . and for this type of women, they are n India in some parts . I would rather recommend u to watch savdhan India or crime petrol if u wish to see such kinds of women. And YVR is not at all so bogus , do u get that? And moreover such kinds of ups and downs are everywhere and in every show.

  6. Why don’t men listen. A very nice episode.

  7. Its getting more interesting;)

  8. Yes…it good….but…i want some romance.. Between them .but that santi…this tai is too much….but when tai will knew that..kishore…jinda ha…that will be good I think survi ko kishore ko use karna hoga…thn that tai will know…and guys did u even see that kathik ka Jo locket ka Baba…has broken and went to survi bangle….. Now this karthik is now too much and now he will walk in fire..ooomy god too much..I need lata ,aniket,simi,and her brother,and mom…to come back..and I wish now some romance…..plzzzzz

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