Yeh Vaada Raha 9th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 9th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Survi’s residence
After the call, kartik hands out the mobile to her, but just as she is about to take it, he drops it. she hurriedly picks it up and comments that its broken. he says that only the mobile has broken, and there are lots of stuff to be tensed about. he promises to buy her a new phone, and asks her to get along as its getting late. He leaves. She stands tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Kartik drives with her, remembering her betrayal, and how her father too is involved. he drives extremely rash on the road, while survi begs him to calm down, and drive safe. But he doesnt pay heed, and gets more rash, while watching her venomously and aggressively as he almost strikes into a truck, carrying sharp logs and iron bars in its

trunk, that almost crush the front mirror of his car, scaring survi completely. she stands stunned, as the logs get inside the car and barely escapes her by inches. she closes her eyes in horror, while he eyes her curtly. She opens her eyes and observes the bare escape that she made. he fakes his concern, and then comes out and apologises to the truck driver for his mistake, and pays heavily for the damage. The truck driver leaves happily. survi gets out of the car and he asks if she is okay and also apologises for the same. he says that he doesnt know what happens to her, when he thinks of survi, he forgets everything, and remembers her betrayal only, and becomes uncontrollable, and neither can he control his pain and anger, and then takes it out on someone else, and the cost of her wounds, have to be paid by someone else, who is with him. He tells her that he has thought of a unique punishment for her, as he would keep her alive, but barely, so tht she begs for death on her knees, such that he wont let her live nor die too. she stands immensely scared and shocked. he goes to the dickey of the car and takes out an iron rod, scraping it against the road, creating a sharp cranking sound. She is boggled and shocked too. he takes it up, and then smashes the bonnet of the wounded car into bits and pieces. he asks her if she believes in revenge and goes onto break it even more. She asks why is he doing this. he says that broken pieces of glass as well as heart are dangerous and hence need to be cleared up. he says that he has to clear it all. he asks her again if she believes in revenge. she says that she didnt understand. he comments either she is too simple, or too sharp, and asks her to give a plain straight answer. she gets tensed and walks ahead, asking what answer should she give. he says that when betrayal and conspiracy hurt, then only one thing remains behind for sustenance, the feeling of revenge, and asks if she has ever been betrayed, and then she wouldnt understand it even. she turns around and asks why is he addressing this to her. he says that their car may have stopped here, but she is partner with him, in this journey, and that it would take time to clear the glass pieces, and maybe then talking would ease the time, and misundcerstanding might clear up. he says that he doesnt want to leave unresolved or unfinished business, before dying, as death is certain and unpredictable, but her good luck favours her, but it doesnt side always. Sometimes things and tragedies happen and people leave lots of unresolved issues behind, even if life remains behind, and she must have known that by now, and then shocks her by addressing her as survi. she is stunned, while he eyes her cruelly, with one of the rods in her hands. She asks why was she called survi. he says that he doesnt know, but he remembers survi when he sees hert, and reminds her of the earrings that he had given survi too, and cites it as a crazy co-incidence, and whenever he utters her name, a storm rages inside, and that this pain shall end, when survi ends, and with every scream of hers on her body and face, his pain would be satiated. she gets tensed. He asks why is she so tensed, and asks if she isnt actually survi. she is shocked. he says that fear is to those who do wrong, then why is she scared when she has done no wrong. She wipes her tears. he says that she got saved since she is lucky, but not survi, who has no idea what he shall do to her. he says that this car wont be able to go ahead, and hence they have to stay back to the nearby factory, whose watchman stays here only, and can get it okay. he asks her to sit, and she complies.

Scene 3:
Location: Barve Mills Compund
The guard opens the gate, and kartik drives the car inside. Kartik and survi enter in the same mill, that lata had an accident eight years back, when tai pushed her, and how she had wanted to see kartik one last time. she gets nostalgic remembering it, while he eyes her reaction. he asks if she recognises this place and if she has come here before. she stands stunned, as she remembers tai’s threat about the persistence of her promise, and lies that she never came here. he is amazed at her skillful lies. he gets down the car, and says that he bought this factory 8 years back, but never started work here. he asks her to step out. he then asks the guard to get the worker from the nearby workshop. After he leaves, he asks survi that she always wanted to know how lata became like this. He tells her that the betrayer survi threw lata down the terrace of this factory. Survi is shocked to hear this lie. She remembersd all of his anger and the reason behind it. she wonders how is it possible, and why is he holding her responsible.

Scene 4:
Location: Tai’s residence
Tai asks shanti as she sits beside lata, as to why she isnt going for the family meal. she says that she isnt feeling well and wants to sit besdie lata, since all are going, and lata would be alone. tai asks her to come as the nurse shall take care of lata. She doesnt nudge. tai orders her when she hesitates and asks her to go and change, and asks the nurse to take care of lata, as if she messes up, she would land sick too. the nurse assures them to go. tai signals her to get to work. The entire family then moves out. tai pretends as if she forgot something, and asks them to go ahead while she follows. they comply.

Meanwhile, tai goes inside and pyare mohan and kishore stay outside. He tries to influence kishore, into working with him, to get the requisite status of being the elder son in law and younger one while he is least interested, and says that he is a simple man, who wants to do his work, and wont interfere in his status. Pyare asks why he married in this big family, if he cant earn the profits. Kishore says that he shall maintain the same status as earlier, and shall be a manager only. Pyare asks him to go and get a glass of water for him, and when he requests, kishore complies too. He gets inside and finds an unknown person going in, and wonders who is it, and decides to go and follow him. Kishore hears tai telling the electrician that when the short circuit that shall happen creates the spark, that should light up the funeral pyre of lata, and the whole room should turn into ashes, ensuring her death. he is shocked to see this side of tai exposed in front of him. The nurse says that even the house can burn. Tai says that she can risk that, so that lata is reduced to ashes, as she wants to get rid of lata, as she carries her deepest secret, as he thinks that survi is behind lata’s condition, where actually its her, who threw her down the terrace. He is stunned and the bottle drops on the floor. tai sees this. The screen freezes on tai’s shocked face.

Precap: Kartik reiterates the entire scene to survi, on the terrace, that this is where survi and srikant must have had an arguement with lata, wherein survi must have gotten enraged. He reenacts the same scene, saying that she must have approached lata and ghave her a push, and does the same to survi, which makes her fall down the terrace. Survi screams out in shock.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Karthik is going mad with this revenge thing ! He trying to kill survi i wonder when he will start loving her

    1. kartik mad nahi wo to ek misunderstanding ka shikar hai uske samne tai ki asaliyat aaye ya nahi lekin uski misunderstanding kam honi chahiye

  2. tkz fast update rimjhim… omg kartik sOoo Badd…

  3. fed up of kathik’s dialogue delivery..

  4. Ya of course……he is crazy… can he think survi killed lata??? I dn’t think he will fall for her until he clears his misunderstanding ….

  5. Zee Rishtey Awards is approaching. Please make Kartik understand or give him any proof that Tai is actually responsible and the antagonist. If he is able to murder her instead of Survi forgetting her ( Tai ) fake love for him,he might win the award. Otherwise he has to wait one year more.

  6. I have watched a few episodes of this show , but I m confused who is the lead , karthik or aniket? The way the show the promos it seems like karthik is the lead but whenever I see the show it seems like aniket is the lead.
    But I like survi’s acting in the show.

  7. Hi guys , I don’t usually watch this serial and don’t know what to think but who is the main lead male character kartik or ankit? I think ankit is better than kartik for survi, that kartik his so hellbent on trying to kill that he pushes survi on the next episode.


    1. U r not wrong Razzy, I also kind of agree with u

  8. Kartik is the best lead bcoz he was in misunderstanding when it clear he start loving survi i love his attitude and aniket is not suit for survi. Kartik and survi are best

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