Yeh Vaada Raha 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Guys, here’s what happened on 9th Augus

Scene 1 : Khushi’s bedroom
The scene starts with Karthik saying what if Khushi falls down? Survi says Khushi is not a little kid and wont fall down and even if she needs anything her mom is there to take care of her. Karthik says that even though you were there, she got harmed right? There’s a tense moment between the two. Karthik suggests that they sleep now. Khushi wakes up and says she wants to sleep with both her mom and dad. Karthik and Survi sleep on Khushi’s either side. Survi moves he hand and Khushi gets disturbed by the sound of her bangles, Karthik grabs Khushi’s hand and tells her not to move. They sleepthat way with Karthik holding Khushi’s hand and Khushi between them.

Scene 2 : it’s

morning and Khushi wakes up before her parents. She says that she knows they’re just acting to be civil with each other. She gets up and pics a powder and lipstick.

Scene 3 : Karthik opens his eyes and looks at Survi and falls off the bed shouting as he got scared. Survi’s face is covered with powder making her look like a ghost. Survi gets up and starts laughing at karthik as he has lipstick on his face in the shape of a moustache. They both laugh and Khushi peeps saying that if the day begins with laughter it will be a good day. Tai and pyare hear them laughing and pyare taunts Tai saying her time is up. She says she takerevenge on Khushi and they’ll never have happiness.

Scene 4 : karthik and survi make fun ofeach other and finally look in the mirror. They both start blaming each other. Khushi gets fed up of their fighting and comes and says “it’s so easy to make you both fight. I’m sorry but it ws me who did it. But you both trust each other at all and keep blaming each other for something sometime else has done” she leaves and karthik and survi get to thinking.

Scene 5 : Hema’s daughter Riya comes for breakfast and calls Lata as Ajji and kisses her cheek. Khushi comes do2n the stairs and stops staring at Lata, as Lata is about to got to Khushi, Tai stops her and tells her not to as khushi is already traumatised. She tells Khushi to come and kiss her cheeck. Khushi ignores Tai and calls Lata as Ajji. She comes to lata and says that she heard that interest is more valuable than the original amount and it means that she should love Khushi hundred times more than she loves Karthik. She asks Lata to forgive her if she did any mistake. Lata says no and smiles and makes her sit for breakfast. Pyare turns to Tai and says this girl is Survi’s carbon copy and they couldn’t get rid of one and another came.

Scene 6 : Karthik comes and eyes Survi as she gets ready in front of the mirror. She puts on her mangalsutra looking at him. The both walk and their head collide. Survi grabs his face and bumps their heads againsaying that in childhood he used to say that they have to bump again or else they’ll get horns. Karthik laughingly asks since whenshe believes all this. Karthik then asks if she would go to lunch with him to sort out their differences as Khushi said and probably they are blaming each other for someone else’s mistakes. She says she can’t leave Khushi alone. He suggests they take her along. She questions how they will talk in front of khushi. She says that they’ll talk at home after Khushi sleeps in the afternoon and that she will cook whatever he wants. He says that I’m asking you i’ll take you out and you’re saying you’ll cook. She says if we go to a restaurant you’ll order, then wait for your order only to complain after it comes as you don’t like anything other than what i make. She realises what she said and stops. She says they can order from outside. He says no and says he’ll eat whatever is made at home.

Scene 7: karthik comes down as says to lord that as khushi said if really it’s not Survi’s mistake then he will apologise himself. He says Ganpati bappa moria and leaves.
Survi comes down and says to lord that after long time I’m seeing my old karthik, please make everything fine. She says Ganapati bappa moria and leaves.

Precap : Tai is walking in the garden and sees some people working. They tell her it’s a bid hole and not let anyone come as they may fall. She smiles evilly and says to cover it or someone might accidentally fall and die.
Hope you guys enjoy.
Update Credit to: Ash

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