Yeh Vaada Raha 8th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 8th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
The doctor tells them that kartik has suffered enough mental trauma, which is causing him to behave like this. then he talks about how he is prescribing meds, but they take an uncertain time to start showing its effect, and particularly so, in kartik’s severe case. survi and aniket get tensed hearing this. they ask if there is any other sure shot way, to help him out. he says that they might have to recreate the secene that caused him to have this kind of mental shock, so that a similar shock sends him out of this scare, and he becomes normal again. survi is determined to do so, saying that she shall do whatever it takes to get him to normal yet again. she is sure to find that girl yet again, and get her help to normalise kartik again.

Scene 2:

KArtik’s residence
Survi comes home and finds kartik about to fall, whens he holds him in place. she is reminded of the several incidents when she did so earlier. he leaves reprimanding her. then she tensedly discusses with kishore and aniekt about their strategy ahead. they ask her how she plans to give kartik the meds, and she starts discussing her plan. Survi tells them of the plan, while they anxiously listen. they are however alert when they find kartik overhearing. KArtik comes and tells her that he wont eat anything, made by her, as instructed by tai, and asks her to get the take out food on the plate for him to eat. she complies.

Later, tai comes and finds kartik busy watching tv and is frustrated that he is a full time job, and is frustrated at the care she has to take. she however pretends to be caring, and asks him to have food. but he says that he wont eat this food, and eat pizza and opther exciting stuff. she asks bindu to make him eat and when she refuses, she is made to realise that her luxuries would be over, if he gets back to his normal self. bindu agrees to feed him. she asks him what he wishes to eat. he says that he wants a cheese burger. she complies and takes him away. tai is frustrated.

Scene 3:
Location: Police station
Aniket and kishore come to the police station, to find out more about the girl, who was tai’s partner, ichcha. the police checks the records and says that there wasnt any girl called ichcha. aniket says that maybe she changed her name, and she was tai’s cell mate. when the police checks up, they find the pic tarnished, and think that someone else is supporting them. they wonder what to do to outsmart this vicious intelligent girl. aniket says that having tapped the phone, they shall now find out one day, who the girl is.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
As they drive on the road, aniket aqnd kishore wonder when shall they be able to nab the girl. just then, they get an info from the officer, who successfully tapped tai’s phone on the unknown number, and found an address. aniket asks him to send the address. he complies. they are happy at this breakthrough.

Scene 5:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Bindu and kartik descend down, while survi, aniket and kishore and are busy praying in the tmeple. she attracts kartik by the exile story of rama, and then sita’s abduction. he doesnt come, but is very eager to hear. he comes closer while she continues narrating. he gets interested, and he comes to her, asking her to narrate it fully. but she says that its time for prashad right now. Survi makes dessert, rice pudding for kartik, and then they all sit at the temple, while survi tells him that its prashad, while mixing it with the meds that the doctor prescribed and asks him to eat it, but he says that he shall only after taking permission from tai. he leaves. they are hopeful that their plan works. when he goes to tai’s room, he tries to talk to her and take permission, while she is busy over the phone. she wards him off. pyare comes. survi meanwhile keeps her hand burning. survi places her hand on the alight diya in the temple, swearing that she wont take her hand off until kartik has the meds. she then says that its paramount that kartik has the meds, and that she is willing to bear whatever punishment he grants her, but he should make kartik have the meds anyhow. As kartik takes the bowl to pyare, who obliviously asks him to go ahead and eat. he is about to, when tai stops him. hema comes and sees from a distance. tai asks him what is this. he narrates and is reprimanded by tai. she reprimands them both, for being this reckless, while hema fumes at their loss. she asks pyare to get kartik’s meds. he complies. then tai takes the meds, and takes out his dosage, but before she can give, the phone starts ringing and it distracts her. he recives the call, and ichcha gets alert. tai gives the meds to him, pointing out the dosage. hema is overjoyed. a fly starts bothering tai, while she is busy talking to ichcha. she finally gets furious, as she sneezes so hard that he drops the bottle. hema is amused, and when tai reprimands him, survi and lata, downstairs are also relieved to hear it. tai walks out hastily. Kartik lovingly eyes the rice pudding and then takes in a handful of it, while proving survi’s devotion genuine. the screen freezes on her hopeful face.

Precap: Survi and kishore get kartik drugged and almost unconscious and then bring him back to the haunted haveli, and make him sit in a chair, right opposite to ichcha. when he wakes up, KArtik gets horribly scared as he sees her, and tries to restrain free, while screaming for tai. survi and kishore, along with aniket are shocked to see this, as he runs around frantically.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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