Yeh Vaada Raha 8th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 8th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Survi was shocked to read death and Kartik. Tai says that only she knows that she is planning Kartik’s death, if Kartik gets alert she will turn her to Survi and send her up with Kartik.
Kartik was in garden talking on phone. Survi comes upset. He asks if everything is alright, she says everything is fine. Tai is impatient, she wanted to pour her heart out. Kartik thanks her for taking care of everyone. Survi sits on the ground. Kartik says for so many years he hasn’t stopped for a minute, he is tired and wants to take rest for a few days. He sits with her in garden and says he wants to spend some time with himself. He wants to lessen his load. He will talk to Hemma and Bindu, if they want to settle he will help them. He is thinking about handing Kishore and Pyaare their own businesses.

Then, he, she and Tai will go somewhere else, away from all the matters. He says he only waits for tomorrow. Survi says who is sure about about tomorrow, one must live in the present moment. She keeps her head on his shoulder, they share an eyelock and lay on the grass. Survi keeps on looking at him, she thinks she doesn’t know what will happen tomorrow but she is sure Tai must cross each drop of blood in her body to reach him.
The next morning, Kartik and Survi do the Pooja. Pandit ji asks Survi to do the pooja. Tai comes talking to someone on phone. She drops the milk pot. Kartik stands up at once that this is a bad omen, he asks where Survi’s attention is. Maa says it isn’t a bad omen and calls for some more milk from kitchen. Survi thinks she won’t let anything happen to Kartik. Pandit says when a wife prays, husband is blessed with long life. The bell rings, Tai says it seems their guests are here.
Lata tells Kishore to keep an eye on Pyaare. Kishore tells Lata to go out else someone will come looking for her. Lata meets Hema looking for Pyaare. Lata says he has gone for Pooja with friends to temple. She takes Hema outside.
In the party, Survi keeps an eye on Tai who vanishes at once. Survi goes behind her. Tai was asking a man in corner if he brought what she had asked for. The man opens a snake box with a black snake inside. She asks if this is poisonous. The man says the one bitten by this snake doesn’t ask for water. Tai laughs and asks him to come with her.
Sarojini and Twinkle come to Survi. Survi introduces them to Kartik. Twinkle thanks them for inviting. Survi thanks them for coming inside. Kartik tells her to take them inside.
Tai asks the man that he will not get another chance. The man says he has kept the snake at a place that he will bite him straight and soon Kartik would be finished. Tai says she will call the man by himself when the work is done. Tai turns around to and was afraid to see Survi standing there. She asks what she is doing here, she must be with Kartik. Durga says Kartik asked for handkerchief. Tai asks her to take it and spend as much time with Kartik, she wants him to take all the happiness from the life. She asks about Sarojin and Twinkle. She says they are her friends. Durga asks Tai to clarify her plan. Tai says her decision won’t change, today is her last day here and must spend it with patience. Twinkle and Sarojini ask Survi what is her problem? Survi tells them that her husband is really nice, but today it is about his life. She tells them that Tai has planned to kill her husband today. She says to Sarojini she won’t be able to live without Kartik. Sarojini says Survi can’t give up, she has turned to Durga to protect her husband. A woman can go through any danger to save her husband. Survi thanks them for boosting her morale. Survi says to Twinkle that she knows about her problems, she will pray that God solve all the problems between her and Kunj. Twinkle hugs Survi and notices a shadow behind the window. Twinkie says she saw a man there, the snake man had run away but the ladies get successful in getting his bag. In the bag was the snake box. Survi dares to open it, it was empty. Twinkle recognizes it as snake box.
Outside, Tai begin a dance performance. Kartik enjoys.
Survi says to Twinkle if this is Tai’s plan, if she wants Kartik bitten by snake. She says if the snake isn’t in the box, it must be somewhere around. She says they must find it. They look around for the snake.
Tai’s performance went ahead. She holds a color plate and dance with it, Kartik’s dress ruins. Tai apologizies Kartik, she asks him to change his clothes. In the hall, Kartik asks Twinkle what she is doing here. Twinkle says she came with Survi, she is in kitchen. Twinkle asks what happened to Kartik. Kartik says Tai spilled it, she lost her balance during dance. Twinkle tells Survi about Kartik and says Tai threw colour on him by mistake. Survi was shocked.

PRECAP: In the room, Survi watches Kartik unlock the wardrobe. The snake was there inside it. Survi runs towards him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Now lets c who will be bitten by the snake

  2. Oh wow finally some Surthik scenes today and this mahasangam is irritating I watch TEI but not Sarojini, but anyways, snake not again? If Survi takes the snake bite again that will be a lol moment

  3. lovely episode. Nice to see Twinkle and Sarojini helping out.

  4. I think survi will get bite again by the snake

  5. finally they got to sit down and talk and make their own time ? #beautiful love Karvi so ?❤ and it’s great to see Survi, Twinkle and Sarojini bonding and helping Survi out ? hope nothing will happen to my Karvi and Tai will be exposed to Kartik and defeated

  6. some one wrote at the YVR forums tat in instagram the Writer of yvr told tat this week tai’s truth will come in front of kartik.C guys i dont know wheather it is really going 2 happen but this thing was mentioned.

  7. For finding it firstly u type YEH VAADA RAHA LATEST NEWS in tat C the very first option YVR latest forums,news,photos……in this at the very down side click on GOOD NEWS!!! YAAAY!!!

  8. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys sona mam came here also she and hasan mam is the fast updater so she here what happened to rimjhim??

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