Yeh Vaada Raha 8th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hotel, Nasik
Jatin and khushi are happily smearing cake on each other. they are celebrating, when survi comes and apologises for ruining his relationship with kamini. he asks her not to do so, as he saved her from one problem, as he already is surrounded by many. she asks whats it. he divulges that he didnt tell her, but the fact is, that the management didnt decide, but he did to send her to mumbai, to save the flunking business therein. he begs her not to say no. khushi says that her birthday gift is pending, and asks for her affirmation as her gift, and requests her. survi is apalled as she remembers kartik’s words, and apologises saying that she cant go to mumbai, as she shall do whatever is possible in her worth in nasik, and asks khushi also to comply, and

ask for something else. he then says that its ok, and if his business shuts down, then he shall be at their disposal. he leaves. survi is tensed. khushi reprimands her for doing this, after he helped her for so many years, and she reciprocated thanklessly. survi stands speechless. khushi then apologises for talking to her so rudely. survi says that its ok and then takes her to the temple.

Scene 2:
Location: At the temple, Nasik
As survi and khushi arrive at the temple, they notice blind children selling pens. survi is apalled, and takes one, and then asks why are they here. they say that they are here to sell pens, so that they can generate their school fees. khushi takes one jar from them, and they are shocked thinking someone stole them. but survi says that its her daughter who shall help them in selling all of them. she asks survi to go in and pray, while khushi sells pens to peeple in vehicles. On the road, while kartik is in the car, khushi comes and tries to make him buy something, as she is selling pens to generate money for the poor. he asks why should he purchase, and that she isnt blind then why is she faking this. shr explains it all, saying that his problem is he talks first and then thinks. he is reminded of how survi also used to talk like this. She says that its her birthday today, and that she wishes to see happiness on everyone’s face as her name is khushi. he is reminded of his own daughter, and is apalled at the irony of meeting a girl named khushi, on the day when its the birthday of his own khushi. she moves on to other people, while he is reminded of his first meeting with his own daughter. he gets down, and then asks her how much would all of these cost. she is shocked that he would take all, and then starts counting the total money, while he is eyeing her with adoration, wondering at the weird co-incidence. she says that its Rs. 1000, but she would give him a discount for purchasing all of them. he gives 1000, but she says that she doesnt have change. he asks her to keep the money. she says that she doesnt want charity, or sympathy. he asks her to give the change then. she says that she doesnt have, but her mother might have, and asks him to come, so that they can meet the mother. he happily complies, as she takes his hand, and leads him on. he walks in a daze with her.

Scene 3:
Location: Survi’s residence, Nasik
Company official, Mr. Deshpande comes and informs survi that, there is a mail from the head office, in Mumbai. she asks whats in the mail. he tells her that the order is to close the Nasik’s office. she is shocked and asks why. he says that he has no clue, and is merely following orders. he says that he got the mail and hence thought to tell her personally. he takes leave. as survi sits tensedly, khushi says that this means, jatin wasnt joking and in such a situation, they should help jatin. khushi asks her if this isnt her moral obligation. she also says that she wouldnt ask for any other gift, but begs her to go to mumbai as he has support from her only. she is immensely tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Tai’s residence, Mumbai
After much frantic running, tai grabs hold of riya, Hema’s daughter, but she again skids out. she and pyare are tensed that she might just reveal something. all the family gathers up. rohit too likes the fact that riya is running, and rushes after her, collides into her, and she falls. she finally gets hurt. they all rush and attend to her.

Scene 5:
Location: Tai’s residence, Mumbai and the Temple, Nasik
Meanwhile, Survi, praying at the temple, feels instinctively, about kartik’s presence somewhere around her, as khushi approacehs the temple with kartik. she clutches at her mangalsutra, instinctively. khushi meanwhile gets kartik to the temple, and shows survi from the backside as her mother. he is tensed and boggled, while survi looking ahead is confused too. khsuhi asks him to wait so that she gets the money from her mother, and rushes up the stairs. she asks survi for money. she asks why she needs. khushi then explains the entire situation. survi asks who the uncle is. khushi shows her the uncle and asks her to see for herself. just as survi looks away, kartik turns around to receive kishore’s call. khushi hurriedly demands for money, but survi says that she is highly impatient, but first she should take her arti. khushi happily complies. then they get down, to meet the guy. Meanwhile, kartik gets highly tensed, about riya’s minor wound too, while kishore tries to explain that its ok. kartik hurriedly gets in the car and drives off to the airport, cancelling the meeting for which he came. she notices him leaving, and hollers at him, but he leaves off. survi stands tensed. khushi asks for 50 yet again, and when she gets, khushi gives the money to the blind children. survi smiels, and then asks what would she do. she says that she would keep it with her, to return it to him. she says that the world isnt such a big place that she would never meet him again, and when he meets, she shall give the money and also give him the lesson that he should value money. survi smiles.

Meanwhile, after the doctor comes and inspects her, they all ask if its anything serious. she says that its nothing major. after the doctor leaves, she sends kishore to get meds. Tai turns to pyare and then sends everyone out. after locking the door, then tai turns to her, and asks what all does she know or heard. riya says that she knows her entire history, and that she shall blackmail her now. tai is aghast. riya says that there is no relation in blackmailing, and hence she needs to decide rigthaway. tai asks what does she need. riya says that there is lots, but for now, since she has run enough, she asks her to start pressing her legs. Tai is aghast but starts to comply. she asks if anything else. riya says that she doesnt need anything else, as she is too young, but she needs him off her back, as he is always talking to her about money. tai is shocked. she says that she always thought she likes kartik. riya asks if she thinks only she can act. tai asks what would happen if he gets to know that her love is all a farce, when he loves her so much so. riya says thats the problem. tai smirks at her oversmartness, and caresses her. she then comments that she calls him Katya, and then tries to ask her something else, that since kartik doesnt belong to them, then this belongs to whom. riya says that she shall herself rule it all. Tai asks her to promise that she wouldnt tell any of her history to kartik at all. riya asks if she wishes to strike a deal, as if she doesnt, then she also cant guarantee anything else. tai thinks that she is even one step ahead of herself. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Later, Khushi then asks survi to simply confirm to jatin that she has to go. survi says that khushi cant understand the reason. jatin stands tensedly, seeing them fight. she says that she isnt understanding. she shuts herself inside the room, and starts screaming, as if in pain. survi gets apalled, and asks whats the matter. she asks why should she say. survi says that she shall go to mumbai, and asks her to open the door. khushi happily smirks. Later, as they both go out, chatting animatedly, they dont realise that kartik too has come down from the car, and is coming in their direction. kartik instinctively feels her presence, as she goes past him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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