Yeh Vaada Raha 8th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 8th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: In the barn
Amidst thunder and lightning outside, survi questioningly asks his behaviour with khushi. he remains silent. she asks yet again, finally he gets up sternly, and she retreats reflexively, and he pins her agains the wall, inebriated under the effect of alcohol. she thwart him away, while he taunts that when they were together, they didnt have such romantic weather, and now they being so close, cant stay away. he asks her not to force him to do something, that makes her hate herself. she retreats, while he pushes his hand against her waist, and then leans in to her, while she finally pushes hima way, asking him to stay away. he complie and gets back to drinking. he asks her not to worry, af is she doesnt eat, then she would freeze by the morning, and then khushi

shall be his, and jatin shal go to mental institution having turned mad without her. he doses off while she starts imagining sequences that kartik just imagined. she screams up saying that this cant be. kartik is amused, asking if she had a bad dream, and asks her not to worry, as it shall get real by tomorrow. he doses off yet again. after some hours, kartik is woken by sounds of female alughter, and he is shocked to finds survi with the bottle of alcohol. he asks what she did. she is drunk, and asks what about what he did. Survi, instigated by kartik, gulps down the entire alcohol, while kartik is shocked and asks what she did. she says that she can do it too, if he can, and then in her inebriated state, she throws the bottle at him. it shatters into pieces, while he is surprised. she gets dizzy, while he rushes to save her. she asks him not to touch her, while he is taken aback at her behaviour. she starts lashing at him, whats his problem. he asks why she drank. she says that had she not taken, she would have died, and then what he imagined, would have come to reality. she clutches at him, and says that he is a mad person, and she shall cure him today. he asks what she plans to do. he is scared as she picks up a rod, and says that she shall kill him today. he is full of frustration, as survi has no control over herself and is hell bent on hitting him, and setting him straight. in their drunken state, they start fighting and cribbing, while dancing too, and finally she falls on the floor, with him over her. he caresses her face and her neck, and then gets away, but she pulls him back close. she hesitates while he instigates her to say, the truth which people often say when they are drunk. but she asks him to leave her. he asks how many times should he leave her. she says that she must have gotten used to it by now. but he doesnt let go, unless she speaks the truth. she says that he doesnt understand anything, and is about to say that she has loved him since childhood, but stops. he gets irritated and then leaves, saying that he shall sleep then. she gets instigated and says that she has loved him since she was 12 years old. he is taken aback at the revelation. they remember their intimate moments together. she explains whats love to her, and how she has loved him every second of her life. but still he always misunderstood her, and never understood, and she always felt, that she has lost her love, but the lord kept making them meet time and again, and kept their relation alive. he asks if it was his fault. she says that it was all his fault. shen then comes to him, and then clutches his face tightly, and asks why does he think that there is something between her and jatin. she says that she swears in the name of khushi, that there is nothing between her and jatin, nothing was, and nothing shall be. she says that she always loved him and hated him the most, if she has ever done. she clutches at his face, while he hears intently. she remembers his torture when khushi died, and asks if he even knows how she spent her years, with the pain, that has no medicine, oly for the sake of her khushi. but he never understood her, since his head is empty.

Scene 2:
Location: Tai’s residence
Tai is furious at the way, she talked about starvation, but is very hungry. when someone knocks, she is irritated and lashes at them to go away. she finds that its riya and pyare. she opens and asks what are they here for. they stealthily sneak in food for her. after she has gorged on the food, pyare points out that survi and kartik are together, and what if their enemity changes into love. tai gets enraged and says that this shall not be.

Later, at the dining table, lata apologises to tai in front of everyone. she asks ttai to eat, so that others can eat too. tai is furious as to how she shall manage. tai sits and burps and all are boggled. she blames it on gas. bindu says that they know that she cant bear hungr. they studd her with food, while she remembers with riya and pyare how she had gorged on food. Lata is emotional to see such love showered on tai, oblivious of tai’s plight. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: the next morning, survi wakes up in kartik’s clothes, and she is shocked. she lunges at kartik, and asks him what happened last night. he deliberates and tells her that what happened last night, ended all barriers and seprataion between them. she is boggled, and petrified. he says that keeping aside all their enemity, they again united and became one last night. she is thoroughly shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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