Yeh Vaada Raha 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 8th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Kartik wakes up with a heavy hangover, and remembers how he behaved last night, and is frustrated. he comes down, and tai is amused finding him tensed. he hesitaingly comes to her and apologises for his bad behaviour, while she pretends to be hurt but not saying it though. then he lies in her arms, and sobs about how survi is driving him nuts, by behaving so weird and immature, and how she is always distancing herself whenever she tries to get close to him. Tai shocks him furthermore, that survi left the house without telling anyone. kartik is shocked to hear this. just then, pyare, hema and shanti come too. he is aghast and apalled. Tai signals hema and she puts the Tv on, where the reporters malign his marriage with the drama aabout the

nonsense he did last night with his wife at the party. tai and hema are amused. He is enraged, saying that noone shall call asurvi now, as she is the reason behind all this, and that she shall return whenever she has to, as she didnt leave by informing anyone. he hastily rushes up, and then tai smirks. just then, shanti calls him, and they are shocked that she was here listening to everything all along. tai wrenches her hair, and asks her not to be oversmart and simply return back to her room, and not even think about saying anything to anyone. Scared, shanti rushes back to her room.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Survi is in the car, while remembering what all kartik said to her, and is apalled. she thinks that she would have to amedn and make up for the misunderstandings that they have amidst them.

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Srikant comes in, to meet kartik, with sweets, but he is boggled by his indifferent behaviour, and then kartik narrates him everything. Srikant is boggled to know that survi isnt there in the house. Then they start accusing each other, as to how kartik is behaving rash, or survi is at fault. they are however equally apalled, that survi is not to be found anywhere. he says that he trusts his daughter so much so that he cant believe that she is at entirely at fault, as there is always a reason behind it. Tai asks him to compose himself as his behaving like this wont solve the problem. He says that if anything happens to his daughter, he wont ever forgive him. he starts coughing and them composing himself, he leaves. kartik is flustered, while srikant leaves. He then turns to tai, wondering where did she go if not at srikant’s place. He dials the number, but finds that its switched off. he then asks how she went away, with stuff or without, while tai herself is tensed too, and wonders what game is she upto now. He rushes to the wardrobe, and finds all the clothes and suitcases in place, and also the torn flight ticket that he had torn in anger, and then a packet. he takes it out, and finds a birthday card, and a cake to celebrate his birthday. he is apalled that she tried so hard, yet he did this to her. he gets a call, and receives an anonymous call, with his car number and how there has been an ccident of this car. he is shocked as survi was in that car only. He gets berserk and asks whats happened to his wife travelling in it. He is informed that the accident is pretty bad, and is apalled. he notes down the address, but finds that the call is cancelled. he rushes out, and then passes by the temple, and then turns back to pray to the temple, to save survi. Tai is boggled, but he leaves without saying anything. Just then, Tai gets call from an unknown number and is shocked as she hears survi’s voice from the other end, as she is absolutely fine. survi asks if she is preparing. Tai asks for what. survi says that she should be preparing for her first loss, and taunts tai that she learnt lies from her only. Survi amusingly taunts that she should embrace herself for her first loss, and hence she thought its best to warn her beforehand. tai accepts the challenge and says that she shall see, and cancels the call. the screen freezes on survi’s tensed face, who apologises to herself that she has to lie to kartik.

Precap: Survi meets kartik, who is boggled to see her completely fine. He asks whats the matter. she says tht she lied to get him here. he asks if she lied a great deal just so that she could speak to him. She says that had he been called by her, he wouldnt have come otherwise. he says that now he doesnt even wish to speak to her and walks off. She notices a snake approaching his way, and rushes to save him, screaming out his name, as the snake is within inches.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Finally Karthik got to know that Survi did this for him, but this Tai is getting on my nerves nowadays, why is Karthik getting angry with Survi at basically everything, I think Survi will save Karthik and then the snake will attack her instead and then love will blossom between Surthik


    1. Ya agreed…ha ha ha….

  3. Kartik behaves like such a child….always with these silly temper Tantrum like he is going through his terrible twos or puberty! Hard to watch this immaturity from an adult!

  4. Fine..a good epi…..I too think Survi will save Karthick and get bitten by the snake……they will unite….

  5. manisha malaysiama

    exactly copy of ek thi raja ek thi rani …..

  6. Kristellle I agree with you kartik does behaves like a child, wen they can’t get what they want they start raving and aggressive taking it out with anyone they find. And he stupidly believes that rat tei.

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