Yeh Vaada Raha 8th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 8th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence, Chawl
The chawl people are apalled to find him like this, but decide not to tell khushi and bother her unnecessarily. As khushi returns home, she finds along with other chawl people, abir having organised a booze party with other guys and girls, and they have unsettled the whole house, including survi’s photo, and also dancing right atop kartik’s bed, who is in deep sleep. she is apalled. she settles survi’s pic back, while he taunts that he gave her father some drink to dose him off, so that he doesnt disturb. he then clarifies how he didnt neglect any of the court’s orders, and asks her to leave, and not be a spoilsport, as he again gets to partying. the people are aghast, while maintaining that they didnt say anything,

out of respect for her and her father. she asks them not to, and instead show him how should and actually people do stay in the house. getting her permission, they rush in with knives and sharp objects and scare the party into finishing. as all are gone, khushi comes and switches on the lights. kartik wakes up in a daze, while khushi says that she shall go and get water for him. abir vents out his anger on kartik, who is semi awake, saying that its he who has ruined his life. he turns around to be confronted by khushi, as she tells him that he cant go anywhere. he says that he isnt going anywhere. she asks if he realises what he did, as he already was on medications, but he thought only about himself. she points out the mess he made, the people he bothered, and the children whom he didnt allow to study. she says that he did the mistake of intermingling his life with hers. she says that he needs to apologise. she says that she has to make him learn to live in the house, and that shall start by him cleaning this mess. he outright rejects the idea. she calls the inspector, to show what she can do. he gets outraged and asks her to do whatever he wishes.

Later at night, khushi asks kartik to be quiet and rest, while the inspector asks abir to comply to survi’s orders. abir says that he wont do. she reminds what he did about the court caSe. He is unfazed. his mother comes who herself is also unable to help him, as she informs him how he would have to spend time in jail, if he doesnt comply. he says aggressively, that so be it. but his mother makes him see sense and he complies, when the inspector comes and asks abir what he decided. he gets to cleaning, and accidentally cuts his hand. she is least merciful, and they continue to engage into verbal scuffle. she keeps handing him one chore after the other. he is furious but has no option but to comply. even the mention of his father, doesnt seem to faze her. he is outraged. she asks him to sleep it off, as he has to get up early morning tomorrow.

The next morning, khushi wakes him up by throwing a glass of water on him, and gives him his father’s uniform. he is resilient to wear it but complies neverthless, on that one warning and threat. he goes to change, while khushi tells her father about the signing assignment she got yesterday, oblivious that its from abir’s father itself. when abir comes out, they both confront each other tensedly. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: khushi gets abir to take up kartik’s job in the cafe amd he gets to working as a waiter. MEanwhile, his mother confronts his father if he is planning to launch a girl called khushi barve through their banner. he complies. she is annoyed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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