Yeh Vaada Raha 8th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 8th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Survi’s residence
Survi comes and finds another bed kept beside lata, and asks the nurse for whom is it. kartik comes in saying that its for her, and she is boggled. he comes to her remembering her betrayal and lies, and thinks that he shall teach her a lesson, and she cant escape him and his ire. he signals the nurse and she leaves. he tells her that its for her, for whenever she wishes to spend the night. she is surprised. He comes close to her and then walks past, beside lata’s bed, saying that its for her, so that she can take care of Lata, whenever she spends the night here. Survi tells kartik, while he attends to lata, that she wishes to speak to him about something. He asks her to be patient, as he confronts her, as they have the whole night together.

She says that she didnt quite understand. he asks her to cancel all her plans since she shall spend the night with him, tonight. she is shocked as she isnt able to understnad what he means. He says that out of here, in the temple. She asks why. he says that what can happen there cant happen here. she is scared and tensed, and says that she cant come. he asks why, and if he doesnt trust herself or him. As he kneels down getting close to her, she clenches her hands and stands stiff, anticipating his move, turning away and taut with the physical intimacy while he slides past her, bending down, as if to grab something, while his hands grazes past hers. He is amused at her awkwardness. He hands her the phone and asks her to call and tell sriaknt, that tonight she shall stay here. she is perplexed. he then reminds that the thing that she wishes to talk about, he isnt interested at all, as he doesnt wish to know. He says that he doesnt think she deserves to be told why he changed his decision about simi. She gets to attend to lata, but he jerks her around saying, that he doesnt pay heed to anyone’s opinion, in his matters, and he does what he feels is right, even if its wrong, and tells her that they shall meet soon as the road is long. she collapses on the bed tensed, while he angrily storms off, before turning back and eyeing her once.

The next morning, tai expresses her ire at her children, who always put her in her bad books, despite all her well being and welfare for them, and has hence decided to forgive one mistake of her children. kartik smiles. Pyare Mohan voluteers to help tai, and she taunts him that he can start preparing food in the kitchen, and then press her legs. he is tensed. She tells that they should celebrate a happy get together. bindu starts to book the restaurant. Survi comes just then. Tai is too excited to be eating out at the get together. tai comments that she wishes lata could go, as the family is incomplete without her, and the day she gets well, she would throw a lavish party. he eyes survi, and then kartik tells tai to go, as he has some urgent work, citing her, and maybe he stays back too. they decide that they can go some other day, but he asks them not to cancel their plans due to his schedule and requests them to go. tai agrees. he looks at survi and says that some work cant be left for tomorrow, as there might not be another chance. All disperse, while tai smirks, and stands in front of the Lord, praying that she turned over a good leaf, and is taking everyone out, so that when the house is empty, lata can be taken care of.

Outside, in the garden, survi is tensed remembering his words, and wonders whgy is he behaving like this, and where does he want to take her in the night. Aniket meanwhile eyes her longingly, as she works in the garden. he comes upto her, and sits beside her, but she doesnt notice. As he turns the lock of hair bothering her, behind her ears, and they both smile at each other, his dream of doing so is broken, and he hesitatingly approaches her and signals her of the lock of hair. She does it away, while putting more dirt on her face, that amuses him. He asks whats she doing. She says that she is taking a plant for lata’s room. He asks what about his room, and names that any would do, as he isnt much particular. She gets tensed. he asks her to come along for lunch, but she gets tensed remembering kartik’s ire, about her friendship with him. She apologises but says that since she has something important she cant come. she gets to go, but he holds her back, holding her hand. He asks why isnt she talking nice to her, as they were friends just yesterday, and now she behaves like strangers. She asks him not to come close, or talk to him. he says thathe cant believe this is her talking, and someone else is talking, and guesses that it must have been kartik. she says that he doesnt like her talking to aniket, and she wouldnt want to do what kartik doesnt like. he says that he didnt ask kartik before befriending her, and if she isnt liked by kartik, thats his problem, but the fact is that he likes her, as a friend. she begs him to try and understand, and stay in her professional attitude in the house, as she has lots of responsibilities, and she cant risk this right now. kartik eyes them from a distance, while aniket doesnt know of it. He tells her that this isnt right, and had this been her decision, he wouldnt have stopped her. She begs him to understand her helplessness. he says that till date, he has understood helplessness, but cant understand this, and then jerks her hand away, saying that from this day forth, their friendship ends, and asks her to never come in front of him again. he leaves, without knowing that kartik heard it all and is smirking. Survi is apalled, while she looks at kartik tensedly. Kartik eyes him going evilly. he then stops survi who is about to go. she gets worried. He asks if she felt bad, that his friend left like this, and slightly he has started liking her, as he likes people who listen to their master, and since she did what was asked for, and reminds her that its time to go, and they have to leave. She tells him that she cant come, as she wont be outside in the night. He asks her what does she think he is taking her for, as there is a big doctor in the medical camp, and noone can explain lata’s medical history better than her, hence he plans to take her. she is tensed and he again asks if there’s a problem, and if she wants him to speak to her father, and whether she is hiding some secret. she gets alarmed, and denies. He asks what then, and asks her to make him to talk to her father. she is speechless. As she hesitantly dials the number, srikant picks up, and survi tells him that kartik wishes to speak with him, and he gets concerned and before she can speak much, he takes the mobile, and then srikant gets alert. He asks whats her father’s name, as he shall be able to call him something as not everyone can call him as Father. She is tensed, while srikant worried for her. She then says Atmaram and lies yet again. he thinks how much can she lie. As he addresses srikant by that name, he gets tensed. kartik asks him not to worry, as she is in the right house, as the way she takes care of lata, she is taken care of by him. Srikant coughs. he asks her father to speak up. He thanks him through cough. Kartik asks if his throat is sore, as his voice isnt clear. Srikant cites the weathwer changing. kartik asks him to rest, and then tells him that simi is going to Panvel to consult a doctor for lata, and if they get late, he shouldnt bother, as they shall stay back, and come the next morning. he tells him that as long as he is with her, he neednt be worrried, and if there’s any problem, he can always call. kartik complies, and cancels the call. Kartik thinks that th father too is involved, and that they both are responsible for what happened to lata, and he wont spare them. the screen freezes on his angry face.

Precap: Kartik drives extremely rash on the road, while survi begs him to calm down, and drive safe. But he doesnt pay heed, and gets more rash, as he almost strikes into a truck, carrying sharp logs, that almost crush the front mirror of his car, scaring survi completely.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. poor aniket !! :'( i like him soo much !!! He was so sweeeet !!! Y kartik ??? Y r u so devilic ??? Hate u !!!! U r an idiot !!! U r just like stupid dumbo tai !!

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    a new lovestory may start………or……..

  5. I’m starting to hate kartik now n y he is behaving so ignorant maybe he is in love with her n don’t no it or

  6. I think ……. karthik…will again fall love with survi and they will get marry

  7. karthik is not suitable for his arrogant character…. feeling irritated to watch his anger face and survi’s crying or tensed face… as soon as possible they should change their characters..

  8. but I think survi will change karthik …….and make him smile again ….I wish it would happen soon

  9. How is this serial connected to our real life? Explain! I demand the answer from the writers and makers!

    1. to phir…..ap hi bataye mnh ji ki kaun sa show apki real life se related hai…????
      anyways good going show ….luv karthik ….hope so soon he will fall for survi

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