Yeh Vaada Raha 8th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 8th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence
tai goes all gaga, at ranvir, when he proposes that he shall bear all the losses, and also swears that she shall pay back very soon. he cuts her short, saying that, she needs to quietn up, as he isnt a humanitarian. He says that he isnt doing any favour, as he has done this for his sister and her husband, kartik. they are all shocked. he says that he has taken care of every debt, but still gives her a wad of notes, for her hospitality. she is flustered and shocked. he asks her to leave the house immediately with her fily. tai is shocked and begs to be allowed to stay. they both go in, while others eye them tesnedly. bindu and hema ask her to take this money and quietly go, and wonder where shall they go.

Later, meher is upset saying that

she apologised which he wanted but he hasnt done anything, that migh ensure that kartik shall marry her, and that he has forgotten his promise. Ranvir assures meher that he shall get her forehead donned by kartik’s vermillion in the next ten days, and that as per his statement, he shall leave survi and always be by her side, so that she sees him every second in front of herself. she is overjoyed and ecstatic as he promises her. she says that she never comes in between, but survi does between them, and what if she wishes to see kartik. he says that he can get him here, at beck and call. he says that he wantys her to be back healthy and sane, till by the time of marriage. she hurriedly decides to do everything that he asks her to do. he asks her to rest, after which they shall eat together. he is about to go, when she comments that this is her sasursl. he says that since she needs him more than anything,. he shall be here. meher makes him promise, that he shall always be in front of her eyes. Outside, granny asks what and why is he upto this evil. he says that he knows but has to do this fault. she asks how/ he says that everything is survi at the core, and hence he needs to teach survi a lesson, by two methods, first he gets survi to understand her fault, and second he gets kartik to start his life here with meher.

Meanwhile, Mehere is day dreaming about her confirmed marriage witrh kartik, and ogles at her marital name, and shows it to ranvir. he says that he too has a surprise, and gives her the ring that belonged to their mother. then he feeds her himself, and she complies. she complies, and then lies down in his lap to sleep.

Outside, tai beats up pyare holding him responsiblwe for what happened to her. kishore then tries to make her realise that this is god’s signal, for her to apologise to kartik, as nothing is over relations. she asks him if he is trying to lecture her, and asks him not to ever give advice again. he is tensed. she says that she might have suffered a setback, but she never accerpts defeat. she says that she shall teach everyone a lesson.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
survi finds him tensed, and asks him. kartik says that he is thinking about ranvir. she says that she still feels slightly upset. he denies, saying that he does t need to apologise, but still ranvir came back and apologised like a gentleman. she asks how can they exp[lain this, that a girl who was madly in love with him, suddenly complies, to her brother’s demands. he is tensed. he reminds that as per her words, meher’s brother shall set everything correct. her asks her not to overthink, as everything shall be okay soon. Meanwhile, kartik too promises to always be by survi’s side. Later kartik takes survi out for a surprise, and then makes her sit in front of the mirror, and keeps her eyes closes. he puts earrings around her ears. she opens and sees that its those same earrings, the Ganesha types. he tells them that its their first gudi padwa after marriage, and they should celebrate and adds that these are silver, but promises that he shall make her gold jewellery next year. she happily complies. he says that whatever troubles, they had, its all over now, and everything would be straight, and that nothing or noone can come between them. he too promises survi to always be by her side. when kartik gets to know of tai’s debacle, he is shocked to know that ranvir bought their entire factory and company too. the others are shell shocked. he then breaks down in front of srikant, that everything that he built due to hard word is over now, and that he left it all in tai’s hands, but she ruined it too. survi iontervenes, and says that they should help tai and family, as they are realted after all, even after what she did. he understands her statement, and says that they should be the mature and higher thinking mentality ones. he says that he came here only for tai’s help, not for love for tai, as with great difficulty, he has managed to pull his life, but now he wont risk it all, by giving in to all kinds of emotional turbulences.

Scene 3:
Location: Tai’s residence
meher imagines and dreams about her wedding with kartik. but just before she can see him too marrying her, she hears a doorknock, and gets up enrtaged, and screams who is there. tai walks in, and apologises for coming in unannounced. she reprimands tai, and then asks what she came here for. he too reprimands her for trying to disturb his sister. tai says that she has come to ask for help, as she cant go around, taking everyone. he tries to give hger money, but she denies and says that she shall stay in one corner with the family. ranvir says no. but meher asks him to let her stay, as she has to work, and not in business, but as a maid. tai is taken aback. he asks her to go and prepaere for his sister’s roka. the screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: meher storms in survi’s house, while all are sitting, saying that tody is hr roka, then how dare she keep him here. she gets berserk and distraught, and says that she wont bear it, and screams if he shall leave survi or not. he screams back, that he shall never lekave survi. in aggression, she says that she wont let him be survi’s too, and then stabs him in the stomach. he is taken aback, while all are shocked. survi is aghast.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    1. I agree get rid of meher

  2. Wat the hell is wrong with meher n y can’t survi do something

  3. Mrs Gandotra

    Meher, Ranvir & tai r all looney. They need an asylum soonest.

  4. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Zzeeee loves physcos n abuse of women! Can someone please tell me if ders anything left dat worth watching or shall I read bits of updates????

  5. these serials on Z-TV have loony writers and are encouraging its audience to think and behave like psychos. Get a grip please people,

  6. This serial is loosing its esscence nw guyzz !! Truly !! Well m njoyn tai’s condition vry mch though :D;)

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