Yeh Vaada Raha 7th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 7th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Survi is apalled as he asks her to stay away from him, and is mad at her, fo what she did. kartik stays away, while she is reminded of their moments in the past. they arrive at the house.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Kartik rushes out of the cab, and rushes inside screaming for tai. tai is amused, as she waits in the balcony, with bindu and pyare. she stops survi however, commenting on her good work. survi says that she must have known this too, that she shall be out, and she has no claims at all on the house. tai says that now she wont step in, till survi herself comes and begs her to come back in the house. survi hears tensedly, and says that she wont allow that ever. she instructs the watchman to ensure that they dont

come in again ever. they walk otu angrily. survi notices them going, as they all turn around and eye her. they hear kartik’s screams. tai is amused. survi rushes in. .

Inside, kartik desperately searches for tai, while lata and hema try to calm him down. they are berserk at his behaviour. survi comes and tries to support him, but he goers mad, and breaks things around, going distraught. they try in vain to calm him down. outside, tai, bindu and pyare are amused. she suggests that they should stay here only for sometime. she says that she can become the wife all she wants, but how would she replace tai in his life. MEanwhile, inside they are unable to control him. he keeps asking them where is tai. Kartik raises a tantrum inside the house, with a knife pointed at his throat saying that he shall kill himself, if survi tries to come any closer. survi is apalled, and says that she shall do exactly what he wnts and shall get tai too. he keeps asking them to get tai. lata asks survi to rush out and survi complies. they wonder whats going on, when they find survi rushing to them. survi comes out of the main gate and rushes out to reach to tai, who is in the auto almost ready to drive off. she says that she was almost ready to go and bids farewell to survi. survi is distraught wondering what to do. bindu and pyare are amused. survi asks her to come inside. tai is amused but pretends to not have heard. survi requests her to get inside. tai reminds and what she had said. survi says that kartik shall kill himself, if she doesnt get in, and asks her to. tai enjoys her plight, and amusedly taunts her and her over-confidence, asking how she did need tai to calm her husband down. tai says that her mood is off and she doesnt want to go in. Inside, they try and keep kartik sane. he asks for water. hema rushes and lata gives it to him. he asks them to keep away. as he keeps the knife away and drinks water, kishore rushes and tries to take the knife. but kartik outsmarts him and jerks him away. lata asks him to put the knife away, as survi has gone to get tai. hema gets chocolates and tries to lure him, with his favourite choco, but kartik resists. hema tries to allure him by opening the wrapper, and he starts getting interested. he eats, and asks if tai would come. they all assure that he shall, and he gets busy eating the choco. kishore takes this turn to snatch the knife, only enraging him furthermore. he ducks under the dining table, screaming only for tai. Outside, tai says that this is game, and that the immense motherhood she has planted in kartik’s head is impossible to overcome. survi complies to everything she says, and asks her to get in. tai complies, and says that she shall go inside, but only when she begs and pleads and apologises. tai sits in the auto and keeps her feet out. she touches tai’s feet. Survi begs tai to come inside and apologises for being smart, and says that she shall never do so again. she pleads her to save kartik’s life, and that she accepts any punishment. tai guffaws, and asks everyone to see her power, that survi is begging her today for apology. but she pushes her away. tai says that she shall go only on one condition, and thats to give the entire property, entire money and business in her name. survi is shocked to hear this. but she complies. tai asks her to go inside and gets things done then. survi rushes inside, while they all watch amused.

As survi rushes in, kartik asks where is tai. survi gives an excuse and then goes to the lawyer and complies to tai’s orders. she tells the lawyer that the property and business custody papers shall have tai’s name on it. they are all shocked. kishore asks what is she doing, as if this happens, then tai shall have them all thrown out. she explains how she doesnt have any other option, to save kartiik. kartik goes berserk branding survi as a liar, and keeps asking for tai. survi gets the modfied papers, and rushes out. tai reprimands her for taking so much time, and pretends to be pricey. survi asks her to get in first. tai says that she shall obviously go in, and then shows her the papers. tai likes it, and then clutches survi’s cheeks, and asks her to listen clearly, that she might have apologised today, but if she tries to act oversmart, then just like she has lost everything, she might just lose kartik also forever. they hastily rush in with the papers. survi is distraught.

The resonating bell sound indicates to kartik that tai did come in. they are all shocked as tai walks in. kartik rushes and hugs her, asking where had she gone, and then narrates what survi did to him. tai asks what punishment should she give her. tai is amused, but pretends to be serious and ask him to let go. but he is adamant on punishment. tai pretends to give into kartik’s demands, and confronts survi, while all are shocked. bindu and pyare are amused. tai raises her hand to slap her tight, but then stops just next to her cheek. she warns her. he too tells that if she tries to act smart, tai shall punish her. tai is amused, and whispers to survi that she felt like slapping her tight but didnt. she reminds survi not to make any more mistake. then she turns to him and points his mistake too in lying to her about going out. he apologises and asks for punishment. Kartik gets a rod, and hands it to tai, asking her to hit him. she is amused and is about to, when survi stops her hand. tai gets enraged, while kartik is surprised. The screen freezes on survi’s tensed face.

Precap: Survi makes dessert, rice pudding for kartik, and then they all sit at the temple, while survi tells him that its prashad, while mixing it with the meds that the doctor prescribed and asks him to eat it, but he says that he shall only after taking permission from tai. he leaves. survi places her hand on the alight diya in the temple, swearing that she wont take her hand off until kartik has the meds. As kartik takes the bowl to tai’s room, he finds pyare who obliviously asks him to go ahead and eat. he is about to, when tai stops him. survi meanwhile keeps her hand burning.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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