Yeh Vaada Raha 7th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 7th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
As kartik gets in the car, survi too comes and is about to walk ahead, when he opens the door for her. they eye each other tensedly. she closes it back up, and continues walking. she then asks the guard if a taxi can be arranged for her. the guard denies the possibility, as the road is desolate, and no taxis move. she then turns to kartik, and asks if he thinks he can intimidate her, by asking the guard to frighten her. she says that he wont be trapped. he asks the guard to go to the back door, and then asks her to leave, at her will. then he deliberately drinks in front of her to instigate her, and asks if he should pour one for her too. he asks her to go inside and hurry up, as the sooner she leaves, the sooner she returns, and there isnt any other way out.


Location: Inside the barn
Later, in the evening, kartik eyes the clock, as the weather turns awry. Inside, the lord is taunted by Kartik, who asks if he is amused too at survi’s plight, as she shall have to return back here only. he says that there is nothing miles from here, and he too got the rains at the right time. he starts the countdown, while it thunders outside terribly. as it ends, as his expecattions, she enters in, completely drenched in rains, and he is thoorughly amused, as she stands shivering and dripping wet. he turns and faces her, while she steps in, shivering with cold, covering herself. he is amused at her plight, and teases her that she went to mumbai and returned too. he asks her to start on foot, as she shall reach by morning. he then says that he can open the windows, so that they enjoy the weather. he asks her to start from the jungle way, wherein she would found jungle animals to give her company. she stands flustered. While survi is shocked and screams for kartik, he comes to her casually and asks whats the matter. she points towards the door, and they both are petrified to see a tiger lurking right in the doorway. he tells her that the guard hard warned him, but he didnt pay attention. she asks how could he be so reckless, with their lives, including hers. they are stupefied in fear and then rush inwards to prevent being detected, as he grabs hold of her hand. they hide behind a closet, and are suddenly aware of their physical intimacy, as reminiscient memories of their romance re-surfaces, as they eye each other in an awkward yet romantic eyelock. The tiger steps in. Inside the closet, they then grow apart as they grow conscious. he slightly opens the door to find the tiger lurking in the hallway. survi starts praying. irritated, he shushes her asking her to stay quiet. she complies. slightly, they open the closet, and he asks her not to create a noise, as that would alert the tiger. just then, they get tai’s call. In their bid to shut it down, the phone falls on the ground, and they fume at each other. finally, he picks the phone up. she shuts it down. they are scared of the tiger’s roars and again clutch at each other in scare. their eyes lock in a romantic gaze, as they grow conscious of each other’s intimacy yet again. he slightly opens it, asking her to be quiet, as the slightest sound alarms wild animals. she says that she can see one personified right in front of her. they keep asking each other to go out and check if the tiger has gone, and then brand the other as a scarecrow, when they refuse to go. finally, instigated, kartik stealthily tries to go out, while survi waits tensedly. but then they both step out. he says that he shall go out and check for the tiger. she asks him not to as it poses a risk. sensing that it might show her concern for him, she says that their enemity shall end, if anything happens to him. he says that he shall return as a ghost for her, if the tiger kills him. she gets to go, but he asks her to stay put, saying that he shall handle it. survi meanwhile closes all the windows, while he comes back saying that it seems the tiger went. they are alarmed by him roaring yet again. they turn around to find the guard who brought them food. they are relieved and thank the guard, who then leaves. she is boggled. kartik invites her for food, and she denies vehemently. he asks her to eat. she asks him not to pretend to care, as she only waits for the night to get over.

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Kishore tries to make tai understand, but tai says that lata was clear, that all of her good behaviour went in drain, as they still remember her by her bad deeds, and no amount of good deeds could wahs it off. she says that she accepted what they told her, but they forgot, that since then, only kartik and his family have been important to her. she says that she cares what kartik thinks about her, and if he too thinks like this, then she wouldnt be able to bear. the entire family gathers. riya is amazed at her acting. she decides to call kartik straightaway. they try to talk to her, but she doesnt relent in. she says that she doesnt want to talk to anyone,. till she is absolved of all her accusations, and she retires to the room, saying that she shall come out, only when kartik returns, and she knows his opinions. they are tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: In the barn
Survi then gets jatin’s call, who asks her about her whereabouts. she tells about her situation, while kartik hears tensedly. jatin gets tensed. she asks him to make khushi speak to her. he complies. khushi starts talking about her experience at the water park, and then asks when shall she return. she is nudged by kartik, who eyes her amused, and then forcibly snatches the phone from her. despite her reluctance, kartik hurriedly speaks to khushi, while gagging survi from speaking. Khushi is amused to find kartik with survi. khushi gives kartik one task, now that he is with survi. he asks what. she says that survi isnt used to staying without her, and hence he has to take care of her. he says that he shall take so much care, that when she returns, she shall be all praise for him, and asks her to take her proper meds on time. Just then, she bites his hand, and he screams in pain. khushi asks what happened. he denies anything. while survi tries to take the phone from him, he hurriedly says that he loves her. survi is surprised to hear this, and continues snatching the phone. he again asks her to eat, as per his promise to khushi. Survi asks why he made this promise to khushi, and why did he say he loves he. she asks why is he so attached to her. he continues to eye her tensedly, while drinking alcohol. she says that she feels that there is some reason behind this too, and asks whats he hiding from her. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Survi, instigated by kartik, gulps down the entire alcohol, while kartik is shocked and asks what she did. she says that she can do it too, if he can, and then in her inebriated state, she throws the bottle at him. it shatters into pieces, while he is surprised. she then comes to him, and then clutches his face tightly, and asks why does he think that there is something between her and jatin. she says that she swears in the name of khushi, that there is nothing between her and jatin. she says that she always loved him and hated him the most, if she ahs ever done. she clutches at his face, while he hears intently.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  15. Plzzz rimjhim di 8 n 9 written episode!!!!:(

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