Yeh Vaada Raha 7th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 7th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
A doctor comes and sees lata, and tells her that before she starts posing as dangerous to the family, she should be kept in an asylum, as there is no rememdy to hert sudden bouts of madness, even abroad. they are all shocked. Tai refuses to let go of lata to the asylum. Just then, lata wakes up, oblivious to everything and what she did, while tai asks them all to let her rest and they all leave.

Scene 2:
Location: Survi’s residence
survi is tensed at lata’s behaviour, when srikant comes and asks her not to be upset on her special day. a father-daughter bonding moment happens, wherein she reminds him that soon he has to get in the habit of getting things done on their own, as she

wont be around to help them. He gets emotional.Just then, kartik comes and survi gets tensed, as srikant rushes out to meet him. He asks her to take survi to the house, whilehe runs some last minute errands, like calling the priest and getting the ring. he leaves. they both eye each other tearfully and emotionally, as she goes out with him, both remembering their childhood and intimate moments.

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Pyare meanwhile along with bindu plans an idea she starts throwing a tantrum of leaving the house, while hema is upset. Tai comes in and asks her to get lost rightaway instead of this drama. She leaves with pyare, who intentionally refuses to go with her, since tai then intentionally forces. they are amused.

Later, lata comes to find tai doing the decorations, and taunts hr as to hw painful it must be for her, to do something that she resents. tai says that this is her changed look, without any enemity, but she wouldnt understand it. Shanti comes with her meds, but she accidentally spills them, and when lata and shanti leave, tai crushes them under her feet, saying that she is speaking far too much and shall need to be given a special dose. the screen freezes on tai’s shocked face.

Precap: survi arrives with kartik, tensedly in the car, as she asks him terarfully if they are doing the right thing. Then they go inside. survi during the ring ceremony, accidentally drops it, and tai reprimands her. they get to searching it. As fate would have it, it lands on kartik’s feet, and they both eye each other awkwardly. Later, Survi takes leave, when tai tells her that she cant let her go like this, as she is the bahu of the house. kartik says that he is going that ways, and he shall drop her. but aniket stands behind him, and tai says that survi is nomore his responsibility but aniket’s. Survi and kartik are tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Pakka kartik se hi shaadi hogi. I like surthik eyeing each other.Today’s episode was of fine rank.Ok, good night n sweet dreams!

    1. suspense rkha hai fans ke liye serialwalone ki survi ki shaadi kisase hogi kartik se ya aniket se????

  2. i’m sure tai will make karthik to marry survi at the last minute and will make it look lyk karthik and survi decieved aniket and creat enmity btwn In order to get her son back and make him wicked lyk her.

  3. Oh all I wnt is jst stop it….no wddng pls….Survi of course ur dng wrng…..

  4. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    Thanks for the short update. I think Lata knows about Surthik love story and also how low Tai can stoop that’s why she is doing like this or maybe Tai must have done something. Precap is an indication that somehow Surthik will be married and reunited, and then Aniket will be the villian along with Tai . But I m missing Surthik scenes a lot

  5. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    Hi guys I m planning to write a fan fiction on YVR and also working on 4 other ff but I m confused about two things
    1) From which track should I continue my ff?
    A) after Survi-Karthik love confession
    B) after Survi-Aniket engagement
    C) after Karthik stops Survi from leaving
    2) which weekday should I publish my ff
    Mon- Fri any one day
    I will also publish it on weekends on sat or sun
    So basically I will publish it twice a week

    1. u must write After survi kartik love confession @ fatarajo it will be interesting to see their grooming love

  6. Hi guys sorry to disturb it’s about my ff and as only 1 person expressed his/her opinion about it should I continue my ff from Survi-Karthik love confession or should I continue it when Karthik stops Survi from leaving or Survi-Aniket engagement. Plz reply ASAP if u can. Sorry 😛

  7. hey guys did anyone see the new promo of a doll wearing bridal dress and all
    if yes then pls can anyone tell me its meaning
    i didnt understand anything

    1. It’s black magic , it’s like tai is doing black magic on Survi so the doll
      Is dressed up as bride , as Survi is also going to be bride, tai doing so as she’s super furious on Survi as her son fell for Survi. Maybe

      1. aisa kuch nahi hoga mujhe lagat hai ki aage jakar kuch accha hoga serial so guys plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz keep watching yvr dont quit

    2. Vaise jeffy I hope what u say is right and it doesn’t happen like thapki …… A wrong marriage ( but any how Thaan rocks!!!!??)

      1. Lol variga I also have the same opinion 😛

  8. Shraddha Sharma

    Very very sad info….
    I saw on SBS at Abp news that, Survi and Aniket ki shadi ho jayegi….. ??????
    Ab to show dekhne ka bhi mann nhi hoga…. very very bad writers…. ????

    1. What r u serious?????? If this happens bye bye Yeh Vaada Raha as I only watched this show for Surthik, even though I like Suriket initially

      1. Shraddha Sharma

        I am not serious…. i am irritated with zee tv show writers… hr acche show ko bigadne me unko award milne chiye…. kumkum bhagya, yeh wada raha, tashan-e-ishq(jo fihal to thik thak hua hai, but bigadne me tym nhi lenge) etc…
        And abhi abhi spoilers me bhi padha ki shadi ho jyaegi survi and kartik ki… isliye irrtation ho raha hai….

      2. Surthik ke shaadi ? Saach mein:) Btw, Shraddha what shows do u watch because our seems that our choices r quite similar

      3. Agree. Zee have the best shows but they always spoil it they already spoiled Qubool hai(aaya story se punarjanam???), Satrangi Sasural(virushi love story se Kaala Jaddu????), Kumkum Bhagya(abhigya story se bulbul ke Mauth????) and also r trying to spoil Raja Rani(raga love story how on earth Avdesh came from)and Yeh Vaada Raha(story about Karthik protecting Survi a promise to Survi-Aniket shaddup) seriously zee??? But at least zee is better than star plus and sony which at least gives time for a show to grow but as they grow zee spoil them 🙁

      4. Shraddha Sharma

        I m sorry not survi kartik… but survi and aniket k shadi hogi

      5. Shraddha Sharma

        I watch Like Ok, Sony, one show on star plus and one on &tv… rest k to bus update padti hun….

      6. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

        Oh for me, I watch one Sony show , one life OK show, 2 colors show and 3 zee TV show, i watch others if I have time. I think u watch silsila pyaar ka on star plus and bhabiji on & tv

      7. Shraddha Sharma

        No I watch sumit sambhal lega on star plus and kbhi kbhi Yeh hai mohobattein…. other wise I like to watch CID and Agent Ragav type shows…

    2. wo to promo hai jaise ki survi ne kaha???

      1. Shraddha Sharma

        Spoilers me b de rakha h k anniket and survi k shadi k chances bhut jayda hai

  9. its true….survi nd aniket has got married… in the video it is shown karthik gives survis hand to aniket at the mandap…

  10. i would quit the serial….if it happens really….

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      Mee too….

  11. Pls don’t make survi marry aniket

  12. Hey guyz,is it real that anvi’s marriage took place?Kya bakwaas hai yeh sab.yeh karthik bilkul ek idiot hai.i think the cvs are not dump.but we are dump since we believed it to be a good show.

  13. I wonder where is today’s episode update m really anxious to happen what happens next? If anyone saw the episode can tell me what happened in short?

  14. I really don’t like this.Agar sach me suniket ki shaadi ho gayi to show dekhne ki excitement hi nahi rahegi.Soooooooooooooo bad writers.

  15. Hey frnds I wtchd it…..worst epi….engagement is over…and Lata behaved crazily and asked Survi again y she marries Ani though she loves Kartik infrnt of everyone….and also tells abt Tai that Tai pushed hr from d building……BT Kartick don’t blv hr and shouts at Lata surprising everyone…Lata is shattered….Only Survi can help her new ..BT I don’t think so……poor Lata…..and Karthick is fooled once again by Tai….I think mrg will hppn……Writers are crazy…..I went watch if Survi marries Aniket….I hate Aniket

    1. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

      #NoSurthikNo yehVaadaRaha

  16. @shraddha oh okay that was a bad guess by me 😛 and as for & tv I don’t have thAt channel subscribed but I watched it at my friend’s house and really liked Bhabiji and Begusarai serial that was I think 2 months ago
    And as for star plus I don’t watch any of it’s show

    1. Shraddha Sharma


  17. Ab ek or naya promo aaya hai jisme kartik survi k haath anni ko deta hai aur vo doll suniket k gatbandhan pr maachis ki tili phekti hai aur vo jal jata hai. Phir bolte hai ki kaun bacha payega survi ko. Isme survi aag k pichhe khadi rehti hai.Thank God ki spoilers or SBS me ye promo ka shoot bataya tha.Aap logo ko kya lagta hai,kya hoga aage?

  18. hey can we get Friday update please

  19. Tai kamla looks so UGLY and weird… LOL.

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