Yeh Vaada Raha 7th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 7th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Survi’s residence
Survi is shocked to find kartik entering with his director, as the crowd throngs him. Srikant is shocked too as he turns away, to avoid being seen. she asks simi to stop him anyhow, so that she can take srikant inside. kartik notices this as he mingles with everyone, but doesnt say anything, that gives his anger away, as he remembers lata’s condition. she places srikant inside, and then comes out tensedly to meet kartik and others. Simi’s mothers gets her to meet kartik, who is thanked profusely by simi, for such a big chance, with the hopes that she wont disappoint him. he says that he is never disappointed, and knows the value of people, and she deserves it. he says that this is a pure commercial decision. her mother makes him

sit, and snacks are offered, as he eyes survi crudely. her mother says that they were waiting for him, as simi said that he wouldnt come. he asks why as simi knows when he says yes, he means, and he promises very rarely, but when he does, he never breaks it. survi is tensed, as she remembers his unacceptance earlier. he cites simi, as truthful and gutsy, and he found her sensible and mature, and hence thought that he would come himsefl, and get the contract signed, as these shouldnt be delayed, nor should be interfered with, hinting at survi, who is tensed. he gives the contract to simi to sign, saying that she needs to sign on all papers. survi remembers the actual role of simi, and stops her before signing, narrating everything that he said about simi’s role. To her surprise, he takes a u-turn as to what he said, and then feigns ingnorance as to what survi is sayingm, and then says that his is a love story, , and not a muder mystery as survi makes it sound. Meanwhile, srikant hears this from the crack of the door. Survi tries to say that it was him. he however gets it double confirmed by the director, who is himself shocked at this sudden change, but complies to kartik’s plan. The director says that he has no clue how survi got this plot. Survi is boggled. Her mother is shocked. he says that he doesnt believe in mystery and suspense, and believes in romance and love story, in which there is promise, betrayal, and there’s just one heroine, which is simran, and everybody thoroughly liked the plot, and people generally get jealous and probably her sister too. Survi is shocked, while simi’s mother gets influenced, and he asks them to read the contract, if they dont believe her. but her mother hastily asks her to sign, believing him, while he eyes survi evilly. Simi then happily signs the contract. Srikant looks resignedly and then closes the door. he congratulates simran that tomorrow is a new beginning and a fresh start, as tomorrow life and destiny both shall change. Survi stands tensed. He denies having any snacks and walks out, while survi is tensed. simi is congratulated by everyone, while she is tensed as she sees survi, and asks why she made the story up. Survi says that she is boggled herself. Simi’s mother accuses her of jealousy, as she isnt her real sister. Simi stands for survi, saying that she isnt like this, and asks survi to spill up. she says that she shall say later, and then leaves. Simi is tensed.

As survi goes inside, srikant tells her that he saw the new kartik and everything else too, and laments at the behavioural change that he has undergone. she says that she has promised herself that he shall be revived back. he says that he used to be tensed for her, but now he is tensed for kartik too. she says that she doesnt understand why kartik did this, as he said something and did something else. He is boggled too. He then says that whatever happened was good for simi, and they should be happy for the start of her new career, and this isnt thwe time to complain, as he needs her the most right now, and he wont stops her, as she needs to help him, as the new life that he leads, he isnt happy in it, and he needs her the most right now. She gets emotional.

Outside, kartik tells the director that he neednt tell about how, what and why he makes sudden changes, to anyone, and that his story doesnt make a differnece, but his film does, and instructs him to get the writer to write a love story, whose heroine shall only be simran. the director complies and leaves. Kartik stands angrily.

Later, as survi comes out thinking that she needs to talk to kartik, he eyes her from his car, and then turns on the ignition, and drives in full speed at her, remembering her betrayal and lies, that she has contrapted around him time and again. He almost hits her, and she lets out a scream, but he stops barely inches away from her, and then eyeing her angrily, he takes a turn and leaves, as she steps aside, boggled and tensed.

Inside, simi reprimands her mother for being so callous and insensitive, while her mother asks her not to trust blindly, as survi merely insulted her. she continues to bombard simi with questions, that simi doesnt have an answer to, but still sides with survi. Her mother asks her to open her eyes and see survi’s jealousy. She and her brother are shocked as they find survi in the doorway, who goes in without saying a word. Simi reprimands her mother and walks inside after survi. Her brother too eyes his mother accusingly and leaves. Her mother stands fuming. Inside, simi tries to cheer survi up, asking her to forget whatever she heard, as she sits tensedly, and not mind, as her mother is impressionable, and doesnt really mean it, and she would never stand it. Survi says that her mother’s anger and worry is justified, and she merely had a misunderstanding that she understands, but she cant displease her mother due to that. Simi tells her that she highly noble. survi says that the lord knows everything, and at the right time, he would clarify all misunderstandings. Simi terases her of being so pious and noble. they together discuss how she would live her life long dream of becoming a heroine, and says that everything is okay, till she doesnt misunderstand her. Simi complies, and says that nothing wrong shall happen to her, till she is with her, and good people always get good company, like kartik. Survi remembers his diabolical behaviour earlier and is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
kartik jogs heavily on the busy streets, unable to forget her betrayal, and her lies all this time, about her name, about his headache and then what happened to lata, feeling highly infuriated and enraged. Kartik says that he still hadnt been able to cope with the wound that she gave earlier, and she inflicted him with fresh new ones of betrayal, and swears that he shall never forgive her. he screams out her name in aggression. The screen freezes on her and his tensed faces.

Precap: Survi tells kartik, while he attends to lata, that she wishes to speak to him about something. He asks her to be patient, as he confronts her, as they have the whole night together, since she shall spend the night with him, tonight. she is shocked as she isnt able to understnad what he means. As he kneels down getting close to her, she clenches her hands and stands stiff, anticipating his move and taut with the physical intimacy while he slides past her, bending down, as if to grab something, while his hands grazes past hers.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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