Yeh Vaada Raha 7th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 7th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence
Ranvir finds her chained to the bed, while doctors administer their medicines, as she is thoroughly depressed, lying on the bed, like a living dead. he is apalled to see her like this, and screams for her, but she doesnt respond. the doctor is asked if the chains are needed. the doctor says that its for her safety as she s highly dangerous and unpredictable. he asks if he thinks that his sister is mad. granny comes with the others. he threatens to let go of her hands. granny asks him to behave with the doctor. the doctor tries to convince that she needs help. but he sends him off, and then talks to meher, and makes her sit in front of the mirror. tai comments as to how the whole family is mad. he asks her then how did it happen and why, and

demands to know everything, so that he can sort it out. he then asks her who made this condition of hers. she doesnt respond at all, but then speaks that she has fallen in love. he is startled, and looks at her, when she names kartik, and says that she wants him. he says that she shall get him, as for a small thing, she neednt be bothered, as she shall get whatever she wants. she says that now she shall only be okay when she becomes kartik’s bride. they are shocked. he agrees to every whim, as noone can refuse her for marriage, and asks whats the problem. she says that his wife is the problem, as he is married, and says that if he wants her happiness, then get her married to him. he is tensed to hear this. he moves toward her, and then turns her around, and says that it shall happen, shocking granny. meher makes him promise, and he complies too, saying that whitin the next ten days, she shall be married to him. granny leaves in disgust.

downstairs, tai comeents as to how both the sister and brother are mad. all hear while granny is tensedherself. tai asks how shall her brother make it possible, as she is mad to assume that he can accomplish it, instead of making his sister understand. just then, he comes down and asks who is this kartik, due to whom, his sister is in this state. pyare gets ahead enthusiastically to introduce himself, and then talks about his relationship with kartik. ranvir asks where can he be found. pyare gives him the address. he is about to storn out, when granny stops him, and says that what he plans to do isnt right, as kartik and survi are happily married. he kisses her, and then smiles and says that he shall come back and talk. he leaves, while all are amused.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Meanwhile, survi and kartk eat desserts, when she rushes to the kitchen remembring something. she is tensed of the milk boiling over, and falling, which isnt a good sign especially on celebrations. he assures her that he wont allow anything to get in between them at all, and to assure her all the more of the same, he makes a promise to her, as she smiles at him. Just then, shanti comes and shows the gudi that she made, and all applaud.

Later, Shanti and survi make the rangoli, for the gudi to be placed. shanti gets up to place it, while kartik asks her to be careful. her gudi almost falls, but ranvir comes and holds it just in time, while kartik and survi are surprised and boggled, as to who he is. ranvir stoically places it in her hand, and then introduces himself as meher’s brother to kartik. they are tensed, as they awkwardly confront each other. survi and srikant wait anticipatedly. ranvir apologises to him for his naivety, and talks about her psychological problem since childhood, and how it has affected her and her behaviour, as she is still stuck in that trauma as she still feels her parents are alive and talks to them. he says that he just came here to apologise and say that this shall not be repeated again. survi says that she apologised too, and hopes that she is treated nicely. he cuts her short, saying that she cant identify the truth from the false, and hence she got trapped in survi’s lies. he then again asks them to forgive her, so that he can move on. kartik complies, and says that they have forgiven her, and tells survi that she was right that meher’s brother shall set everything right. to a new start, he asks survi to get him prashad. she complies, and then gets him a plate of food. he then says that there is a request, that they might have forgiven, but they should do so, in front of her, so that she can start afresh, and that he can call her, since she is right outside. they comply. he places the call. meher comes along with granny, and leeringly eyes kartik. ranvir gets her in, and then asks her to say whatever she wants to. she moves forward and confronts him, and says that she wont forget him, but ranvir told that till old relations dont break, new ones cant be made, and since survi and his relation cant be separated, hence she has to back off. she apologises for the inconvenience that she caused. kartik complies and then asks survi to get prashad for them too. granny is tensed. ranvir says that they have searched a groom for meher, and in the next ten days, they shall be married. meher keeps eyeing kartik. ranvir gives them sweets, and thanks survi as he knows what she did, after the way kartik wanted her behind bars. he says that on this happy occassion, he is taking back a relation with them. he takes meher and they all leave. shanti is mesmerised to see ranvir, as they leave, without caring that her dupatta fell on the earthen diya. just then, kartik notices that her dupatta is on fire, and rushes to her, and throws her dupatta on the floor. he asks where is her attention and what if something had happened to her. she is distraught herself. he douses the fire and clutches at her tightly. ranvir and meher with granny watch this intently.

Scene 3:
Location: Tai’s residence
Meanwhile, tai slaps pyare as she is distraught to hear that her deal of doubling the money fell through. he asks how did they run away, as they took away 1000 crores with them. he says that he did investigate, but now he found that everything has disappeared and is shocked. she is distraught to know that everything is sold out. some people come, and tai asks how dare, they enter inside her house, unannounced. the people ask how could she
mortgage everything without asking them, as they too owned the comapny. she defiantly asks as to how dar e they raise their voice, as its her company and she can do whatever she wishes. the people talk about their shares, and how dare they mortgaged at the factory. she says that she shall pay back. but they demand for the money right now, and that they know that she has become bankrupt. tai is shocked and is aghast as to what to do now. Just then, ranvir returns back with meher. he sees the commotion and asks whats the matter. a distraught and totally berserk Tai explains what she did, and landed in a soup, while all hear intently. the shareholders threaten that they know how to get back their money. he says that he shall bear all their losses, and that he shall buy their company. all are surprised to hear this. tai is shocked and plesantly relieved too. meher smirks. The screen freezes on his stern face.

Precap: Ranvir assures meher that he shall get her forehead donned by kartik’s vermillion in the next ten days, and that as per his statement, he shall leave survi and always be by her side, so that she sees him every second in front of herself. she is overjoyed and ecstatic as he promises her. Meanwhile, kartik too promises to always be by survi’s side.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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