Yeh Vaada Raha 6th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 6th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Survi shows the video to the police, and points out how tai is to be blamed. she says that she cant let it happen, and she has to get back kartik anyhow. she asks the police to search for him anyhow. apart from the video, he says that they have no evidence, to lead them to him. but she is adamant to find a way. while discussing, she gets dizzy, and lata asks her to have water. survi is adamant that she cant drink water as only kartik shall break her fast. she then points to the inspector, that there is a background of cattle shed in the video, and train noises in the background. kishore and others understand too. all hear tensedly. survi says that if they investigate it thoroughly, then they can find out, where has kartik been hidden. they

hear khushi calling out for survi and get tensed. kishore hurriedly sends the inspector away, saying that the kid doesnt know anything. survi rushes to khushi. they all pretend to be calm and normal. khushi claims her to be a liar about her father. survi is shocked. khushi asks where is kartik and whats happened to him. survi tries to make her understand, but khushi shocks them by saying that she heard everything, and she wont ever talk to her again. she goes and locks herself inside the door. survi is distraught outside, while others ask her to open the door. she starts frantically screaming when she hears khushi’s sharp cry from inside. they somehow manage to break the door opemn and find her wincing in pain on the ground. they ask her what happened. she says that she slipped. survi hugs her and then gives khushi the family photograph. survi explains everything to her, and then takes her to the temple. there, survi says that the lord is testing them right now, but till the time, they are together, noone can stop them from getting kartik back. she apologises for lying, but admits that she got scared, for her reaction. she tells her that tomorrow is Ganesh Chaturthi, and when khushi gets ganesha, then survi shall get kartik, and they shall do the puja together. they both smile at each other. she starts getting dizzy yet again as she takes her from the temple and goes unconscious. all rush to her. they lay her on the bed. lata splashes water on her face, and she regains consciousness. lata reprimands her for her adamancy, and asks how long would this go on, and asks her to eat. but survi denies, saying that she shall wait for kartik. all are exasperated. survi begins to leave but khushi holds her back, and tries to feed her. survi tells her not to. but khushi, in her childish manner manages to convince her, and she eats, imagining that kartik would have fed her too like this. all are overwhelmed to see this. lata says that khushi has gone on her father. survi thanks the lord that they are with her. all smile. lata asks survi not to let anything happen to herself, as she has promised khushi, that she would get kartik back, and she has to fulfill it. survi touches lata’s feet and then lata hugs survi, as they both grow tearful.

Scene 2:
Location: Police Station
As the mysterious lady comes to meet them, tai and pyare are shocked. she asks if they hve already forgotten. tai vehemently denies, and then asks her whats the need for this sudden change of plans, and not sticking to the earlier one. the lady says that tai had warned her to beware of survi, who assues every move of hers, and hence in that one stroke, she managed to clear all doubts, and now survi has gone totally blank. they all smirk. pyare too reiterates. the lady says that she too wants that survi never doubts her.

The next morning, the police shows them their video, and tai and pyare get tensed. the police says that they have enough reason to implicate them, and they can decide for themselves, whether they want to help the police or suffer. pyare feigns unnecessary innocence that they were here so they have no idea what to do now. the police leaves. pyare comments whats this new drama now. tai says that she heerself is very frustrated and feels not in control of the situation. she tells pyare that she needs to be out of here anyhow.

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence
The next morning the sisters, along with the kids get Ganesha idol, while lata gets rituals and puja done. meanwhile, survi is frantically, along with the police and kishore, on the lookout for kartik. survi remembers kartik’s threatenings to kill himself, and decides to search him anyhow. kartik’s family starts the puja, while survi continues her frantic search. khushi prays to the lord to get kartik home safely, so that their parents can reunite. As survi is praying on the road for Ganesh Chaturthi, she spots kartik and then feels his presence instinctively. The screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: survi is distraught. she eyes him and screams at him, but he is least unfazed and doesnt respond back. she runs frantically on the road to catch upto him. Later, she and kishore get a phone call from a lady, that kartik is at surya hospital, in a very wounded state. she rushes. survi arrives at the hospital, with kishore and asks whats the matter with kartik. the nurse responds that he has been taken to the OT, as he sustained severe wounds, and the doctors couldnt wait for her to arrive. they are informed that a girl brought him. he points her to the girl sitting in the waiting lounge. they are unable to see the face due to the fact that she is reading a newspaper.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I can’t wait to see who she is n tai days are near

    1. QueenB

      i read that it will be kartik’s twin sister that tai kept away from him all these years
      and she is here to take revenge

  2. But y kattik hiding from survi


  4. But if she is his sister then how she manages to hypnotize kartik , it seems that she is an evil or may be tai manages to make her an evil because writers portrayed tai as a superwoman who can do anything

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