Yeh Vaada Raha 6th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 6th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence
Vishakha comes back to ask lata, tai and others, and says that she wishes to meet her teacher and also go to the temple, to thank the lord for this happiness. They comply. tai asks her to give sweets to him. she complies. Tai is amused, as vishakha feeds sweets to him, survi is unable to bear it, and fighting back her tears, she rushes away from there to her room. he gets tensed seeing her like this.

While she is tensed in her room, he comes to her and says that now she cant do anything as the marriage shall happen, and asks her not to be upset as he would be here only. She asks him not to joke as she isnt happy with this relation. he asks how long would she carry this on. she says that she knows vishakha isnt right. He says that she should

accept it as his destiny, like he has, and leave it all in the hands of god. She says that god helpes those who shall help themselves. he says that nothing can be done now. He then asks why is she so upset as she doesnt have to spend whole life with vishakha, as she would leave someday too. She blurts out agitatedly that she wont leave him and go anywhere. He is boggled to see such ferocity in her tone. She is herself embarassed to have said it out aloud. She then hurriedly composes, that she meant to say that she has gotten attached to the house, and wont leave it. He agrees that she is the 50% partner and hence wont go, and that he has to bear her all life, but after marriage she shall go. he starts teasing her about her husband and his plight. she is angry that he isnt taking her seriously, but he continues to joke. they have a scuffle joyful. In that, he almost falls on the bed with her, while she eyes him lovingly. Her dupatta gets stuck in the his handcuff, and he tries to take it off, while she continues to adore him. She gets up tensedly, once he is done, and he pretends to have an ache, just to amuse her. He then leaves, while she smiles. she rushes after him.

In her room, vishakha tells the men on the phone, that she shall be able to come just for an hours, and that too this being her last show. She thinks that somebody overheard her, and rushes to see who is it. But she doesnt find anyone. She is boggled and goes back in. Survi, in hiding, thinks that she has top expose vishakha tonight.

Later, survi is tensed in the room, when kartik comes back again complaining of severe ache due to her wound. she fumes, while he says that he is joking. he says that he got her a surprise and shows her ganpati earrngs, for her, that he himself chose. she takes them and thanks her. He says that she should wear these at his wddding. he gets tensed and she returns them back. he asks what happened suddenly. she says that she doesnt need them, and asks if he doesnt know whats the matter. he asks her to get over it, while she says that she likes the gift, but she wont wear it where he wants her to. he says that he wont talk if she doesnt wear. She says that she is tensed for him, while he asks her not to be, as this is lord’s decision. Shanti comes and calls for survi, saying that tai wants her down for the re-setting of the temple. She is tensed still.

Downstairs, while all wait impatiently for the temple to be reopeed, and the curtains to be drawn away. survi comes and tries to talk to him but he doesnt comply. she asks him to look at least in her direction. He is irritated. just then pyare takes off the curtain, chunar from the temple. The chunar falls right on both of them, shocking tai and others too. Inside, they both are tensed to see each other, but he is happy to have seen her wearing those earrings. she eyes him lovingly, as he smiles. he takes it off, and walks ahead while she is mesmerised still as she stands in a daze.

Later, in the night, Vishakha is about to go out, while lata and survi stop her. survi tells her that they too shall go to the temple. Vishakha is tensed, while lata too agrees. She tries to get out of it, but survi amusingly says that this is the perfect time for them to come together. Survi smiles, but vishakha is tensed. They all leave to get ready, while vishakha is angry. In her room, tai gets vishakha’s complaint, and is shocked as to what to do. Vishakha tells her about her show. tai is angry and is tensed as to how to get out of this mess now. she suddenly sees something from the balcony and is shocked. she then finds hema ready with her bags trying to evade the security guards, and then gets in the car. she asks vishakha to keep the phone while she does something. tai eyes them both together trying to escape, and is shocked, and thinks that she shall take this advantage to get vishakha out of the house. Once they have run away, tai is amused, and then shetells the watchman to go and catch her as she is running away. she rushes down distraught saying that hema ran away with pyare. all are shocked to hear this. the guard comes and tells that they couldnt find them and they ran away. tai asks them to go out and search. vishakha understands it all. She then asks bindu to try the phone, while he asks why so suddenly. Tai says that she doesnt know, and is apalled as to what they shall go through. tai says that theyhave already been scarred and she cant bear it. he asks raghu to get ready, and assures them that he shall handle everything. lata is apalled too. tai continues to cry and moan. vishakha comes and says that the lord shall settle everything. she tells everyone that she shall go and asks them all to stay back beside the phone. She leaves with vishakha who is amused, while survi is tensed. suervi thinks that tai is in tension, and vishakha shall take advantage of ths situation, but she cant let that happen, and shall have to expose Vishakha anyhow. Unable to contain herself, she finally ducks in the dickey of the car, which is to take vishakha. then tai and vishakha come out and sit in the car and drive off. the screen freezes on survi’s tensed face.

Precap: Dressed as a bar girl, vishakha tells tai, in front of survi on the road, that she couldnt identify herself, that this little girl, survi has fallen in love with kartik. tai stands shocked, while survi is speechless. tai angrily comments to survi that she thought she was a mere little girl, and never thought that she could fall in love already.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Wow. Lovely yeh vaadha raha rocks.. I love this serial and hence can’t wait for the next episode. I do hope that khartik feels the same about survi.. Cause love has no age

  2. Lovely episode

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    Karviiiii?? Rockzzzzzzz???

  4. Soo lovely karthik and survi…

  5. The girl playing survival is only 15 years old,despite the Amazing chemistry between the leads,and the great job she’s doing,I personally feel she’s too young to play a romantic lead opposite a much older actor.

  6. Ye to honahi tha

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