Yeh Vaada Raha 6th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Nasik
Survi prays to the lord along with khushi, that had her own child been alive today, she would have been the same age, and that this khushi might be someone else, but still she feels her own. she asks the daughter to touch the lord’ feet and she touhes her mother’s, saying that she is her lord, as she was sent, since the lord couldnt be everywhere. survi is overwhelmed. Meanwhile, survi too wishes khushi a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Khushi thanks her mother. she asks what does shewant, and khushi declines saying that she doesnt need anything, and one day she shall herself ask for a grand prize, and she shouldnt deny then. survi complies. khushi asks her to hurry as its time for her promotion at the office. she asks

her to have breakfast first, or else her head shall ache. khushi says that she doesnt feel like eating at all, as she is so busy. survi smiles at her chattering, shile she says about her hankerchief idea wonderful for headache. survi is reminded of kartik, his love and his betrayal after that. khushi then asks her where is she lost. survi distracts her, and asks her to have food, before they leave.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Meanwhile, kartik is living with tai who has again revamped herself in a new avatar. Tai does her puja simply. all pray. bindu’s son and hema’s girl, crib and give smart ass comments on tai, because of which she gets frustrated but turns around with a smile. kartik too heartily meets the kids. hema’s girl makes a comment on tai. Kartik gives her a lecture about how wrong things make you a lifetime of regret, one of relationship which pains all of life. he tells her thtat when the work is wrong, then nothing can be handled, and no trust is possible. he then composes himself, and talks to tai. she does his puja, while kartik tells tai that he is going to nasik and shall return by the evening. she blesses him to have an safe joruney. Kartik turns and then thinks that its khushi’s birthday today, and gets overwhelmed with happiness. he tells tai that she met him first today, and today itself she went away. he gets emotional, while all listen. he says that he did get khushi even if for a day. the kids meanwhile take their parents away, citing food. then tai turns to the temple. tai says that for the past 7 years, her life has been smooth, and she didnt do anything, but she doesnt wish to see any miracle, and that survi should be away from them like this itself.

Scene 3:
Location: Nasik
Kartik arrives and finds people on the road in a procession and is told by the cab driver, that its vinayak chaturthi today. he immediately gets down. Kartik prays at the temple, that his khushi might not be there with him, but she still remains in his heart. he blesses his daughter to be happy always. Just then, survi pases by him, with their child, behind her, on the scooty, and stop behind him, looking for something. just then, kartik too instinctively feels something. but he turns around, and just then, survi wheezes past.

Scene 4:
Location: Survi’s office
As survi arrives at the office, she finds everyone murmuring at the offce, eyeing her. survi asks them whats the matter. khushi too gets tensed. her boss comes, and then survi is handed a letter by him, Mr. Deshpande. she goes through the letter tensedly, and is shocked to read what it says, as its a termination letter. khushi is shocked too. survi asks whats the reason. he tells that she can ask the boss, as they are merely servants. khushi speaks that this means the fatso is inside, and that she shall herself go and deal with him, since her mother works so hard, and she is getting paid like this. before survi can react, khushi is enraged, and makes her go statue and then she leaves. she thinks that only the lord can save Jatin, her boss. khushi storms in the office, and asks about Jatin, hollering at him, as Fatso. he too turns around and refers to her as Chotu. with authority, she locks the door. he hands her the keys. she asks him to remember the lord, as he too cant save him. she asks the reason how could he throw her out. he says that its his company, his will. she asks how can he do this. she says that she is unhappy and when she isnt happy, things arent good always. Survi stands statue, as screams of him being hit by khushi with a stick. as he rushes out, he begs to be saved. survi stands helpless. khushi asks her to be over. survi reprimands her, but she asks him to stop. she asks survi how can he be a friend if he threw her out of the job. he immediately gets to the point that she hasnt been thrown out, but has gotten a promotion too. he cites tht it was a trick, and they are all overjoyed. He tells her that in the top meeting, its been decided that she shall handle the Mumbai Branch on her own, with him. she is shocked to know this. khushi is ecstatic. but survi remembers kartik’s anger at the death of their child. she is distraught. Khushi apologises for being angry at jatin. they engage in light hearted banter, while survi stands tensed. she finally blurts out that she cant go to mumbai. they both ask why. she says that she doesnt feel the need to anwer the question. they are boggled, as she says that its final, and then leaves.

Outside, while they eat, Jatin and khushi discuss as to how they have to get survi to agree, since this promotion only comes with a place transfer. she promises him that she shall make survi agree. As kartik is in the cab, reading a newspaper, he is oblivious, survi is coming from the opposite direction, and while she is on the mobile phone, she too doesnt see his car. it almost collides into her, and she is barely saved at the last screech, by an inch. both look up, shocked and horrified. Jatin, at the side of the road, is tensed too. The screen freezes on survi’s shocked face.

Precap: As kartik waits in the lobby, and khushi waits too, both oblivious of their relation, they try their mobiles, and express frustration at the same time, when the line doesnt get through. they both speak the same thing, commenting about it. as he coughs, she too starts coughing. he finds it weird. they both look at each other. he is weirded out. he then asks her not to copy her, since he misunderstands. she says that she wasnt doing anything like that. Meanwhile, oblivious to their confrontration, she walks towards her daughter.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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