Yeh Vaada Raha 6th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 6th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Survi rushes back home, and frantically searches for something. srikant comes and hurriedly asks whats she looking for. granny and others too come and ask whats the matter. she demands for a papaer and starts scribbling on it, while others stand boggled and wait for her to speak up. she is shocked to see what she drew. she asks srikant to come along and hurry up. survi says that meher has hidden him in this park, and shows him the drawing, and explains everything. she says that she had switched on the stopwatch and immediately after six seconds, a temple came, and then narrates all the directions, and whatever she heard, every move, every turn and every road, then they can back trace it to the place where kartik is kept captive.


Location: Tai’s residence
meher tells them that survi came right outside this house, while tai asks why did she have to do that, as survi is very smart. tai tells her that she doesnt know what survi is, as she is a very conniving. all stand tensedly. meher smirks that she neednt be tensed, as she shall leave forever with kartik in the morning, and survi wont be able to find her. pyare asks what if survi lands in the night. she says that her security wont let her through. meher says that tonight she shall make him hers. tai taunts her, while meher says that she had intelligently mixed some medicine with his food, after whose intake, kartik shall see only what he wants to, and she knows what that is very well. they are boggled.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Survi starts her backtracing with srikant in the auto, and one by one keeps coming at the same landmarks, that she had noticed on her way back from tai’s residence, in the dickey of the car. she tells her father that they are about to reach. when according to the time, they finally do reach at a place. when they step out of the house, they are shocked to see that they face tai’s residence. he says that this is tai’s house, and if she actually thinks, that meher has kept him in this house. they both keep looking at each other.

Scene 4:
Location: Tai’s residence
Srikant and survi then finally enter, while three bodyguards stop their way. she and srikant eye them tensedly. but to their surprise, lata too arrives with a gang of ladies, who on her hollering begin to deal with the bodygaurds.

In the room, kartik wakes up, to find the room set in a romantic decor, and a hazy figure of a person in the corridor, dressed exactly like survi. he is very happy to have heard about her. he is bluffed immediately by her pretending to be survi, as she sits beside him, asking if he is fine, as he neednt bother, since she is here now. he says that he was sure that she would come and find him, but he isnt able to see anything clearly, and that he has a heavy head. she says that maybe meher gave her some sedative, that is causing this. he tries to speak, but she asks him to shut up, and lie down, as he needs to rest. he complies, while she caresses his face, as he lies down. she tries to lean in, but he gets up and asks where are they and whats this place, and how is he here. she asks him not to bother, as she is here and she wont let anything happen to him, as everything is in her control now. she hugs him, and leans in to consummate her kiss with him, when just at that moment, survi enters in the house, screaming for kartik. tai and her daughters are startled. Tai asks why is she shouting his name, as she might have found him, but she came too late, as by now, kartik must have become meher’s, and stopped being hers. she screams for kartik, which breaks their embrace. he gets unnerved, but meher tries to convince him, that she is his survi. he is still boggled. as survi tries to rush to the room, bindu and hema stop her way. but she pushes them away and rushes up. survi opens the door to find meher trying to seal her kiss with him. she rushes and jerks her away and meher falls on the bed, while survi splashes water on him, and tries to nudge him awake. he wakes up and finds survi there, and meher standing at a distance dressed as survi. he understands whats going on. survi says that she never knew she could stoop down so low. she says that she must have forgotten, that she cant snatch someone’s vermillion and embrace it herself. she tells her that kartik was, is and shall always be hers. meher asks survi to move away, as this is her kartik. she tries to take survi away, but she holds meher by her hand, and then pushes her away. meher is shocked. survi takes kartik’s hand, and is about to take him out, when meher stops them. he says that he knew survi would find him, and finally she lost. they clasp their hands together, which disgusts meher, when he adds that she finally lost the bet. meher says that she wont allow her to take her kartik away from her. they turn around and start walking. as she tries to get in their way, survi shoves her away, and she falls on the stairs, and then tumbles down the stairs, as she lands at the foot of the stairs. all are shocked. tai’s family too gathers up, and are shocked to see all this. Meher sustains a heavy wound on her head.

Scene 5:
Location: Srikant’s residence
The next morning, survi and shanti celebrate Gudhi Padwa, and they wish srikant too, who has just come back after sending lata off, for a holy journey, for the good being of the family. survi says that by the time lata returns, everything shall be back to normal. survi sends shanti to make sweets. just then, kartik comes in tensedly, and she sees him. she comes to him and serves him food, while he says that he doesnt like it. she asks him to eat it, as its customary on this festival. she asks why is he tensed. he says that he is concerned about yesterday, and says that they should file a police complaint, and that meher can go to any lengths to get him or harm his family, and she is very tensed. she says that his tension is justifiable, but granny has assured that she shall manage everything, and requested her not to file a police complaint against meher. he says that this was the reason they didnt go the last time. she asks him not to worry, as her granny told that her brother is returning, and he shall control everything.

Scene 6:
Location: Tai’s residence
Tai makes a business deal of 100 crores for a wekk, with her partner, to reap a sure shot profil of 200 crores after a week. he promises, takes the money and then leaves. pyare tries to ask her if his comission is for sure now. tai tells him that she managed to arrange this big an amount, by mortgaging everything, the house and all the factories. Bindu comes in looking tensed. Bindu is asked why is she upset. bindu asks why does she want to consider this as an asylum, and asks her to send meher to her home. tai says that she isnt an idiot and has a planning after it. she says that even after what she did, kartik and survi arranged for a doctor for her, and if she keeps her for sometime, then she can use her contacts and PR for her personal use and advantage. all hear intently.

Finally, meher’s brother arrives in India, and in style, comes inside tai’s residence. granny is sitting resignedly with tai and her family. she spots ranvir coming in. granny welcomes him saying its good, he came, as all shall be okay now. he stoically asks about meher. granny shows him the way. he goes up to the room, where meher is being treated. granny is asked who is he. she tells that this is meher’s brother, Ranvir. the screen freezes on tai’s shocked face.

Precap: Ranvir finds her chained to the bed, while doctors administer their medicines, as she is thoroughly depressed, lying on the bed, like a living dead. he is apalled to see her like this. Meanwhile, survi is tensed of the milk boiling over, and falling, which isnt a good sign especially on celebrations. he assures her that he wont allow anything to get in between them at all, and to assure her all the more of the same, he makes a promise to her, as she smiles at him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. I think he will fall for survi now

  3. such a shameless girl meher is.. writers ,no girl does like this .Respect women.

  4. what a shameless and loathsome female .. never fails to make me feel like throwing up everytime I see her shameless face. a huge shame for womanhood .. Wish there were more flight of stairs

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