Yeh Vaada Raha 5th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 5th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
All are tensed at the house, when khushi is adamant that she shall talk to kartik today and get him back anyhow, as he cant act so irresponsibly towrds his family. as she dials up, survi puts up pretentious cheer, and then says that she can go on and finish off all the surprise that he has planned for her. khushi gets distracted. all are relieved. khushi doesnt wish to go to sleep, and survi says that she shall put her to sleep. as she carries her to the room, survi is reminded of the details of the accident and gets disturbed. she sings a lullaby to put her to sleep, while she clutches at her family pic, to try and be able to sleep. she doses off. she is lost in kartik’s thoughts. survi gets depressed and breaks down and then wpes

her tears. survi eyes the ganesha bracelet, thinking that she has had to lie to her daughter, and apologises profusely. she begs kartik to return home soon, if not for her, then for khushi atleast. she is distressed. she gets a call, from the inspector and gets tensed. she gets to know that they have a lead, and asks her to come to the police station rightaway. she hurriedly complies. she comes down and tells this to other family members, and they assure that he shall soon be found. kishore says that he shall go too.

Later, the two sisters comment as to how khushi and kartik are being tortured, despite being so good natured. khushi sleepa sbaout kartik and when she wakes up, she finds kartik, totally fresh and unbruised, sitting by her bedsid. she is plesantly surprised. she rushes to him, while he gives her loads of chocolates and teddies. she says that she loved the surprise, and talks about how much she missed him and how she was angry at him. she decides to go and tell others too. she rushes downstaairs. they are ecstatic at this piece of news and rush with khushi to her room. but to their disappointment, he is nowehere to be seen. they think that the child must have hallucinated, but she is adamant, then she points out to something, and are all shocked to see it.

Scene 2:
Location: Police Station
survi rushes to the station with kishore, and asks the inspector where is kartik. he asks her to come in. she says that its jail inside, and why is she being taken there. she asks where is kartik. she asks why was he brought here in such a condition. he asks her to come along. she is distressed, but kishore asks her to comply. when they do, they find tai and pyare behind bars and are shocked, as they are visibly hurt and bruised. kishore asks whats this. tai gets tensed. he says that they have alleged that kartik came, and made a attempted murder attack, and begged that they stay at the police station. survi denies it and says that she is lying, and that they are pivotal in hiding kartik. the police says that the wounds are true, and its been done by kartik. survi is boggled. she tries to clarify that kartik isnt capable, and asks tai to speak up, and ask how much money she needs, and asks her to stop this drama. tai gets enraged and asks her to see the wounds, and asks if its all fake. the inspector says that tai isnt lying, and she has proof. survi is boggled. he shows her a video. An injured and wounded kartik, bashes pyare, tai and the lady, with an iron rod. kishore and survi are shocked. seeing them being influenced, tai asks survi where is kartik, as he is furious at them.

Later, survi and police come aside and she gets to know that he did have allegedly tried to hurt tai. the police tells kishore and survi, that tai and pyare have filed an attempt to murdre case against kartik, and for now, he is an escaped criminal in the eyes of the law. he says that this could bear kartik severe consequences, given the nature of charges against him. survi is terribly tensed. just then, she gets a call from lata as to how kartik had come there.

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence
survi storms in demanding to know what happened and where is he now. bindu comes and shows kartik’s mobile, thats remainaing here only, which means he came. she tells survi that they found something. as survi eyes the video, all eye tensedly. she is shocked, to see a bruised kartik barely able to talk to her, telling her that he loves her, and that he doesnt know whats going on. survi immediately shows it to the police. he narrates everything. all including the police are shocked. he exp[resses heer helplessness, at identifying an address. survi is apalled. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: As survi is praying on the road for Ganesh Chaturthi, she spots kartik and then feels his pr4esence instinctively. she eyes him and screams at him, but he is least unfazed and doesnt respond back. she runs frantically on the road to catch upto him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    1. He is the look alike of kartik ,not real kartik

  3. I think that lady is an hypnotist or we can say kaala zadu

  4. I think he is kartik but hypnotized by that lady who is helping that kamini tai

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