Yeh Vaada Raha 5th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 5th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Outside Sujata’s Child Care centre
Survi tries to struggle free from their grasp, while kartik accidentally collides into someone, and the bends down to pick the gift from the ground. When through the burqa, Survi prays to the ganpati idol, that alerts kartik as he finds a muslim bowing to a hindu god. He sees surprisingly as she is taken off by the other men. To his horror, he recognises her as survi, and then runs and makes his way through the crowds, and lifts the burqa and finds its survi. he reveals the other faces, and finds that its sujata and its team. he is shocked and reprimands them severely and then catches them and calls the ACP and gets them caught. sujata stands fuming. Survi, who is scared is composed by kartik, as she clutches at him.


Location: Tai’s residence
Tai fumes along with her daufghter that lata or kartik called beggars when she has a high society party to host. She is irritated that she has called the rich people, and they are still in the past life of the chawl, which she is desperately trying to forget. The people greet tai too and ask that she has completely forgtten them. Tai gives an excuse and asks how come they all came here today. They tell that kartik called them to take the lord’s blessings and also have a get together. Tai is irritated, and says that the Bhandara is cancelled and says that there is no food therefore. Just then, the butler comes in saying that the food has arrived. Tai says point blank that she lied, and asks what would they do. She insults them all calling them names on their low societal status. Lata doesnt like it, but stays silent. Tai keeps a clear stance that she doesnt want to mingle with them. they comment that kartik earned everything and she is ruling for free. tai angrily asks whats the matter. Lata asks them to let go. tai says that she is asking them to go only. she says that kartik called them himself. tai says that she got them out as this is her house. tai says that in this home, only that happens that she wants and Kartik does exactly what she wants him to do, and doesnt argue. She says that she shall remain silent, till he does what she wants, and the day he disobeys, there shall be vast trouble in the house and everyone’s lives.

Meanwhile, oblivious to all this, kartik gets a scared survi back in the house, who is reminiscient of tai’s tortures and scares towards her. she doesnt go in with him and makes a mad dash for the outside, with him after her, and saves her barely from colliding with an incoming car. The driver skids and drives off, while kartik is angry at her. Kartik asks if she has gone mad. He says that he has promised srikant and asks her not to bother him. She says that she doesnt want to stay here, as they have tried once, and cant risk it again. She reminds how tai doesnt want to. He begins to say that he shall handle tai, and says that he has the solution to the problem, and tells her that she shall stay here only in this house. She is tensed.

Inside, tai inspects the arrangements for the party and scolds and reprimands the butlers and then dismisses them. She spots kartik coming in. Tai asks where was he. He is tensed. She coems to him and asks why is he sweating so much, and if there’s any tension. He refuses. she asks if he got survi. He lies. She says that she knows he is tensed for sujata, who got caught. He says that she was right about sujata all along. she then takes him aside and asks him where is survi. he says that he isnt in the house. she says that she knew he would never do anything that she dislikes. She asks where has he kept her anyways. he asks her not to worry, as he has kept her at a place, where she wont ever have to see her. She blesses him and then asks him to go and get ready.

Outside, raghu tries to convince her to come along as per kartik’s plan, but she doedsnt comply. they are shocked as they find aniket coming out, to play. they duck behind the car. raghu tells her that if he sees them here, it would cause trouble for kartik. survi thinks that he cant cause trouble to kartik at all. They stealthily get inside, and finally raghu heaves a sigh of relief. A knock scares them, but they are relieved when they find that its raghu. Kartik tells survi in the room, that he has only this place to keep her, as its his room, where noone comes. Suddenly, a knock and holler on the oor, from trai alerts and scares them all. He laments at his ill luck these days. raghu hides out of scare for tai. he asks her to hide in the closet. she says that she is claustrophobic and cant stay in the dark. He says that its just for sometime. she finally resignedly gets inside the wardrobe, while dissenting. he fits her in and then opens the door. Tensedly, she asks what took so long. he says that he was taking a shower for the party. Tai asks that he bathes with the clothes on. He says that he was just about to go. She then pushes her way inside. she asks whats he going to wear at the party. he says that he hasnt decided yet. she says that she doesnt like that in the wake of helping others, he forgets about himself. he says that he shall do it himself. But she insists on choosing the clothes for him, and moves towards the wardrobe. Survi inside is scared. As she is about to open the wardrobe door, the screen freezes on kartik and survi’s scared and tai’s tensed faces.

Precap: The same manager who had trapped srikant in dubai, and who kartik had seen, is also seen at tai’s party. she reprimands for being so crass, to have come all the way from dubai, to blackmail her. he too shamelessly responds back, and just then, he spots kartik at a distance, and ducks and then turns around to hide his face. Kartik is puzzled too. tai is tensed as she finds kartik coming towards her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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