Yeh Vaada Raha 5th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 5th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence
Shanti gets them food, while he asks survi to eat. She says that he too hasnt eaten anything in the competition. They both eat together and feed eacjh other, while he teases and toys with her, while she amusingly enjoys his childish pranks. She eyes him lovingly as he eats, swearing that she wont let his life be ruined and shall expose her in front of everyone. meanwhile vishakha creps up on tai, and they both are amused and joke about the suceess of their plan. vishakha says that she too feels like the urge to drink. Tai asks her to continue this facade, till she herself gets the 50% stake of kartik, and that she paid a lot to everyone, to down survi in his eyes and fix him up with her. they both laugh

The next morning, survi comes and

finds tai sitting and surging through sarees, with laata, while survi comes and finds the temple closed. lata tells her that its all gone for polishing on Diwali, and all puja shall happen in the evening only now. she is told by tai that the priest has come to fix a date for the marriage, and asks for a date before diwali so that she can finish everything. survi is lost anbd tensed. tai is amused and asks her to go and get him and vishakha, as they need to select their own wedding shopping. Survi resignedly complies and goes, while tai watches amusedly. Survi comes and finds vishakha in kartik’s room, while his back is turned towards her, and it seems that she is getting intimate with him, and survi is disgusted, whereas actually vishakha is just stitching a button on his shirt. Survi gets the wrong idea and turns to go, but viushakha stops her. he turns around surprised too. When he tells what vishakha was doing, she is relieved. he thanks vishakhaa. Vishakha comes and says that now between them, there shall be now thank yous, as he can demand anything from her. he says that he isnt habituated, and she says that he can develop it. he then turns to survi and asks whats the matter and what she wanted. She asks them to come down for the selection of their marriage. he is shocked and says that he cant marry right now. survi excitedly asks whats the matter, while vishakha is boggled. he says that its better that they talk with everyone and goes, with vishakha after him. survi stands tensed. In the drawing room, tai sends all away, and then asks him why cant he marry. He says that he shall marry only after settling every one of her daughters and also reminds her his promise to think about her family instead of him, and assures her that even vishakha shall understand that he needs sometime. Lata is tensed. he asks them all top understand that tai’s family is his priority. Tai pretends to be emotional, and says that his promise isnt over his happiness. She goes and swears on the bhagwad gita, in front of everyone, that today, this very moment, she frees him from all promise towards her and her family. all are shocked. tai says that she trusts him completely, as with or without promise, he would always look out for her and her family. All eye tensedly. She says that when he marries, she would be more happy and hence asks him to consent. lata then asks if he has any more issues. He complies resignedly. tai asks he priest to get a date, and he informs of the marriage within the week, as after that, there’s no better date. All are shocked particularly survi. lata is tensed of the arrangements. tai says that they shall manage everything nicely and then asks him if its okay. he complies, as per her wish. survi stands distraught. tai and vishakha smile evilly. survi wonders how she shall expose vishakha so fast. All get to merriment and celebration, while kartik and survi eye each other longingly when he starts imagining a dream sequence of only both of them. she is jolted back to reality as tai places vishakha’s hand in his, complimenting on their couple. tai intentionally gives survi sweets first. Just then, vishakha gets a call, and she gets tensed wondering what to do now. Survi is boggled, while tai is tensed too. lata asks her to receive. Vishakha makes an excuse that its her teacher and that she should tell him too, as he would be happy, and excuses herself from the room. survi is tensed. he signals and asks her if everything is okay. She just nods off.

Outside, pyare is sitting when hema comes and jois him, asking if he is still angry. he pretends to be romantic, and then asks her to imagine that he is passing all the tests without knowing whats going on in her mind. she starts talking about her dress for kartik’s wedding. he gets frustrated and disturbed, and asks her to answer in a yes or no. she says that she fell in love yesterday, when she got impressed that he kept a fast and starved for her. He is overjoyed, and then poses tai’s problem, that she wont let them unite and says that he has found a solution, that tonight they shall run away and get married. She continues with her banter and leaves excitedly. He then comments that he knew she would get trapped, and he would become the son in law of the house, and starts having airs.

Vishakha meanwhile gets the phone, and asks whats the matter. the guy informs her that her show is tonight, while she says that she cant come today. he reminds her that she has taken advance and warns and threatens her that she does it lest they kidnap her. She starts being threatened and is tensed. She wonders what to do. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Inside, as vishakha feeds sweets to him, survi is unable to bear it, and fighting back her tears, she rushes away from there to her room. he gets tensed seeing her like this. While she is tensed in her room, he comes to her and says that now she cant do anything as the marriage shall happen. He then asks why is she so upset as she doesnt have to spend whole life with vishakha, as she would leave someday too. She blurts out agitatedly that she wont leave him and go anywhere. He is boggled to see such ferocity in her tone. She is herself embarassed to have said it out aloud.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Awwe….survi fell in luv vit karthik?both looks cute…hw mch age difference between karthik and survi?

  2. Wow.. I do hope they fall in love.. As love don’t have no age.. I can’t wait to see when they will start loving each other.. And the writer why did you had such a small girl in your story.. Hmm. Now generations have more intrest in love stories.. So i do hope your story become a little more flimy and intresting? story

  3. What rubbish 10 year difference and they both fell in love…writers r idiot or what

  4. Ally love doesnt have age.. Ok??

    1. Yah……?

  5. According to me they both look brother and sisters rather than lovers during promos i thought they r having same relationship of bro and sis..but its a old and a boaring story.?

    1. No ally dey r cute..but not bro dis ?? dnt make them sis n bro

  6. Aww dey look vry nice togethr..nice couple.hope kartik n survi will go like pair

  7. Age is only a number, Mr. Wahlia was much older than Bani in Kasamhe, King Gangadhar Rao was 2 decades older than Rani Laksmibai, Elvis was 10 years older than Priscilla. I want Kartik to fall in love with Survi. she has proven that she would be a loyal, trustworthy wife who would stand in front of any trouble before it gets to Kartik. Plus i really like the dynamics of what the two characther represent. the emotional conflict tha that this type of relationship brings, him teaching her about love and intimacy.

    I really want them to fall in love and let;s hope the writer won’t mess the story line up as they do with most other Indian serials.

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