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Yeh Vaada Raha 5th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Isolated Location and Kartik’s residence
Kartik pins survi down, and asks that this means she realises her mistake. she shoves him away and asks if he actually thinks, that the person who killed her daughter was given shelter at her house. he continues to be blinded by what the kidnapper said. she says that she didnt even see her child, and merely saw her blood stained clothes. he thinks that she is such a lowlife that she can weave this web of lies, to get her revenge, and branded her living daughter as dead. she asks what low thinking is this that he thinks like that about her.

Outside kartik’s residence, jatin arrives with khushi, in the car. jatin opens the gate, and then gets back in the car, to find khushi gone. he screams and starts running

around, frantically searching for her. then he turns towards the house. Just then, he calls up survi, saying that khushi is nowhere to be found, and that she has been kidnapped. she is aghast to hear this. she turns around, to find kartik gone from there, and wonders where he went, as she screams for him. she rushes towards the locked door, and screams for the door to be opend, while he stands calmly beside the door, as she screams that khushi has been kidnapped. he amusedly asks her to experience the pain that he has been in seven years, and that its her time to be tortured now, as her screams shall soothe him, since she kept the identity of his own child hidden from him. she continues beating at the door. he thinks that he has suffered for 7 years, she can for 7 hours atleast. she tries taking some other way out, but finds all doors locked. he enjoys her plight in the meanwhile, remembering everything what the kidnapper said. she begs him not to give this big punishment, and let her search for her daughter. she collapses on the floor, while he leaves from there.

Meanwhile, jatin rushes in, and narrates what just happened, when tai and others are shocked. tai understands that kartik is behind this. jatin blamed kartik. tai asks what evidence he has and lata too says the same. tai blames him for his negligence, and asks him to search, instead of blindly blaming her kartik. tai says that kartik isnt here even to do it. he says that he knows very well where he has gone, and that he isnt smart or noble. jatin says that he is a lowlife who doesnt leave any stone unturned to hurt anyone. he says that if anything happens to khushi, he shall ruin them all. tai asks him to go and warn somewhere else.

Later, jatin gets the inspector and blames kartik for this. lata says that kartik cant do this. jatin narrates what all has been happening since survi landed in mumbai. tai asks him not to cast baseless allegations. Just then, jatin gets survi’s frantic call, who tells how badly she has been kept locked by kartik, who went away himself. she gives him the location, and asks him to come rescue her asap. he hurriedly leaves from there. tai smirks. Jatin reaches at the isolated hotel, and she starts screaming to draw his attention. he rushes towards the source of the sound, and then finds the door locked, behind which survi is captive. he breaks the lock, and then opens the door. he finds her wounded, and tries to apply a handkerchief, but survi stops him. she asks about khushi. he denies, and says that very soon they shall find. she says tha kartik is behind this. he too complies. she says that they have to find out, why kartik kidnapped survi, or is it merely out of revenge. he is concerned for khushi. she says that its all okay, as khushi is with him right now.

Scene 2:
Location: In captivity
Khushi wonders how to get in touch with her father now. just then, an evil looking kidnapper comes in and eyes her tensedly. she says that she wishes to go to her mother. he comes in and says that he shall, eyeing her tensedly. she however finds kartik standing behind him, and is very amused. when the kidnapper turns around, kartik beats him to pulp, and the kidnapper runs away. he then turns to her, and they both hug each other, tears streaming down her cheeks. he says that its all okay. she thanks him, and says that she had gotten very scared. he begs for an apology, in his mind, that he had to do this, so that he could stay with her. he tells her that nothing shall happen to her, till he is there with her. she hugs him back, after he kisses her on the forehead.

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Kartik meanwhile comes back happily, chatting with khushi. Lata asks if she was with him, which means jatin was right. just then, jatin and survi come with the police too, and are shocked to find khushi there. survi rushes to her, and asks if she is fine. she then turns to the inspector, saying that kartik was the one who kidnapped her. jatin too lashes at his family members, and asks what more evidence do they need. jatin points out that kartik is behind this. Kartik rubbishes it off as nonsense, as had he kidnapped, then why would he have brought her back. jatin is enraged. she asks jatin to let be, as kartik is behind this, and he shall never accept his crime. khushi then narrates and sides with kartik. the police asks kartik how did he know where was khushi kept captive. he says that the guard followed the kidnapper as he saw him taking khushi, and then called him, while he was in belapur then. he then called up survi, but she was busy looking for a site, and hence didnt receive any of the numerous times, he called her. he says that he couldnt have wased time. tai is shocked at the perfect plan that kartik made. jatin says that its all his framed plan, and asks the police to arrest him. but khushi stands in his defence, and in front of him. Khushi asks why are they saying like this, as kartik didnt do anything, infact he helped her, and then tells jatin, that even if he had reached, he wouldnt have been able to fight the goons off, as kartik did, due to his weight. kartik smirks, while jatin fumes. the inspector says that the child cant be lying, and hence they shall get going. as survi resignedly takes khushi’s hand, she asks her to thank him atleast. survi is tensed. as she is about to go, khushi happily blows flying kisses at her, and he too reciprocates. kartik thinks that this is nothing, and soon that day shall come, when she shall forever leave them and come to her. he eyes her as they take her away.

Scene 4:
Location: Survi’s residence
Survi puts khushi to bed. she then confronts and tells jatin that its enough, as the bigger criminal is the one who bears and not the one who inflicts crimes. she says that they cant silently take everything and kartik shall have to pay for his sins, and that they shall have to find out, whats going on in his mind, and why is he doing what he is, so that he gets to know that they shall not take his blows lying down. The screen freezes on survi and kartik’s faces.

Precap: Survi confronts kartik and says that today she challenges him, that whatever power he has within him, he can muster it up, and do whatever he wishes, but he wouldnt bbe able to break her, and if he feels, that she snatched his Khushi from him, then he is mistaken, as she didnt do it. she then promises him too, that he can do anything, but he wont be able to break her, come what may. he eyes her tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I think kartik need help n survi shouldn’t even listen to him

  2. I the background music :))
    But the story is going very slow…if they drag this serial it will be too boring.
    They should expose about kushis Sach and also about tai as soon as possible

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