Yeh Vaada Raha 5th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 5th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Abeer says you play these dirty games now see I will show you how I win this war.
Pratap and Abeer come to Kartik’s place. Kartik says Khushi didn’t come? Abeer says her foot is sprained. Kartik says is she okay? I wanna meet her. Abeer says uncle don’t worry. I am there to take care of her. She will be okay by tomorrow. don’t worry. She is the most amazing girl. No one will harm her. Kamini comes in and says my son is right.
Khushi asks servant where is everyone? He says Kamini doesn’t live here. and Abeer and Pratap sir are out. Khushi says bring me coffee. he goes out and a thug hits his head. Khushi says thermas? Whats wrong?
Kamini says I am here to apologize. i tried to separate Abeer and Khushi. I owe an apology. I am very sorry.

pratap says do you mean it? Kamini says I have mistreated you all. See the result you have everyone with you and I am alone. Kamini says you forgive me too Kartik bro. Kartik says it’s okay just keep Khushi happy. Kamini says yes Khushi deserves it. Kartik says I will make tea you all sit. Abeer says I am leaving. Khushi is alone.
There is a black out in house. khushi gets scared and says what happened? Thermas? Are you there?
Kamini says to abeer how did you become so devoted husband? Abeer says we have to love each other. She is a very special wife. We have to take care of each other. He laughs so hard. Abeer says i became fan of your acting. Kamini says you scared me. Abeer says I love her as a wife as much as you love her as a daughter in law. Kamini says where are you going? Abeer says I am gonna party with friends. I couldn’t tell dad. Kaminin says have fun I will handle everything there. Kamini says I will see who saves that Khushi now. Her game is over.
Kamini recalls giving money to those thugs and said make it look like you came for theft and killed the girl.
Khushi tries to lock the door. She says what should I do now. Khushi hides the thugs come in and say no one is here. Khushi is hidden in the closet. She tries to go out. A thug comes from behind. khushi screams and runs.
Abeer is on his way. He stops his bike. Abeer says its broken. Khushi says who are you people. Let me go please. One of them comes near Khushi. She hits him on head and runs. Abeer fixes his bike.
A car drives past abeer and splashes mud on his clothes. Abeer says I have to go home now to change. The thugs catch Khushi. She screams for help. Abeer says why are lights off? Thermas? He comes to room and sees Khushi isn’t there. The thug says we have to wait till he leaves before we kill this girl.
Abeer says thermas where is Khushi? The thug pretends to be thermas and says she went out with her friends. Abeer says she has friends no. Abeer says get these lights fixed.

Pratpa says why these formalities. Kartik says I made very good tea, Kamini says in heart why haven’t they called yet? They should killed Khushi by now.
Khushi screams abeerr.. He hears her voice and runs back in the house.
Pratap says to Kartik Khushi and abeer are mingling with each other. Kartik says but there are problems. Pratpa says we should arrange a pooja. Kamini says tea is very good. Pratap says we should call pandit ji for pooja.

Precap-Abeer hits the thugs. One of them is about to stab Khushi but abeer comes in front of her. Kamini gets a call. She says what? Abeer has been stabbed? Khushi says abeer open your eyes please.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Show is going nice with nok jhok..
    Since 3 -4 days same precap, its better to show it soon and do not end in rush, otherwise show will end in rush….

  3. Wow last me abeer ne hug karne ke saath saath kya expression diya

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