Yeh Vaada Raha 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 5th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Merriment and festivities begin, while on the road, survi is stranded as her car breaks down, and she desperately tries for an auto to be able to drive her home. she is apalled as she stands alone on the road. they try to engage survi, and the gyrating dancer suggestively and leeringly moevs against kartik and he barely controls himself in his inebriated state. just then, survi comes in and finds him in such a compromising position. he composes hismelf, and is then shocked, and furthermore enraged to see her. tai is amused at the scene that is about to follow. he places his glas and then walks up to survi, and she tries to explain, but isnt able to sensing his anger. he takes her hand and drags her to the centre of the hall, and then eyes her with consternation. he then introduces them all,

saying that their wait is over, as his wife finally had the time to grace the function, and end their patient wait for her. tai is amused. When survi finally, returns, kartik mocks and sarcastically welcomes her in the party, that the much awaited person finally arrives and how they should welcome her. Survi is apalled to see this. he says that its his birthday but she seems to be the chief guest. she begs him to stop this. he asks her not to stop, as the pain is less, but his torment is more, and continues on his drunk and inebriated rant, as to how their marriage happened very weirdly. He says that he apologised several times, but she doesnt forgive, owing to principles, and that she is so angry, that she had to be reminded of his birthday, and came to the party too as a guest, late and pricey. he says that he learnt living is very easy. tai comes to him and asks him to stop this, as he is maligning the respect of the family. he asks her to understand his pain too, as survi always wins them emotionally by her tears. tai asks him not to speak like this, and he then asks survi, getting on his knees, and thanks her, in a mocking fashion, while she is mortified, as he says that this was his best birthday and asks if she is satisfied now. tai smiles evilly. He then collapses on the floor, but he asks them to leave him alone, as he knows how to get back after falling. he asks the guests that they too have met his wife, and that they should leave now, bidding them all goodnight. he then leaves for his room. Survi is apalled to see him like this. tai eyes her, with a vicious smile. She then apologises to them for his sake, and they all disperse casting comments at survi. tai taunts survi, while she is tensed. tai says that she wishes to celebrate her victory. survi leaves from there.

in their room, kartik rants on as to why she did so, and spoilt his birthday as he missed her terrily. survi comes and arranges the pillows underneath him. He drags her close, and shushes her, saying that he doesnt want explanations, and knows he is being punished for marrying her, and then pushes her away, saying that he hates her. she wishes that she could tell him the truth, but she has no clue whether he would be able to like her, after knowing about sakhi. Survi comes down and alighgts a diya, while tai comes mocking behind her. she turns around, and tai asks whats she upto now, as it isnt going to be of much use. Survi tells tai that people like her always underestimate the weaker people. tai says that she thoroughly enjoyed what kartik did to her, in the party. Survi says that she lights up at the lowest of things, but asks her to understand that she wont win the war, and asks if she can separate them by such minor things, as it isnt possible. she tells tai that kartik’s heart is a diamond, not glass, which is unbreakable. She says that she always felt that she was wrong in hiding the truth from tai. she tells tai determinedly, that before this akhand Jyoti douses, she shall get back with kartik, clearing all their misunderstandings. tai hears her tensedly. she tells tai that she has given kartik much pain, but not anymore, and within the next 48 hours, she would have tasted her first loss, and thats her promise to her. she sys that by the next 48 hours, kartik would be by her side, and against her, as she sides with the truth, while tai is on the side of deception, lies, betrayal and conspiracy. tai is enraged. The screen freezes on survi’s determined faces.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Thanks for the update Rimjhim, oh no misunderstanding between surthik hope survi can make karthik believe trust n support her

    1. Hey where is ur ff. Today is 6 Feb…

      1. Hey devil I forgot to inform I will update it on Monday as I was super busy

    2. watching new valentines promo ye to pata nahi lekin survi ya kartik kisis ki jaan ko khatra hai

  2. thanx tai aapke ye sab karane se survi ko ye to ehasaas hua ki tai se dushmani nibaate hue wo kartik aur rishte ke bich daraar la rahi hai aur wo kartik se jhoot bolakar koi galat kaam nahi kar rahi hai

  3. I hope survi leave n dont come back till kartik forgave her he need a damm reality check in his life

  4. Lovely episode. Happy tht Survi finally spoke up.

  5. Kartik only knows how to show off his anger with Survi. What happened to his promise to never to hurt her??! ?

  6. No preview

  7. Preview:
    Kartik finds birthday cake and card and realises survi has got all these to celebrate his birthday and he did a mistake.soon he gets call from person saying that kartiks car and person driving his car met with accident,kartik rushes( thinking that survi met with accident

  8. Finally survi realises that while fighting with tai she is ruining her married she will stop avoiding kartik.
    Next week will be ” pyar ki jeet”

  9. I like yeh vaada raha and i like karvi bat ladte huye aap dono bilkul bhi aache nahi lagte isliye aap dono apna jhagda katam kar diziye?

  10. I hope next week there will be more Kurvi love as survi realized there is no point of sabotaging her relationship with her husband for Tai. I was afraid kartik will think she doesn’t love him as she never expressed her feelings for him. So I’m happy survi will work on mending her relationship with her hubby. Can’t wait till next week ?

  11. I too hope they’ll be together soon…

  12. In the valentines new promo tai will kill survi or kartik .I think survi .

    1. What?????

  13. Hiii..guys….no one is giving up there own story….yar….i am wainting for that jaldi karo….aur aj to time hoga becoz aj sunday…..guys and i think suday….to sabi free time hota hai…to plzzzz guys..jaldi upadte karo wainting for u all guys …..and your story

  14. I Will publish my ff tomorrow as I was busy

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