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Yeh Vaada Raha 5th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
As her eyes trace back the water, she notices the belt of khushi’s frock sticking outside, and is aghast. she shows it to kartik, who is shocked too. they immediately get to opening it. she begs to the lord for saving her daughter. meanwhile khushi is unconscious inside, due to the cold, while her parents try everything within their means to get the door opened, thats locked, and the key thrown away. tai and pyare stand tensedly to see the outcome. While a mouse is roaming around the shelf, it accidentally nudges the key, and it falls on the ground, and survi observes it. she rushes to get it and give it to kartik, who hurriedly opens the fridge. they are aghast to see khushi having turned completely blue. they rush her to the hospital.

Tai and pyare are tensed after all are gone. he is tensed that she might be saved, but she says that khushi is dead. kishore rushes to get the doctor, but tai says that she shall go and get. he complies.

In the room, survi and kartik frantically tries to revive her, but he assures that he shall not let anything happen to her. she hopes that there isnt any pneumonia symptoms. when kishore comes, they ask for the doctor. he tells tai has gone. tai comes back after sometime with a doctor, and all lash as to who is this, and why did she get so late. tai cites traffic and monsoon. survi gives all the symptoms, and tai hears it intently. the doctor stands still. tai hopes that he would finish the plan successfully. survi asks him not to waste time, and get the checkup done. tai calms her down and asks her to allow the doctor to take care. she informs pyare to continue to prteend to be innocent. she says that the injection shall forever kill khushi. they are amused. she says that noone shall doubt them too. survi is boggled, as the doctor prepares the injection. he is about to insert it, while tai looks expectantly, when survi stops him at the last minute, and throws the injection away. all are shocked. survi asks what was he doing, and if he is in his senses, and asks him how could he not administer the injection properly. kartik asks what now, as the injection is broken now, and they shall have to get another one. tai too reprimands survi, what shall they do now. survi gets an idea, and then rushes to get a syringe and a vial of med, and herself gives the injection in her veins. tai watches frustrated, while pyare asks what now. she says tht by now khushi is hopefully already dead, and she has already won. MEanwhile, jatin comes with the inspector, vowing that whoever did this, wont be spared. survi thanks him for this. pyare asks why investigation is needed. jatin says that this is necessary, as they need to find who could do something so heinous with khushi. tai is tensed at jatin’s concern, wondering why the police had to be called. kishore takes the police, downstairs, saying that maybe they can identify the culprit, by the footprints. pyare and tai watch tensedly, as the police carries out the investigation. pyare tries to get jatin to focus on the condition of khushi rather than the investigation, but tai asks them to continue.

In the room, as kartik gets to go, survi holds him back by his hand. he turns around boggled, and she asks him if anything would happen to khushi. he denies, saying that nothing would happen to their khushi, and come what may, he shall find out who did this, and kill that person. he leaves, while she is devastated. he comes down and himself oversees the investigation and sample collection. one of the constables, find finger prints, and all are shocked. tai is scared. jatin says that the fingerprints shall show who did this from the family, since no outsider came in. tai asks why would someone do this. kartik asks jatin not to doubt his family. jatin says that he has valid point, and asks him to think logically. kartik again asks him to shut up, saying that noone can do that, in his family. jatin asks him to look at khushi’s condition and think about who might have done it. he says that if his family is innocent, then whats the point of not giving fingerprints. kishore sees his point, and asks everyone to comply, as noone from their family could do so. kartik complies, and egoistically asks him to start with their investigation. Kartik starts first with his fingerprints, and then others follow. Kartik leaves for the room. he asks survi if there is any improvement, and survi denies, saying that the body is still in cold state, and isnt warming, despite warm bandages. as they treat khushi, their hands meet, and anawkward yet romantic eyegaze follows.

Downstairs, lata is tensed, when kishore asks whats the matter. she says that ever since her arrival, khusi cast a bad omen on the family. jatin says that khushi is fighting for life, and yet they are luky, that he has decided dduring movies. jatin asks if she cares about her services, more than hulata says that she is deliberately misinterpreting her statement, as she feels for khushi, but she wont have anyone doubting her family. he says that he isnt doing so, but they need to find out who did this heinous task. tai asks lata to get done and be over with, so that they can prove their innocence.she takes her to sign. but before they can sign, a comstable, points out another self of finger prints. tai tyakes this chance to stealhily keep her fingerprints in the concerned box. before they can sign, all eyes turn towards the sound. lata recognises it as her chappal. all are shocked to hear this. Pyare smirks at tai, while she says that it vwas merely n accidental fluke, and tai too sits down to pray, openly talking about how people are in his fvour, and that she shall not eat till khushi gets awake. jatin says that he hs already talked to DC, who would further investigate on it, and till khushi gets conscious, he wont go anywhere. all are frustrated. he sits and refuses to budge saying that he shall not go with him, and says tht he shall finish up his incomplete work, til khushi doesnt get conscious. but inwards she hopes khushi never wakes up. In the room, Khushi is fervently taken care by survi and kartik, incessantly. Meanwhile, tai prays to the lord not to save this girl from facing my ire. The screen freezes on the child’s face.

Precap: Khushi eyes tai’s bracelet and recognises her as the person who did this to her. survi is shocked, while all others are shell shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Natasha mahase

    Yes,put Tai in jail,lol.

  2. I believe that tai will get away with it.

  3. Thanks for the update

  4. Jada

    That’s right Khushi ?? smart girl

  5. Tai cannot get away with it. She is evil to the core. She has to pay for her wicked deeds. Expose her. She should be put away for life.

  6. Nothing will happen, how can we forget it’s zee show and in a every shows of zee, bad only wins. Be it any series of zee

  7. I Believe that Tai as already been caught because we the audience know. Taiwan has to get caught the mPatiovie cannot go against the law of right and wrong.

  8. She won’t be caught ND even if she is Kartika will save his loving evil tai…most foolish man.

  9. Hey it’s been ages since I watched this serial. As far as I remember, survi was a final year medical student, so what’s with this leap and daughter and all? She doesn’t seem like a doctor, and once while watching I saw that kartik was asking survi to do some business deal with him. Can someone please fill in on what happened after kartik and survi got out of their house after giving away everything to tai? I don’t want that mad girl part, the one who is obsessive about kartik.

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