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Yeh Vaada Raha 5th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Suri is distraught and upset, as she enters in the house, and tells them of what meher did, and how she took away their kartik from them. lata and srikant are aghast. survi asks her to be calm and composed, bu this time, she wont spare meher at all. srikant is affected too. he says that she doesnt know where to search from. she lights a diya, and adds that the lord shall know and shall help them in finding their kartik. shanti comes and talks about how good her exam preparation is. survi decides to not tell shanti about it. shanti comes and asks about kartik, who gives her a good luck pen for her exams. survi asks her to go to her friend’s house for study, and when he comes back, she shall send him to her. just then, meher’s mother

comes in distraught. shanti is tensed. but survi sends her off. then granny talks about how meher has become a problem for her, and that even meher’s brother’s ph isnt going through. survi says that now its time, and its been enough, and she was letting her go, due to her psychological problem, but now she wont spare meher at all, as she attacked her husband, which she wont tolerate at all. meher’s detective keep an eye on them, listening to everything. she makes granny sit down, and then ties her up in ropes. granny is boggled. survi says that now she has kidnapped her, and till meher doesnt leave him, she wont leave her. the detective decides that she shall have to tell this to meher.

Scene 2:
Location: Taai’s residence
Kartik is totally unperturbed at being in his old house, as all are boggled, to see his carefree approach towards the kidnapping. HE pretends to be having a good time, and takes a nice break, from his hectic scheduleHE says that till the time survi doesnt find himm he can enjoy. meher says that survi wont be able to search him. he faces her and says that survi does what she sets her mind to, and bindu and hema are well aware of that. tai eyes him tensedly. He says that their love shall draw her here. tai says that meher’s passion is more than survi’s love and she too needs to understand that. he tells tai that she is easily betrayed always, as he isnt standing helpless here, and can go if he wants to, but he wont, as he is here to prove to them, that kidnapping wont make them get to buckle him down. Kartik asks meher if she actually thinks that survi would merely mourn over her and move on, as she would have already found a way to get to him. she tries to present herself as his true soulmate, and being the perfect girl for him, but he points out the depth survi’s love has, and the shallowness, her emotions rflect regarding him. he tells her that survi shall come and take him. she too takes the challenge, and he says that once survi reaches here, then she shall have to let him go. Meher asks what if she isnt able to find her, then would he agree that meher’s love for her is true. katik agrees and says that if its done, then he shall do whatever she says, but it wont happen, as many have tried, but noone has broken their relationship yet. meher says that she shall do it then, as she shall get him, as she loves him, and shall get him to don the vermillion on her forehead. she asks him to eat something, as its too late. he readily complies, and eats, while tai and her family stand irritated. after dinner, he says that till the time, he is here, he wishes to just relax. he gets to his old room, but tai reminds that its her room, and he shall sleep on the ground floor. he complains to meher, who demands to know the price of her house. tai thinks that she has gone mad. meher asks her to help, and then tells him to go up and rest, while she just comes. he complies, amused. then she instructs them to keep kartik comfortable here. she gets a call, and steps aside, so that her guy gives her the info. after he leaves, she turns to granny and apologises for behaving like that, but explains how she saw that man, and now would take his lead to get to kartik. she then leaves after that man.

Scene 3:
location: On the road
In the car, meher is shocked to know of granny’s kidnap, and says that she doesnt need kartik at the cost of losing granny. meher gets berserk and asks him to keep an eye on granny, as she would leave kartik straightaway. survi gets this chance to get in the dickey of meher’s car. meher then drives off. she tensedly continues her journey in the car. When the car stops, survi peeks ahead the dickey, slightly, but meher comes and places it back shut, eyeing it evilly. she asks survi how is she feeling, while survi is scared at having been found. she then talks about how hurt she is, that survi thought of meher as a fool. she then explains, how to get to kartik, she needed to understand her, and she knows she can give life, but not take it. she then adds that granny cant be kidnapped by her. Meanwhile, survi tries the phone. meher asks her to stop trying, as there are signal jammers in the car, that blocks anyone’s phone, whenever she wants. she asks survi to stop trying the phone, and download some game. survi says that if she can get to her, then she can get to kartik too. meher guffaws, and then says that she wont get to kartik, as he is only meher’s. she says that she can get this car in an accident, bvut she wont do it, as if she does it, then he wont ever forget her, and she doesnt need his hatred, but love. she says that survi needs to stop interfering, as tonight, she shall unite herself with him, at all levels, come what may. The driver gets inside the car, and meher instructs him, not to cause survi any trouble, and get her back home safely. she then taunts survi and wishes her a goodbye, while survi frantically beats the inside of the dickey, so that she be let out. The car drives off, and in the middle of the road, the driver opens the dickey, and she steps out, and wonders what to do and where to go, as she has to find him tonight anyhow, to save her marriage. The screen freezes on her distraught face.

Precap: While kartik is in an inebriated state, meher comes dressed in saree, so that he mistakes her for survi, and then romances and tries to seduce him, while he resignedly complies, not realising whats happening. Meanwhile, Survi and srikant forcibly enter inside the main door. they rush to the room, and find meher trying to seduce him. survi shoves her away, and she falls on the stairs, and then tumbles down the stairs, as she lands at the foot of the stairs. all are shocked. tai’s family too gathers up, and are shocked to see all this. Meher sustains a heavy wound on her head.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. way to go, Survi ❤️‍
    this female character is so shameless..her entire existence is foul..never came across such a character like hers. this kind of character shouldn’t be encouraged/promoted. i know they have to create twists to keep the show on the track but this kind of plot involving mentally ill patient and she’s doing whatever she wanna do like the other ppl lives are nothing shouldn’t be something presentable. Dear Mr. Writer, please don’t cross so many lines…and no relationships are house of cards and can’t be easily blown away, ok? just try to be more realistic #peaceout

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