Yeh Vaada Raha 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 4th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
as survi and the entire family is thrown out, they are apalled and tensed as to what to do. a distraught and grieving Lata apologises to survi, while she asks her not to as they shall get te family back. kishore asks her to know where shall they go right now, as thats a priority. the guard asks them all to come in their house, as he has been indebted to kartik for long. they are overwhelmed with gratitude.

Inside, tai finds the men celebrating, and joins in too. then she excuses herself to talk to someone on the phone. krishna finds her going to the lord, challenging him, that she did win and did what she had to do, despite him trying hard to stop her. she says that she won and he lost, yet she bows down to him. she does the tilak,

and then sits with them, celebrating with alcohol. she compliments krishna that she could win because of him. vikram points out how he is demanding money. tai is in good mood and starts dancing. krishna gets lata’s call and is about to cancel it, after hearing the name. lata asks krishna not to cancel the call, and meet him once, and he can do whatever he wants after that. he cancels and lata is distraught. Later, pyare is surfing through alcohol in the drawer, when he hears a voice from the window. he opens the window and finds hema there, asking him to take her back and apologises for the mistake. he says that this is survi’s new trap, and he wont fall for it. she says that she knew he wouldnt believe her, and hence brought proof. she shows pyaare how krisha and lata talk, but from a distance so that he doesnt understand the dialogues. hema takes the entire video. pyare watches as hema skids off.

Meanwhile, krishna meeta lata resignedly, as she again apologises, and trying to make him understand her point of view. he says that what she did was perfect. pyare wonders what are they talking. krishna meanwhile lashes out at lata for having made his expectations so stringent. she asks him not to forgive as she doesnt deserve it anyways, as she understands his pain and she may have lost her, but despite frantic search, she couldnt find him. she had faith in the lord, and that she is okay if he doesnt forgive her ever. hema takes it on video, as lata blesses while krishna gets down to pick up the flower which falls from lata’s plate accidentally. he lashes at her that he shall never forgive her, and never consider her his mother. hema sends the video to pyare who decides to show it to tai. Pyare and tai see on the phone, the video clip, that show the two of them canoodling, and how krishna is emotional and apologetic outside to lata, so that he can buy time, to get sigantures from tai. they are shocked to hear this. Meanwhile, survi thinks as to how she got the inspector to leave kartik, for 24 hours, in which she gets the fabricated video recording, or kartik talking to lata posing as krishna. just then, krishna comes, and tai asks what was he talking with his mother. krishna casually waives it off. while they talk, someone shadow lurks in the distance. she discusses with pyare as to how he is along with his mother, and finally decides to kill him in the night, as she is enraged at hs betrayal. as vikram and krishna go out. she sends pyare off to search for the papers in the room. but vikram and krishna return back. krishna is about to go to the room. but tai doesnt allow them to go off just like that and gives him much more drinks, so that they get distracted. krishna says that he isnt in the mood, as he wishes to retire for the night now. he says that he is tired, and insists. but tai tries to stop him back. just then, the guard comes with a banjara, who are actually survi and kishore, trying to get some work. while they are totally in character, tai is merely focussed on buying more time. when Pyare comes and gives her the thumbs up, she complies, and gets them recruited. krishna retires. vikram in a mood to drink is also abruptly sent off by tai, as her purpose is solved.

Later, at night krishna retires for the night, and puts his phone on charging, without realising that someone has kept the circuit open, with live wire. Krishna is about to touch the charger with live wire, the maid comes and stops him, saing that she brought him milk, narrating its importance. he says that he doesnt want it. she accidentally spills some on the pyjama and leaves hastily for the bathroom. survi starts searching in the room. while her search. she finds the live wire of the charger. she remembers hema telling them about pyare’s plan to kill krishna as instructed by tai. Krishna comes back and tries to send her out of the room, she resignedly complies. Meanwhile tai and pyare are wishful that soon krishna shal be dead. she too fumes that he met this only because he double crossed her. meanwhile, just as he is about to touch the mobile, survi switches off the lights. he turns them back on. she comes in on some pretext, and points out the live wire right next for charging. he is shocked too. she also informs that she saw pyare coming out of the room, before he went in, and asks if he only did it. The screen freezes on her face, as he is shocked to hear this.

Precap: As tai is having breakfast with pyare, krishna comes and starts reprimanding her, for trying to be oversmart to kill her. he tells that when she was being oversmart, and waiting for his death. he had stealthily crept in her room and gotten her signature on the property papers. she gets enraged and raises her knife at him. he reciprocates with his pistol, and pyare too draws his out, and points it at him. vikram has one pointed at pyare. just then, survi comes and starts clapping, taunts them that she should tell them that the property papers have rightly been transferred to kartik. they are shocked. Tai is aghast.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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