Yeh Vaada Raha 4th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 4th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence and on the road
Survi asks the ladies to let lata be, as she isnt at fault. the ladies say that she has done the wrong of producing this monster thats kartik. They are surprised. Survi is tensed. Vishakha comes and hugs her, while she vehemently protests against them doing this to lata, and dares them to stop now. tai and bindu amusedly narrate the rehearsed lines that they have taught and told vishakha to repeat which she does. tai is amused at this brilliant acting. She turns to lata and says that she is here and she wont allow this to happen to her, as they have no right to do this. she begts the ladies to get lost from there. The ladies are shocked. Vishakha reprimands them for not knowing anything and pre-judging, and they all leave hastily.

Survi and kartik are tensed. Vishakha laments as to whats happening and goes on a guilty rant, that its due to her, that they have to face this, and its best that she died, or else this wouldnt have befallen the house. she turns to him and apologises profusely, that she was svaed by him, and she could only give him insult and humiliation in return. she begs for forgiveness. survi is disgusted by her facade. she turns and begins to leave, ans tai predicts that he shall stop her, and just like that, he calls out to her, to vishakha and tai’s amusement. she turns around, with her pretense face. with teary eyes, he comes upto her and says that what happened today wasnt their fault, and that they both have suffered enough, and that what happened to lata cant be forgotten and this shall always stay with him, and asks how can he leave her alone in this pain. he says that he doesnt know who did this and why, but where they are standing, its not easy to turn back, and this incident has forever bonded them to each other. tai and bindu are amused. Kartik asks vishakha that she had asked him who shall hold her hand now, and much to everyone’s surprise, he says that he shall hold her hand and be with her. vishakha smiles evilly and looks at survi, who is shocked and outraged. lata too is surprised. Bindu and hema are amused and victorious, and rejoice. she says that she played this to play this game. Bindu commends her traps, and she believes in her now. They are amused at suvir’s plight. she turns to him and asks whats he saying as he cant do this. he tells her that he has no other choice, and vishakha smiles evilly. he says that he cant see her life being ruined. she says that its his life that shall be ruined. But he is insistent, and she continues to ask him to understand that this is a wrong decision, as she wont let him marry vishakha. Vishakha says that survi is right, as long lasting relations cant be based on compromise, and that its better that she leaves, leaving him in peace and that soon people shall forget about it. But he insist that this shall not happen, and even if unintentional, he is the reason for her insult, and he shall penance for that too. Survi asks how can he do this. he angrily tells her that his decision is final. All are shocked and tensed, while vishakha smiles. he then turns to lata who is still dazed and gets overwhelmingly emotional and hugs her, while she too cries out bitterly. Vishakha eyes survi and smiles. he takes lata inside, along with pyare, while survi and vishakha remain. vishakha taunts her about what just happened, despite her valiant efforts. she says that she wants to tell that she has kept the fast and in return she got a husband and that too a millionaire. she guffaws while survi is shocked. Vishakha has the last laugh as she reminds her that she cant win over her. She goes in. tai comments to bindu that survi thought she was exposing her, but didnt know that it was her gameplan all along, to trap survi the way they want to. they both smile. she says that survi kept making mistake, and finally the result came that she wanted. Tai says that noone can win over her, as now he shall marry vishakha.

Inside, vishakha tells kartik that she shall take lata inside and get her cleaned up. survi is tensed. tai descends down too. survi goes to tai and asks her to explain to him that he is doing wrong, while tai hears tensedly. she pretends not to know, and when she knows of the marriage, she is shocked. survi insists that she make him understand. tai tells that she and him gave her a chance, to prove against vishakha, but she couldnt anything. tai says that she feels she needs to apologise, as survi placed her in hot waters. She then goes to vishakha and begs for an apology and forgiveness, as lata is brought out by her again. vishakha asks whats she doing, as she should bless her instead. tai gets emotional and hugs her, while both smile evilly. tai praises her and her manners. She then turns to lata and asks how is she, as she faced bad, and asks her to let be, as its good that they got a bahu out of this whole fiasco. they are all tensed. Vishakha comes to him, and says that its his life decision, and asks him to think, as there’s no compulsion. lata comes and says that noone needs to think or say anything, as kartik’s decision is right and they shall be with him, and that she didnt know her bahu would come like this, but its the lord’s will. survi again says that its not right, as it isnt lord’s will, as he cant let anyone be wronged. All are surprised. she tells lata too to believe her, and again tries to convince, but finally he stands up and says that its enough, for the first time raising his voice against her, saying that he wont stand another word. Bindu, hema and tai are amused. he says that what had to be proved is done, and what had to be decided is done too, hence her talks are in vain, and asks her to get lost. survi is shocked, while tai and others are amused. Tai comes to her defence, but he vents out his anger on her, saying that she is crossing limits now. Survi is apalled and retreats back, while he fumes angrily. she rushes to her room.

In her room, survi is in bitter tears remembering his ire and his bitter words, the door is knocked. she composes herself and then he walks in. She faces him sadly yet sternly. he comes upto her, and then asks if she felt bad, and then apologises for it, as he didnt want to hurt her, and asks her to understand why he did what he did. She asks him to do what he feels right as its his life, and she doesnt wish to talk to him. She begins to go, while he asks how can she be angry for such a minor scolding, and asks if he doesnt have that much of a right. she says that she isnt angry at his scolding, but is upset that he is playing with his life. He is boggled. she says that he is very nice, and he feels all are nice like him, andhence without thinking, he takes hasty decisions, but hasty decisions come with rash results, which is happening to him. she says that noone has seen vishakha’s betrayal, as she doesnt care if she is believed or not, but it matters that even he doesnt trust her. she asks him to answer straight, if he trusts her. he says that he does. she begs for a chance, as she knows vishakha’s motives arent right, as she pretends to be innocent, and if she comes in his life, his life shall be ruined and she wont let it happen. He is frustrated and boggled too. she continues to try and convince him, and keeps pleading for a last, final chance. She says that he did so much for her, and even after knowing, she wont let him take the wrong path and shall expose him. he is frustrated. but for her sake, he resignedly gives in and says that he gives her a chance, but then demands a promise, that if she is not able to prove vishakha wrong, then she would never doubt her again. She places her palm in his, and promises him again. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Survi comes and finds vishakha in kartik’s room, while his back is turned towards her, and it seems that she is getting intimate with him, and survi is disgusted, whereas actually vishakha is just stitching a button on his shirt. Survi gets the wrong idea.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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