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Yeh Vaada Raha 4th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Durga and Kartik see Pyaare and Bindu hugging each other. Durga says my god. Everyone comes out and they are shocked. Tai was going to Bindu and Pyaare, but Kartik stops her. He then goes to Pyaare and grabs his collar saying how dare he. Tai was going, but Durga stops her saying Kartik’s anger may not spare her. Hema leaves from there. Durga sends Tai behind her. Kartik drags Pyaare outside and beats him up like crazy saying he trusted him and gave his sister’s hand in his. He destroyed his family’s happiness. He has crossed all his limits. Bindu keeps trying to stop Kartik. Hema comes in her way and gives her a tight slap. She asks her since when this is going? She couldn’t find anyone that she destroyed her sister’s house. She snatched away her husband. It would have

been if she was a widow. Meanwhile, Kartik drags Pyaare out of the house. Hema tells Bindu that she’s disgusted calling her sister. She leaves.

Now Tai scolds Bindu and she raises her hand at her, but Bindu blocks it. Tai and everyone else is shocked. Bindu tells Tai it was her who added wrong stuff in Kishor’s mind, it was because of her he left house. Did she ever think what she was going through? She never tried to look for Kishor. She never cared for her and never had time. It was Pyaare who took care of her. She tells Kishor, he too ran away without thinking about his wife. If Kishor is forgiven, then why not her? She agrees she went on wrong path, and it’s ok if they don’t forgive her. It would be better to leave this house instead living there like a criminal. She leaves from there.

Tai asks Kartik what happened. She never thought in her dreams Bindu would do anything like this. Kartik blames Tai for everything. She never stopped or said anything to her children. She agreed to all their demands. But she never taught them difference between right and wrong. They learned from her how to show authority on what’s not theirs. He blames Tai for his sisters’ conditions today and then say look at Survi, she lost her mother at early in childhood, but she took care of herself and her family very well. With hard work, she provided treatment to her dad and studied as well. She not only saved one life, but many other lives. She treated mother when she came to this house, and took Shanti’s responsibility as well. But what did Tai do? He further says her parvarish was wrong. He never forced house responsibility on her. She just had one responsibility to take care of children and she couldn’t become a good mother. Tai is shaken. He says he will never forgive her for what happened today. He leaves. Tai also leaves in shock.

Kishore tells Survi finally Kartik saw true side of Tai. And Survi proved that Tai is not a great mother, she couldn’t even take care of her children. One chapter is over. Survi puts sindhoor in her forehead and does arti of Ganpati bappa. Survi says nothing happens by finishing one chapter. She still has a long way to go. She has to remove Tai’s mask completely. She became Durga only to expose Tai. Tai did very wrong when she became Sakhi. Kishor asks her how she knew Tai would do a mistake. Survi says when someone feels no one can beat them, that is when they do most mistakes. She further says, she purposely smiled at Tai when leaving the house. She was waiting for Tai to make one mistake and that’s what she did. That is why she told Kishor to keep an eye on Tai. Then it’s shown that Kishor was present there when Tai put fire on Survi and he saved her. Whatever Tai has been doing with her family is not right. Tai forced her to become Durga. She left no option. Next day, she had fake shooting there and refused to work with Tai as she knew Tai won’t believe easily that she is not Survi. She then tells him all her plans from coming to home, fighting with Kartik, and trapping Tai to believe her. After that, Bindu still had doubt and she kept coming to her room. That is why she had to avoid Kartik. Tai and her children did many wrong things, but Tai forgot when a woman is helpless, when her family and husband are at risk, she can do anything because her weakness and helplessness become her biggest strength. She can take Durga’s avatar to save her family. With Durga’s blessings, she was able to do all this.

She further says she hurt Kartik a lot because of Tai, but not anymore. Tai sworn to make Kartik’s property on her name in 3 days. Today 2nd day is about to over. Today a new chapter will begin. Kartik will come to know about Tai’s truth. Tomorrow on Maha Shivratri day, she will expose Tai in front of everyone.

Precap: Tai tells Survi that Kartik and this family will never forget this Maha Shivratri. She cuts her hand and throws blood on her face and says, she will come in Maa Kaali’s avatar. Survi is terrified.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Today’s episode one thing I liked was Karthik giving that Tai a piece of mind and I hope at least that Hema becomes positive. And precap is shocking but nowadays no surthik scenes so sad πŸ™

  2. There was a surthik scene yesterday! But Survi was avoiding Karthik, so we couldn’t enjoy it!!! Hope to see some more scenes in the upcoming days!!!!

  3. nice episode…finally Kartik has come back to his senses! what a relief to hear someone calling Survi “Survi” again…What if someone was eavesdropping on Survi and Kishore conversation?! Pls pls let Survi win this time…she’s been through so much, poor Survi. let Kartik join Survi in this fight..they’re better together against each other ✌

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