Yeh Vaada Raha 4th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 4th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Survi and kartik are both nervous and excited at the samer time, at the realisation of their new found love, but both tight lipped about it. They step out of the car. he then decides to drape his jacket around her to keep her warm, as they sit around the bonfire. she starts shivering due to the cold, and he is amused, as he takes off his jacket and drapes it on her. she smiles. they both look lovingly at each other, when the other isnt looking. They then go to a tea stall, and while sipping tea, By the bonfire, kartik tells survi, that he shall come to her house with lata, to ask for her hand from srikant, signalling of their impending marriage. she shyly smiles and complies. they then drive off.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence

enters in his house, all basking in his new romance with survi, as he remembers his intimate moments with her. he collides into shanti, and they engage in a sibling banter, while lata is happy, to have such cheer in the house after a long time. he hesitatingly brings up the topic of getting someone to take care of lata, now, while she and shanti are amused at his hesitation. he is asked to speak clearly. he is about to do so, when they hear tai’s screaming voice, asking how dare he try that. They are all boggled, and rush upstairs, to find tai angrily reprimanding aniket in front of others, while all others watch tensedly. She continues to ask how dare he do this, while he says that he continues to and shall always love the girl who he hates. Kartik is boggled. Kartik tries to hard to struggle them apart, as tai lunges at aniket’s throat. he asks whats the matter. tai blurts out that aniket loves survi and wishes to marry her. He is shocked and stunned tears stream down his cheeks, as he finds his dream,s being shattered, to make way for his brother’s happiness. Aniket meanwhile contionues to point out how survi and srikant arent at fault for what happened 12 years back, and that its time they ended their enemity. Tai is enraged, while lata amusedly points to tai, not to take any adverse step, as aniket might end up doing soemthing rash. tai fumes all the more. Kartik meanwhile is stunned. Aniket resolves that he wont budge from his decision and storms off. Tai goes off too, and all disperse, leaving behind kartik and his broken dreams.

Tai, in her room, is frustrated and shaking with anger, when lata comes in amusedly, chiding with her, that such is the irony,. that now she cant even kill her own son, for loving survi, and she shall have to get her as the daughter in law of the house, and bear her every second, every minute, day in and eday out for the rest of her life, beside the apple of her eye. tai is enraged. lata continues that this is her suitable punishment that she dies bearing this retaliation from her own son. she hands her alcohol saying that she shall need this more than ever now, and then leaves. tai is left speechless.

Scene 3:
Location: Survi and kartik’s residence
Survi too continues to absentmindedly cut veggies in remembrance of kartik, and cuts her hand. srikant immediately gets her first aid, asking her how shall she manage her marital house, when she runs her own family, and she shys remembering kartik’s proposal. she shyly tells him thatlata and kartik shall come tomorrow to talk to him, regarding something. he innocently asks what. she shys away and says that she doesnt know, and before he can respond, she runs inside, blushing. He is boggled.

Inside, simran catches her absent mindedly gazing at the nightsky, and then teases her of being in love, and asks her to spill everything, while survi blushes and continues to deny. but simran sees the truth, and then asks her to bare her heart out to her beloved, before its too late, as matters like these shouldnt be delayed. survi thinks but on the front, says that its nothing like that. Simran says that she leaves by early morning flight tomorrow for her shoot, and when she returns she wants to hear the full story. survi complies, and wishes her goodnight. survi is set to thinking yet again about kartik. just then, her phone, rings with kartik’s call. she shyly responds, while he is pained to hear her voice, at the present reality. he asks if she can meet him now, as he cant wait till morning, when she suggests that they are meeting the next day. She misconstrues that this might be because he is impatient to bare his feelings for her, as he cant wait for one more day and is amused. he meanwhile barely controls his tears, and asks her to be ready as he comes to pick her up, as its urgent that they talk today. She complies, shyly smiling.

Meanwhile, pyare comes and instigates tai as to what shall happen if aniket marries survi. Tai says that lata is right that she cant kill her own son, but she cant let this marriage to happen too, and swears that she shall do whatever it takes to stop the marriage. She says that from tomorrow, the world will see a never seen side of tai. The screen freezes on her enraged face.

Precap: As survi confronts kartik, waiting for his confession of love, with teary eyes, kartik spills out that he cant spoil his brother’s happiness, and be happy at the cost of his brother’s life. He tells her how aniket has fallen in love with her, and wants to marry her. he begs her to accept the proposal of aniket for his behalf. Survi is shocked and taken aback, and is too stunned to react. she then shoves him away, and retreats into a corner, while kartik himself is distraught and frustrated at the latest turn of events. She is aspalled by his betrayal.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Go Tai Go! This time I with u :v Do whatever u want but stop this marriage at any cost, I m supporting u ^_^ I thought lata will do sometp to stop this marriage but she is as like as her son ! & i know at last Survi will also agree on that marriage as she never can refuse what Karthik says, So there is no hope from Karthik,lata,Survived, If any one can do something it is our Tai :v so I m now at Tai’s group 😀 friends did u anyone see Tai’s new look?It’s horrible! She shaved her head & becomes bald!!!Really terrific. If Tai stop this marriage somehow than Karthik will marry Survi.

  2. Thank you very much for the updates BlackSwan…

  3. Rimjhim

    sorry guya for the delayed update….enjoy reading…!!!!!1

    1. No problem rimjhim. Anyway thanks

  4. Tai pls stop d marriage

  5. ahhh I was w8ing for the update from yesterday………… ahhh its too amazong show…. loved it!!

  6. aniket is dum i hate him very much
    aniket isnt cute at all while on the
    other hand kartik is so cute i hope
    survi doesnt accept anikets proposal
    i hate aniket he has a funny face

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