Yeh Vaada Raha 4th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 4th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Survi gets tensed at tai’s accusation and tries to justify, but she says that it isnt needed, as she isnt an idiot, and that she sjhould be careful of what she is doing, as her eyes shall be on her to see what she is upto. Survi tries to talk to her, but tai is beyond reprieve. Tai asks her to be careful. She tells her that there are two patients, and she is here to take care of them only, and not for any ulterior motive, and asks her to stick to that itself. She silently complies. tai angrily sends her off, and she leaves tensedly. survi remembers kartik’s stinging words, and simi’s excitement, and is thoroughly distraught. she hears his voice, telling her that he likes to see her tensed like this, a strange relief and awkwardness,

and then also informs that he isnt coming to her house tonight, as the lead heroine has called him and he shall have to go there. She is apalled. he then asks her to give the news to her sister too, and then asks her to make her sister understand that he doesnt like hearing no, and what he has thought for her, if simi refuses then her career is finished, and he wont let her have any other films too. she is shocked and asks why is he doing so. He asks if she ever thought before doing what she did. she asks whats she done. he says that the opinion that he has of her, was wrong, and that he knows what her real motive of being here is. She stands tensed, facing him.

Scene 2:
Location: Simi’s and kartik’s residence
Simi’s mother is overjoyed while her brother is distraught to know that kartik shall come here. She immediately gets conscious about the house, and then her brother asks her to relax, as he knows of their background. simi asks how shall be the party, and they start bearing dreams about their future. They credit this all to survi. He is shocked to find that srikant has heard it. They are all tensed of his reaction. he asks if this means that survi is working at kartik’s place. All are tensed.

Later, Survi gets srikant’s call, and gets tensed. he asks her to pick it, while she hesitates. he takes it and finds that its her father and then says that he shall talk to her father and ask about his health. As he speaks, srikant is shocked to hear his voice, and pretends to cough. He comments to her, that maybe her father didnt like his voice, and then walks out. he then asks survi, when she talks into the phone, how could she go back to kartik’s house, and if she forgot her promise, and how coluld she keep this hidden from him. she says that she shall come and explain. He asks her to explain.

In the evening, simi’s mother attends to all guests, glaoting with pride. Her brother is amused at their adventure and excitement. he finds simi getting nervous, and asks why is she tensed, of srikant knowing about survi’s job. Simi’s mother continues to gloat and pride about her acting, when survi enters and wonders how to tell simi about her changed role, and how kartik wont be coming too. She then gets to simi, who is busy being congratulated by all, while survi tries to get to talk to her. just then, srikant comes and asks survi for sometime. She tries to ignore him, but simi asks her to attend to him first. she complies and goes in with him. he asks why she did this. She says that she had no other option left. His coughing increases profusely, and she gives him water, apalled to see him like this. He says that for 8 years, they have been bad, so that nothing wrong befalls him, and he is happy, and today after all these years, the chjapter starts again and reminds him of tai’s behaviour, when she finds the truth. Survi explains how she was forced to sell the earrings, but she couldnt due to lata’s condition and tells about her condition. he asks what happened to her, shocked to know this. she says that she doesnt know, but knows that in these 8 years, he holds her responsible for lata’s condition. He is surprised, and asks whats she done. he says that he is tensed for her, as to what kartik and tai shall do to her.Srikant is tensed to know that kartik is coming and what if, even if he doesnt meet her, someone tells him. she tells him that kartik isnt coming. She asks him not to worry, as he shall not come, and that she wanted simi to know this only. she says that once she finds him laughing back yet again, she would go back again. She tells him to come along, and then takes him to his room. Just then, kartik comes and sees them going, and is shell shocked to know that simi and survi are the same. He finds simi, survi and her mother and srikant talking tensedly, with venomous rage. simi’s mother points to srikant, that its all set. survi says that she wishes to speak, but her mother gets up, as to how due to simi aka survi, her daughter could land the role. Survi blurts out that kartik isnt going to come. they are shocked. Survi explains that he told her earlier only, that he wouldnt come. Kartik enters with his producer, while survi and srikant are shocked. The crowd gathers upto him. kartik enjoys their plight. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Kartik swears in the car, and asks her to be prepared and get ready, as from this day forth starts the torment, that would measue upto every pain and wound that she gave them. he says that he shall make her a living dead too, just like lata. he drives the car right upto her, as she stands in the middle of the road, and ultimately strikes her with it, as she lets out a scream.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. This cannot just happen,i thought kartik lives survi den how can he just kill her

  2. Where is 3rd December written update ah?

  3. Has anyone here seen Aashiqui 2? If yes… then u must know what happens due to alcohol addiction… people become too much emotional and sometimes loses their mental balance…. that’s what happening to Kartik.. I know,he’s nominated for best beta in Zee Rishtey Awards… why? For the desire for killing Survi? I don’t know if he will win this award this year… but he will win this award only when he kills his sweetheart and dear Tai for his mother…

  4. plzz unite surtik (survi n kartik)

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