Yeh Vaada Raha 4th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Kartik says that maybe survi did this to khushi, while she vehemently denies, that survi had anything to do with it. he asks her to forget as he doesnt care what she does, but agree that he is her father. she tries to blurt out, while he shushes her and narrates the rant of how they have been away from each other, and tells that survi lives here as a compromise, and is trying to instigate her against him, and asks her not to get in her talks. he doesnt listen to what she is trying to say, and insists that he loves her. he thanks the lord, for giving him back his daughter. she finds that he isnt willing to listen to the truth, and that survi shall have to be told. tai and pyare stand tensed.

In her room, survi talks to jatin hurriedly,

and he understands that she is tensed, as she always blabbers when tensed. he asks if khushi is okay. she says that she is concerned for khushi, as kartik can go to any lengths to get her, and she might unintentionally get hurt. he asks her not to worry, as everything shall be alright, and assures that he shall come to meet them both tomorrow. after she cancels the call, khushi comes to her, but survi too tries to make her brush and put her to sleep. but khushi says that she wishes to talk, and that kartik is her father. tai listens from the door. khushi tells about the tampering of reports, and tai is aghast to hear this. she says that kartik being her father, she shall address him as father. survi is shocked, wondering what did kartik fill in her mind, but she assures khushi that the truth is that she is her daughter, and noone else’s and asks her to believe. khushi is disappointed and leaves. Later, in her room, while working on the laptop, survi is tensed by what khushi told her, and paces nervously and finally goes out looking for her.

Later in the night, when khushi prays to the lord, tai and pyare wonder how she got to know. he is tensed thinking that now she shall soon be pivotal in uniting her parents. but she says that she is sure that wont happen, as she shall herself get rid of this girl. Tai swears in front of pyare, that she shall again make khushi the reason why they separated as they did seven years back. while khushi is obliviously praying, and talking to the lord, tai leaves and comes to her from behind. khushi is very optimistic about living together. suddenly the lights go off, and she decides to go to her room, as its getting late. she blindfolds khushi, and gagging her, she forcibly puts her inside the refrigerator, with pyare’s help, with tied hands and legs, and then cools the fridge to the maximum and then locks it from outside, and throws the key away. they both are amused. but before they can escape out, survi comes and loiters in the drawing room. khushi struggles inside the refrigerator. they are shocked. survi instinctively feels something and turns to look in the kitchen, while pyare and tai duck unerneath a drawer and hope for safely being out. survi wonders why the lights are off, and turns the fuse back on, and the lights come back. she stands boggled, as she is nervous and tensed and then leaves. tai and pyare are relieved.

In kartik’s room, survi finds him drinking away, and taunts him by clapping, and asks if this is the example he wishes to set in front of her daughter. he says that today he drinks in happiness, as his daughter addressed him as father. she discards it saying that she must have misunderstood. he is sure that khushi shall come to her, and he wont let her get away. she snatches the glass away and throws it. he is enraged. they both confront each other. she accuses him of instigating her daughter against her, and that she shalle xpose him infront of khushi, and the judge too, and then he shall get what he rightfully desrves. he silences and lashes at her, branding her a liar. she denies and says that she neednt prove anything, and decides to go and ask khushi. she asks him not to drag her. he says that he shall go to talk to her, while she screams at khushi not to come here. he gags her and then calls her again. they both keep screaming for her, but khushi isnt able to respond, due to the duct tape on her mouth.

In her room, tai drinks away with pyare happily. she hears kartik’s voice calling for khushi and is tensed. but is sure that they wont get to know where khushi is. meanwhile survi and kartik search around frantically. they start getting tensed. tai and pyare arrive too. when survi turns around and she notices khushi’s footsteps, of mud stained shoes, and kartik too and is shocked. tai and pyare are tensed, as they recognise that its tai’s sandalwear. they are boggled as to where they lead, and find that it ends at tai. they look at her while she stands tensed. they go and start tracing the footsteps back. the entire family gets together. they all start searching together. meanwhile survi spots the chappals by the temple. she shows it to kartik. they all get to searching yet again, but in vain. pyare tries to speak something, but tai stops him. survi gets berserk, while kartik says that he wont let anything happen to khushi. they hear khushi’s muffled screams, and wonder where the noise is coming from. they search around. meanwhile the socket starts short circuiting containing the plug that is connected to the fridge. when they dont find her, they decide to call the police. survi finds water in the kitchen, and asks hema about it, who gets to cleaning it. survi gets boggled. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: As her eyes trace back the water, she notices the belt of khushi’s frock sticking outside, and is aghast. she shows it to kartik, who is shocked too. they immediately get to opening it. she begs to the lord for saving her daughter. meanwhile khushi is unconscious inside, due to the cold, while her parents try everything within their means to get the door opened, thats locked, and the key thrown away. tai and pyare stand tensedly to see the outcome.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Today tai’s scene n expression ws very nice…I loved the funny way she acted….
    Kushi shud find d truth…she shud be like her mom,brave and hopeful…

  2. How can tai be so evil?? Hurting an innocent kid! They need to bring and end of this tai drama!!!

  3. Wat the hell is wrong with tai to hurt a child like dat

  4. Better zee TV can promote this serial than that useless kkb serial

  5. indera sanichara

    So cruel is what Indian soap is showing to the world. Oh my god I am scared of people in India, they have a one track mind when it comes to hurting people.

  6. What stupidity is this? Is this a joke? I thought they were potraying tai to be some super cunning woman who’s very very intelligent. But what do we see here? Tai locking Khushi in the refrigerator. What was she planning on doing after Khushi died? Put that human popsicle on her bed and say she doesn’t know what happened? This is just ridiculous. Also, why wasn’t anyone with Khushi? Wasn’t she just discharged from the hospital? They always keep fighting for rights over Khushi but no one is ready to fulfil the responsibility of taking care of Khushi?

  7. Tai attempted worse things on survi when she was a child…this is to show the power of Ganapati baba….khushi did go to him before being put in the refrigerator…

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