Yeh Vaada Raha 4th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 4th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
all are shocked as meher comes back with the groom and his family. meher tells him that she heard about them rejecting shanti. they are extremely apologetic and immediately accept shanti as the bahu of their house. the family is boggled. lata goes to meher and thanks her, and blesses her. she says tht she didnt do anything, as money speaks a lot, as 50 lakhs made them change their decision. they are shocked, while the family is mortified, and adds that this is the least she could do, as a wedding gift, as after all shanti is her sister in law. all are shocked and aghast. Srikant asks whats this. meher says that his troubles are over, and she shall take everyone’ responsibility as they shall marry shanti with much pomp. kartik wrenches her

hand, while she tries to speak, but he asks her to shut up, or else, he shall lose control. he then tells the groom and his family, that its good that their true self is exposed, and they should get lost. the mother tries to speak, but he says that he respects ladies, and doesnt want to do anything untoward, and hence asks them to go, as their daughter and sisters arent for sale. the groom leaves with the family. meher asks kartik what did she do. Kartik slaps meher tight across her face, while all are shocked. he asks who is she that she gave herself the permission to meddle in his family’s affairs. he says that he had told her to never step foot inside the house ever again, and asks her to get lost. she eyes him sternly, while all others stand tensedly. meher finally leaves, glancing back once, while he is in a fit of rage.

Later, kartik goes to cheer up shanti, who is in distress and is crying uncontrollabl. lata and shanti watch at the door. he manages to cheer her up, convincing her tht she is perfect while she is demoralised, and they get to teasing each other. survi too joins in, vying for shanti’s attention, and they have a cheerful banter. He aplogises for having brought this guy out of the blue, and then promises that he shall get her a guy, who looks at her happiness and overlooks her shortcomings, even if he has to sacrifice his biggest happiness. Just then, raghu comes in with an offer of a job in hyderabad, and they are tensed firt, but then consider it a good oppurtunity. survi says that she too shall try to find a job in the same firm. Meanwhile, someone sees them and hears their conversation from behind the curtain.

Scene 2:
Location: Meher’s residence
Meher’s granny asks her where she went. she lies that she went for her friend’s surprise party. but granny sees through her lies, and asks if she went to kartik’s house. but meher connivingly manages to deceive her, even when granny asks her to swear it and tries all possible means to get to the truth. finally, granny reluctantly agrees hat she isnt lying, and then asks her to come along to the temple with her. but she asks her to go, as she has to go to the office for pending work. Granny leaves. she is ecstatic about lying but it felt so good for lying regarding kartik, as all is fair in love, and imagines the happiness she would feel when she has kartik all for herself. While hallucinating her thoughts are interluded by tai coming in saying that this cant ever happen. she asks her to team up, so that they can ruin kartik’s life. meher gets angry, and says that she doesnt want to ruin him. tai tries to convince, but she continues on her mad rant. tai says that survi shall never leave kartik. this enrages meher, and she throws her out of the house, frustrated and jealous. tai is amused. Inside, meher gets a call about kartik leaving town for a job in hyderabad. she goes berserk and distraught, thinking that this cant be, as he cant leave her.

Scene 3:
Location: Tai’s residence
Tai and her family is ecstatic to see that their deal worked through, and they got one and a half times, the money that she had invested. when asked if she would like to invest again, she says that this time she shall invest big, and shall call him when she arranges the money. Kishore’s husband tries to warn her, but shoves his warning away, and asks him to attend the meetings lined up. he resignedly complies.

Scene 4:
Location: Akash placement Services.
The next morning, kartik and survi arrive for their placement. one of the employees takes kartik inside, while suri stands scared outside, not getting a good instinctive feeling. he goes inside to find meher there instead of the MD of the company. she informs as to how, she bought the company, when she knew about his job placement. she says that she loves him, while he says that he loves his wife. she continues to try and convince him, but he angrily shoves away her every move, and asks her to stop bothering his family, and that tis job is very important for him. He reprimnds her for her madness, while she says that he cant leave. he tries to open the door, and she takes this chance, to pierce an injection into him, which makes him dose off. then she apologises to him, saying that its just a matter of sometime. outside, survi gets tensed waiting for him to come out. she tries the door, but finds that its locked from inside. meher meanwhile calls for her men and gets him to be seated in the back seat of the car. When meher comes out, survi is shocked to see her, and asks whats she doing here and where is kartik. meher says that she went home, and she should go too as its time for the office to close. survi asks what she did with her kartik. meher says that kartik was hers, now he belongs to meher. survi goes inside to find kartik gone, and when she comes back out, she finds meher gone too. she is distraught. She dials kartik’s number, but is shocked to find meher responding, who has kartik in her lap, in the car. meher asks her to go home, as kartik is hers and shall be so and asks survi not to be tensed, as every month, she shall get the money to run the house. meher taunts her that the time she spends in finding kartik, could better be used in finding a new husband. she drops the phone in despair. the screen freezes on her and meher’s face.

Precap: Kartik asks meher if she actually thinks that survi would merely mourn over her and move on, as she would have already found a way to get to him. survi meanwhile, gets in the dickey of a car. Meher asks what if she isnt able to find her, then would he agree that meher’s love for her is true. katik agrees and says that if its done, then he shall do whatever she says. Meanwhile, outside, survi peeks ahead the dickey, slightly, but meher comes and places it back shut, eyeing it evilly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I hate this drama all indian dramas i like indian movies but not dramas

  2. Will karthik hate survi for meher not knowing her reality

  3. what is this pure craziness??!! writer of this show never fails to make Karvi look so vulnerable. Why can’t he try to show some respect to the relationship he built up for these main leads? No relationship are this fragile and can be easily deceived by outsiders this easily. He should be worrying about viewers rating through this plot! We just want Karvi and Karvi only.

  4. why are they making Kartik so weak? He’s the main male lead and let him act like one. There’s not even a reason for him to talk with this shameless female like they’re having normal conversation. One could easily wipe off some irritating cockroach like her in a snap..such an unnecessary character. When is she leaving the show? Counting down to that day cuz that’s when I’ll watch this show again. I’m not definitely and completely watching this show when almost everything I’m seeing is her shameless insanity. What are they trying to promote through this kind of socially unacceptable plot! Bring the old yeh vaada raha back!

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