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Yeh Vaada Raha 3rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence and on the road
tai tells kartik that due to this girl, this drama is happening. She reprimands vishakha. Survi then tells everything that she has so far seen and heard about vishakha. he is shocked to know this. Tai tells him that this is her true self. She then comes to vishakha angrily and asks her to tell everything. Survi then stands and says that she had called faking a dizzyness, that day she talked clearly about the motives. vishakha vehemently protests innocence, as she had this phone just for her family, and how she had talked in the car too, and that she never hid anything from him. She says that survi has misunderstood her. Survi asks her that its enough as they all know she is here fo a different motive. Survi tells Vishakha that

they shall noy deal with her traps anymore, and all know that she tried to trap kartik by coming here, and today she shall expose her. All are tensed, including tai and vishakha. She says that it shall be proven rightaway. She asks him to check the call-list for the last dialled number, as that person is the one who has sent vishakha here. All are tensed while he asks vishakha to show him her mobile number. She denies. he asks whats the problem, if she is innocent. survi says that she knew she wouldnt give, as that shall expose her. Tai says that the phone isnt important but the main culprit and motive is. Survi says that they shall get to the person through the phone. He sternly asks her to give the phone. Vishakha gives him the phone tensedly, as others watch on. Meanwhile, tai thinks that survi is very intelligent. She hopes and prays to the lord to save her today, as the last dialled number, was hers only. She is scared. He then checks on the phone, while others watch with bated breaths and anticipation. He dials the last number, and it doesnt ring on tai’s phone and she is boggled and she looks at vishakha. She gives her a knowing glance. Survi hands the phone to vishakha to speak. the fellow speaks from the other end. She asks him to come home, as she wont be able to talk. he agrees. survi points out that he didnt even ask for the address, and knew where to come. He eyes vishakha tensedly. tai reprimands her, and tells her to go out with her, and tell everyone that she is at fault and not kartik. He asks her to let be, but tai asks her not to interfere with this work now as its her matter, and leaves. He is still unsure that vishakha might be innocent and is unnecessarily being victimised. survi tells him that he is thinking without reason, as she would be proven guilty. Just then, she has a fainting spell, and he comforts her. She says that she felt dizzy and then he gives her water, while they are oblivious of the fact that he just broke her fast. lata tells that she must have been hungry, due to the fast and due to the drama she didnt even get the time to eat. he eyes her adoringly, while she looks away. she is happy that she fulfilled it completely properly.

Outside, tai takes vishakha and asks them all to shut up, as now she shall explain everything and the truth. vishakha speaks up saying that tai is right, as what happened wasnt Kartik’s fault, and she was at fault. She says that she came here to trap him, much to their shock. tai then lashes at the ladies, and adds that the person who told her to do this is also coming along with the police, and then the case shall become completely clear. just then, a man calls out to vishakha, and the crowd makes way for him. he comes upto them and tai asks who is he. he says that he is her teacher and used to teach her. Tai reprimands vishakha and bad mouths her in front of the media. Just then the teacher clarifies and gives the same story that vishakha had given them. he then clarifies that the girl is innocent. the police arrives too, and confirm this story and that her ncle was getting her married to an old man, and she got to escape through the teacher. Just then, all mobiles start ringing. It shows a video of Tai threatening the girl inside to accept her crime outside. Tai is boggled as she looks at it, and is speechless.

Inside, he asks survi to take care, while she smiles at him. just then, tai then enters in, and tells everything that happened in, and how everyone is supporting vishakha, and how they took vishakha and didnt let her here. Survi is still sure that vishakha did this. tai asks her to stop now, as all evidences point that she is innocent. She also tells about her video being made of blackmailing her, and how its being presented in wrong light in the media. Lata asks them to wait, as she shall go and handle everything. he says that he wont let her go, as he shall go too. tai says that she wont let him go outside, as its high risk involved. she tells survi to take her outside. They both leave. tai and bindu are amused.

Outside, pyare mohan gets hema sentimental that he stayed hungry for her, and that he is happy if she is, and he is content if she is. he asks her to stop meeting him, or else she shall fall in love with him. he asks her not to tell anyone anything, and then when he turns around, he finds her gone and is confused. meanwhile, on the fort yard, while all are marching anti-slogans against kartik. Lata tells them to stop this as this cant solve anything, and they can all sit inside and find a solution. The ladies reprimand them. vishakha comes and begs for them to stop this, as she doesnt have anything against kartik and his family. lata asks them to stop this, as they have never sought wrong for anyone and are innocent. Survi too begs and pleads as to why are they doing this, and asks them to stop this drama and relieve kartik. lata asks her to be quiet. but survi continues and adds that this is all Vishakha’s fault and she has intentionally done this. the ladies get a chance to reprimand again, that they are hypocrites, and all the members are maligned, one is fake apologising, other is accusing, and the culprit is hiding inside, with the tai who keeps threatening. they decide to teach them a lesson. lata and survi are shocked. Pyare mohan sees this and is shocked.

Inside, kartik gets restless to go out, but tai tries to keep him in. just then, pyare comes and asks kartik to come immediately and see what happened. He rushes out. tai and bindu are amused as they clap hands. Kartik and Pyare mohan come out and are shocked to find an entire commotion, and rush to find whats happening. as he finally is able to get in the middle of the crowd, he finds lata’s face being smeared with Black paint, maligned for what he accusedly did. he is shocked and stunned his mother being humiliated and insulted like this. tai and bindu watch this from the balcony, amused evilly. the screen freezes on kartik’s stunned face.

Precap: Kartik asks vishakha that she had asked him who shall hold her hand now, and much to everyone’s surprise, he says that he shall hold her hand and be with her. vishakha smiles evilly and looks at survi, who is shocked and outraged. lata too is surprised. Bindu and hema are amused.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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