Yeh Vaada Raha 3rd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 3rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kartik is shocked seeing Tai and Durga Rani doing the puja together. He tells Durga not to waste her time and start her new drama. She tells him to say all he wants. It’s not his fault. She used to think very wrong about Tai that she wants his hard earned money and doesn’t care about him at all. He was always right that there is no great person like Tai. By giving her Kolhapur property, she made her realise how low her thinking is. He had said that if she says sorry to Tai, then she would forgive her. And that is what happened. Before even apologising, she hugged her. She loves her like a mum, not saas. Tai is getting happy inside. Durga asks her to hug her again. Tai hugs her and says will she make her cry now? Durga tells Kartik now even Tai forgave her and asks him to forgive her. Tai

tells him to forgive her. Kartik tells Durga now she saw the true side of Tai. He thanks her for accepting her as a mother. He goes closer to her, but she steps back. His phone rings and leaves. Tai tells Durga to control herself. She tells her to control Kartik, how he was looking at her. Tai says she’s doing a wife’s role so she will have to compromise a little. Kartik comes back. Durga tries to avoid him. Tai tells him to take her to their room. They should resolve all their differences. She puts their hands in each other hands. Kartik asks why her hands are shaking. Tai tells him he keeps everyone scared like office. She tells him to take her and take good care of her. She will cook and call them once it’s ready. Durga doesn’t want to go, but she’s helpless. She stares at Tai who smiles back at her.

Pyaare calls a restaurant, but Tai tells him to cook.

In room, Kartik says he’s happy that Durga/Survi accepted Tai. Now slowly she will know why he believes Tai more than his mother. He holds her hands and says he knows she wants to say something to him. They met after so many days, she must have something to say. He asks her not to stop herself. He takes her hand and puts it on his cheek. Bindu is watching them. She says in her mind, if she’s Durga then won’t let Kartik go close to her. Durga takes her hand back and says she was thinking what to cook. Tai is cooking alone. She should go and help her. She asks him to get ready and come down. She leaves. Kartik wonders what happened to Survi all of a sudden.

Durga comes outside and asks where she’s stuck. Bindu watches.

In kitchen, Tai is making Pyaare cook. Durga comes and asks where she got her stuck into. Kartik keeps coming closer to her. She complains about it to Tai. Tai says just little more acting, else all will be over. Durga says to hell with her game, she won’t compromise with her self-respect. She picks up a knife and says If he comes closer to her, then she will just murder him. Tai takes the knife back and asks her to make some excuses and send him away. Durga says they should mix sleeping pills in his food, he can love Survi as much as he wants in his dreams. Tai says they won’t do anything like that. They will follow their plan else they will stuck into problem. She gives her green of her 40% and convinces her to compromise a little.

All are at dining table. Durga serves food to Kartik and he holds her hand. He asks her to sit. She tells him eat. Good bahus eat after feeding every family member. Tai laughs inside. Kartik says they are eating together after so long and asks her to sit. He keeps holding her hand. She signs Tai to say something. Tai asks Kartik to leave her hand at least. Hema is not eating anything as she remembers Tai slapping her. Kartik asks why she is not eating. Bindu taunts her. She was about to leave, but Kartik stops.

Later, Durga is in hall. Bindu is also there. Kartik comes and asks Survi what she’s doing there. She says she is watching her fav. serial. She will come once it’s over. She asks him to go and sleep if he gets sleepy. He asks since when she started watching serials. He asks her for name, and he has nothing to say. He tells her to stop making excuses and asks her to come to room. Bindu tells her to go. Kartik is calling with so much love.

They come to their room. He tells her she’s staying away because she thinks he didn’t forgive her. He says when she can forgive him for all his mistakes, then why can’t he forgive her? Bindu is again spying on them. Today he forgives all her mistakes and if anyone matters the most in his life, then it’s her. When she went away, he felt like someone took away his life. With wife, she’s his friend too. He tells her he loves her. Durga again turns back. Bindu thinks she can’t be Survi, else by now she would have hugged him. She leaves. Kartik hugs her from behind and asks her to be quiet. Why don’t they stop time on this moment. Durga says…gas.. she forgot to off the gas. She runs away. Kartik says he will see for how long she can keep away from him.

In middle of night, Tai turns on her bed and finds Durga besides her. She gets shocked and wakes her up. Durga says Kartik keeps coming close and she is kicking her out of here. Tai says she doesn’t care. If Kartik has even a slight clue, then their plan will go waste. Durga again complains about him looking for a chance to get closer. Tai reminds her of 40 crore. Kartik comes out calling for Survi. Tai tells her to make some excuse.

Kartik finds Durga and asks she went to turn off the gas right. What she was doing in Tai’s room? She says Tai asked her for water. Kartik says but bottle is in her hands only. Durga says when she went inside, Bindu had already kept water there, so now she’s going to give that bottle to Bindu. She opens Bindu’s room. Kartik and Durga are shocked seeing Bindu and Pyaare hugging each other.

Precap: Kartik beats Pyaare and accuses Tai for poor upbringing.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Superb precap thnx for update and what happened to rimjhim???

    1. Survi is Durga

  2. Yes @Natasha Durga is none other than our very own Survi!! All this is just her acting! It’s gonna be fun to see how long this continues and how Survi gets out Tai ka truth in front of Kartik Bavre!!!!

  3. Oh wow amazing now it will be karthik vs tai very soon hopefully

  4. how sweet surthik are coming together
    lets see kab tak survi karthik ko ignore karegi

    arrey yaar yeh durga ka drama jaldhi khatam karo taa k hum mai surthik scenes dekhney ko mile

  5. Meenat Abubakar

    Wow! superb precap, now it wil b fun to watch.

  6. Fantastic episode,
    Simmy ji, superb written updatethat too much clear.
    Was visualizing while reading..
    Thanks a lottt for this wondeful update.
    Wish u update everyday.
    Thanks again ji

  7. pls update today’s episode 04.03.2016 plssssssssssss

  8. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Tnx Rji….u quick n effecient mwah.
    I lk serial.SurKar..n now rai is too funny….lol.
    bit confused is Durga Survi? Pls….I like der romantic scenes…n Kars tiny

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