Yeh Vaada Raha 3rd December 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 3rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Kartik comes and tells aniket that his friend is late, hinting at survi and gives him water and meds. he easily finishes them. Kartik exclaims as to how he took meds so easily, and comments on the wonderful training of the nuse. he gets shy. kartik says that he loves him immensely and then makes him sit down. he says that it doesnt matter what he does, but it matters, when an outsider comes and changes the patterns of his family, and they start thinking according to the outsider, and are influenced. Aniket says that he doesnt understand. kartik asks how can he find his own brother’s talks uncomplicated, and asks if he should get his friend from the balcony to make him understand. Aniket gets tensed. kartik says that he likes his own

choices, but what he did in the hall, due to some outsider’s influence, was demeaning to his own self, but he didnt say and complied to his opinion. Aniket says that the end result matters, which is that, bindu is happy with kishore being back in the house once again, and they can live their life together. He says that whoever showed the path, if the path is right, the traveller cant be wrong. kartik asks if such high philoshophy is his friend’s too. Aniket asks if she made a mistake, and if she is angry. Kartik says that it doesnt matter to him, what she does or says. he says that she doesnt have the stature that he gets angry at her, and that what he hates is she being an outsider, and that too a servant wont tell his family what to do and what not. He asks aniket to make her understand and stop making her his friend. he gets upto go, but aniket stops him, and says that he understood and make simi understand too, but wont be able to break off his friendship. kartik gets angry and turns around, while aniket is nervous. he says that he has been taught not to betray, and he has befriended her, and wont destroy her faith. Kartik wonders what has survi done to him, that he isnt willing to listen to him even. His employee comes and informs him of the director having come with the shortlisted girls for the film. He agrees and walks out. Aniket wonders whats his problem with simi.

Later, kartik meets the ladies shortlisted for his film with the director asking him to decide who shall be the heroine, with simi being in one of them, while simi is too excited to see survi coming in and unable to control her excitement, she waives at her, while survi nudges her not to do so, and acknowledge them knowing each other, but its too late, and he already sees simi waiving, and then asks him who was she waiving at. simi gives a lie saying that she got a sprain and was just exercising to avoid a spasm. he then talks of a test, to be finally shortlisted for the main lead, and asks them to inform him of the biggest secret thats hidden from everyone, of their life, as his heroine’s role is that of an honest and truthful girl, so that they can prove how honest and truthful they are, and that shall be the deciding factor, to decide who is the best shot for the main role. He also warns that if anyone as much as tries to impress him with a lie, and then later on he found during the shooting of the film, he would stall the film, and also destroy tge career of the girl, as he hates people who betray. they all start giving their truths, while simi wonders what to do, as if she says the truth, then survi would be upset and if she doesnt, then kartik would destroy her. he comes to her with the hope of having the most adventurous truth and thrilling secret of her life. She finally spills out that simi is her sister, and she was waiving earlier, and didnt have any cramp as such. she eyes his back and kartik turns around to see who is it, while simi eyes him tensedly. simi says that she knows he must be shocked as he doesnt like survi, and also knows that she has taken a big risk telling him this, but she didnt want him to know of her betrayal later and be hurt. She says that she has worked hard to reach here, and would love to succeed, while he eyes survi, who thinks that simi made the biggest mistake of his life, as he would never give her the role now. he turns to the director and tells him that he found his main lead and that simran is the lead for his next film. She thanks him profusely, and he asks her to go and celebrate, and come back to shoot after 4 days, with the same honesty that she just showed. she beams with excitement, and is all gaga over how her dreams have been fulfilled, with his one stroke. She then invites him home, and survi is apalled. She asks if he would come, while he looks back at survi, and says that he shall be there. she thanks him and walks out. survi is tensed. he turns around and eyes her, while she stands tensedly. She tries to speak, but he walks off. She finds simran calling her, and agrees to meet her.

Outside, simi is still unable to believe what just happened with her, and that she is actually a heroine now, when survi comes and after having congratulated her and shared her excitement and future dreams, as kartik eyes them and then goes inside, she tells her about the blunder she made by calling kartik home, in her excitement, as srikant would be there too and what if he sees him. Simi is surprised, as she hadnt thought of that, and apologises to survi for not thinking it through. Survi says that they cant call kartik home, then how to stop him. Simi says that they shall send him to the neighbour’s place to rest, while they party and asks her to leave it on her, as she shall handle everything. simi leaves, while survi is tensed.

Survi later comes inside, when kartik is working, and hesitatingly thanks him for giving the role to her sister, knowing of their relation. he stops her and then calls the director and asks him to change the role that they had decided for Simran, as now she shall do the role of the dead body, the one who gets killed in the first scene. Survi is shocked to hear this. he asks her to select another girl for the main lead, Shaina, as she is highly truthful and honest and asks him to change the script according to shaina now, and that he should find simran’s dead body in the whole film. she is apalled and distraught and asks him why is he doing so. he says that he got what her sister wanted as he made her a heroine. He gets another call, and gets busy attending to it. he then sends her off eyeing her evilly.

Outside, simi walks tensedly in the corridor, remembering simi’s happiness, and wonders how she would tell simi about this change. tai comes in saying that she knows of kartik giving the new role to her sister, and that she knows everything. Survi stands tensedly. Tai sarcastically tells survi that her good luck is wonderful, as she got the money, her father’s treatment and now even her sister’s lead role, as her work never stops. tai asks if there is anything else pending, that she wishes to get donwe. She then asks survi if she has come with a motive here. Survi is tensed to hear this, as she eyes her surprised. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Srikant is tensed to know that kartik is coming and what if, even if he doesnt meet her, someone tells him. she tells him that kartik isnt coming. She asks him not to worry, as he shall not come, and that she wanted simi to know this only. she says that once she finds him laughing back yet again, she would go back again. She tells him to come along, and then takes him to his room. Just then, kartik comes and sees them going, and is shell shocked to know that simi and survi are the same. He finds simi, survi and her mother and srikant talking tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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