Yeh Vaada Raha 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 3rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hospital
Khushi tells the judge that she wishes to go to the orphanage, while the judge asks her not to talk like that, as they are fighting because they love her galore, and want to keep her with them. khushi is tensed. she says that she doesnt wish to fight, and hence should ideally be in orphanage. they are both distraught and apalled, and both ask her not to say so, as they would amend whatever is needed. she asks them to stay together, then she shall stay with them, after the judge whispers something in her ear. they are shocked, but comply, when the judge tells khushi that they shall never comply. but both out of fear of losing khushi, comply to even staying together. the judge gives them a long lecture, and asks them to keep her properly, as she would personally

monitor them, and then give them the proper punishment if needed. khushi is ecstatic that they shall stay together. survi and kartik are boggled at this sudden proximity. tai and pyare fume and get tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Tai drinks in frustration, while pyare instigates her furthermore. she is boggled, why khushi suddenly agreed to stay with kartik, who she hated from the guts. she is called down, and the entire family receives survi, kartik and khushi back in the house, as one happy family. when survi is shown khushi’s room, by kartik, she fumes that he was always planning to keep khushi with himself, and therefore planned all this. he behaves nice to her, seeing khushi around. they are reminded of their romantic moments, but when khushi is gone, he throws her on the floor. she fumes. he says that he was being nice only due to khushi. another verbal arguement ensues, in which they both fight heatedly.

Khushi meanwhile prays to the lord, thanking for tyhe fact that they are all living together. she discloses that she merely enacted because she wanted them to be together, since she got to know that she is their daughter, but didnt disclose or else they would hav started fighting again, she decides to tell them at the right time. she thanks the lord once again, and goes to the store room. she tries to get the paper back from store room, but doesnt find it, oblivious that tai has already retrieved and burnt it. she and pyare are relieved, but hear sounds from the store room, and go towards there to find out what she is upto, while khushi is frantically searching for the report. tai finds survi having fallen down, and is distracted and asks her whats the matter. she says that she sprained her ankle. they are bantering, when khushi understands that someone is trying to pull them apart. she goes out muttering that she has to tell kartik the truth. tai wonders whats she upto. she follows her. kartik is ecstatic seeing khushi, and after having rejoiced with her, he finds her tensed, and asks whats the matter. she says that the DNA report that thy found was fake. Tai is shocked to hear this. The screen freezes on kartik’s boggled face.

Precap: Tai swears in front of pyare, that she shall again make khushi the reason why they separated as they did seven years back. she blindfolds khushi, and gagging her, she forcibly puts her inside the refrigerator, with pyare’s help, with tied hands and legs, and then cools the fridge to the maximum and then locks it from otuside. but before they can escape out, survi comes and loiters in the drawing room. they are shocked. survi instinctively feels something and turns to look in the kitchen, while pyare and tai duck unerneath a drawer and hope for safely being out. survi stands boggled, as she is nervous and tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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